Start, Melbourne, 2011

Find a place to watch this year’s races with F1 in Pubs on F1 Fanatic

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Melbourne, 2011
Start, Melbourne, 2011
F1 fans in the UK have been able to count on every race being shown live on free-to-air television for several decades.

That has become a thing of the past as half of this year’s races will only be live on Sky.

In order to help F1 fans without the necessary TV package to see this year’s races, F1 Fanatic has teamed up with F1 in Pubs.

We now have a dedicated F1 in Pubs section where fans can find and share details of places to watch F1 live, and arrange to meet up.

Head over to the F1 in Pubs area here and keep an eye out for more updates as the start of the season approaches:

You can read more about F1 in Pubs on their website:

18 comments on “Find a place to watch this year’s races with F1 in Pubs on F1 Fanatic”

  1. Fantastic idea @keithcollantine this should help a lot of people :)

    Also, I was wondering, does anyone know how practices will work? Will they also be available online (probably through the use of SkyGo) as BBC did with their coverage?

    1. Thanks – credit for the original idea goes to Kris who set up @f1inpubs and is running the group on here.

    2. @jamiefranklinf1 Well Sky are showing them so there’s no reason to suggest they won’t e available on SkyGo. That said, I don’t have Sky so I’m not sure if they employ limited programming?

      1. @AndrewTanner – After giving it a go, I’ve realised it’s a very easy process. It probably has something to do with the original person’s subscription to Sky, and what channels they get, but I was able to access the Sky F1 channel, which will show every session live, as opposed to the practice sessions which were only on the red button on the BBC.

        I also have to say that after watching the Sky F1 show, it is looking very good, and a hell of a lot more in depth than the BBC have produced in the last couple of years. Yes, it’s expensive, but I don’t have any doubts that Sky will have the better broadcast this year, even if they don’t achieve as many viewers.

        1. @jamiefranklinf1 I know many people are still annoyed about the deal but at least by paying for it you are getting something like value for money when it comes to content with Sky. They could have got away with charging more for an extra channel. They didn’t. Fair play to them.

  2. Brilliant Idea!!! Was looking forward to something like this. Thanks for the initiative!

  3. Will you guys be hosting one of these soon in Pretoria?

    1. No infy, but can go over to Harare and watch it with Robert :-)

  4. Thank you for setting this up. Obviously for the next few races it’s going to be tough to find a pub, but I think some branches of Rileys are open 24 hours (although Sunday morning maybe the exception) and show sky.

  5. Good idea, but I still dont really understand why 30 quid a month is such a huge deal, but can undertand its a huge jump from free…

    1. I live in Tanzania, and already it’s difficult to watch races, this is just going to make it far, far, far more difficult. £30 for a Tanzanian is half a month’s wages. Now I know F1 isn’t designed to be accessible to poor people in rural Africa, but those of us that are expats, and working abroad, just cannot justify additional costs to what is alredy an expensive and luxury item to have in satellite TV>

      WHat this deal means to me is that DSTV will likely not be showing any of the races live any more, because Sky won’t be offering them the same deal that BBC were, given that they used to show the BBC feed live on the premium sports channels.

  6. If anyone has a Xbox Live account, ask any of your friends/family (who have Sky and the F1 channel) if you can use their Sky Go account details and you can watch F1 through your Xbox without directly paying for Sky.

    Credit to Muks_C at GrandPrixGames for this idea, I hope it can be useful to some people.

    1. Sam Binfield
      14th March 2012, 20:30

      I should add that you must have xBox live gold to do this, costing £5.99 a month in addition.

      1. If you’re paying £6 a month for Xbox Live Gold, you’re buying it in the wrong place!

  7. This is a great idea. I can watch all the races at home, however, I’ve been looking for a reason to catch one or two in a pub and this is it. I’m sure some of the folks in and around Leeds would be up for this.

  8. Will Sky Sports F1™ be available on Sky Go for the 2012 season?

    Yes, Sky Sports F1™ is available on Sky Go to customers who subscribe to Sky Sports 1&2 or the HD Pack. from

    I bought sky and cancelled my broadband and phone all in it was not much difference in price after vouchers and quidco cashback, i said i would not pay but i realised i couldn’t live without f1! I will watch the British GP in a pub if there’s one in Wigan showing it as buying sky means no live f1 race this year, i’m off to the btcc instead for £30 !! F1 in pubs is a great idea well done Kris and Keith :)

  9. Thanks for the article @keithcollantine.

    A reminder to everyone that you can keep up to date with what we’re doing at

  10. If you are north of Birmingham, this F1 Tweet-up might suit you

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