Heikki Kovalainen's helmet, 2012

Kovalainen reveals new Angry Birds helmet design

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Heikki Kovalainen has changed his helmet design on the eve of the 2012 season.

Kovalainen’s new helmet carries the branding of hit mobile game Angry Birds:

See here for a guide to all the other drivers’ helmet designs for 2012:

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69 comments on “Kovalainen reveals new Angry Birds helmet design”

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  1. Appropriate, given that the car looks like this.

    1. or this

      (i hope this works)

      1. More like this

        1. lol, you guys just made my day. helmet approved!

  2. Lol! I like it… fun design.

  3. Nooooooooo, Heikki’s was one of the best! I really wish helmet sponsorship wasn’t allowed.

    1. looking past the whole sponsorship thing, i actually like it.. its pretty neat

      1. This is just spectacular! It goes well with the Arai design and is aggressive enough to appear striking. This is 10,000 times better than his regular green and white livery which for me was hardly exciting.

    2. @f1addict – I don’t think this is sponsorship. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Kovalainen is a massive Angry Birds fan. The CNN, GE and Renault decals are all advertising, of course, but the concept of the helmet design isn’t.

      1. Erkki Hamalainen
        15th March 2012, 8:02

        Of course it’s sponsorship, as confirmed by Kovalainen in an interview. No way a team would allow that kind of exposure in F1 without money. But it’s true that Heikki is also a fan of Angry Birds.

        1. Didn’t it originate in his home country, too? I mean, I can excuse the sponsorship because I’m sure there’s some national pride in there as well.

    3. I think it’s sponsored by Rovio

      1. Rovio are a Finnish company, Heikki is a Finnish driver – that probably goes some way to explaining this deal :)

        1. Turun Sanomat are reporting that Kimi has some kind of Angry Birds tie-in as well.

          Partial translation: “Kimi’s cap features the logo of the new Angry Birds Space game … we’ll know more about Räikkönen’s cooperation with Angry Birds once the new game has been formally presented”

  4. While I really like drivers to rather have a good design and only change it minimally over the years, this design is really nice and I hope he sticks with it for a long time.

    1. I fully agree with everything you just said @bascb. His previous design was a bit too cluttered for me, though I liked the striking green. This helmet is a better design to show on camera (ie. from a distance away).

  5. In fact Kimi’s got one Angry Birdie too.

  6. AWESOME!!!

  7. Since tracktion control was banned teams getting used to the new slingshot start procedure…

  8. That is gorgeous!!!!

  9. Its fun!! Sure he isn’t working for LOONEY TUNES cartoons!! Lol
    Alonso could have the Roadrunner
    and massa the Coyote on his helmet!!!

    1. Jo (@musicwordsthoughts)
      15th March 2012, 7:29

      Oh goodness this is gold!

    2. Too late, Alex Zanardi already claimed the Roadrunner for his own helmet about 15 years ago. :)

    3. Gagnon (@johnniewalker)
      15th March 2012, 16:14

      @brooksy007 +1 COTD here for me =D

  10. Great helmet! :D

    Unless he crashes at the start in Melbourne… then… then he won’t live it down.

    1. My thoughts entirely. Setting himself up for a meeting with the barriers somewhat!

  11. Awesome design. The font which spells out Heikki is really nice and the overall design is fantastic as well. Also like the way his number is printed at the back.

  12. That’s absolutely brilliant! Love it!

    1. How do you say it….”what rubish”…

      Helmet livery has become ridiculous and with all the stripes, swooshes, multiple colors and sponsor logos all add up to making it difficult to recognise a driver at speed. Then at the next race he has a new livery….

      Gone are the days when your helmet was your trademark. In the car, on the track or in the paddock you new who the driver was and there was no mistaking it.

      Today drivers change them so often that it has indeed become next to impossible knowing who is who.

      Everyone on earth knows Jackie Stewart by his trademark helmet.

      Can’t be said its like that anymore.

      1. How do you say it…”miserable”…

      2. we not in 1970 anymore.

  13. Jo (@musicwordsthoughts)
    15th March 2012, 7:30

    Loving Heikki’s new helmet :D It totally suits him!

    (Still miss the green though)

  14. I love it! Where can I get a 1:2 scale?

    1. Um, it’s ony just been unveiled for this weekend. I doubt anyone has had the idea of making a scaled version of it yet, much less making them available for sale.

      1. Too bad, I fear you’re right.

    2. Twice the size of normal??? Why would you want it so big??

      1. It’s half the normal size.

  15. I love that helmet! That is probably the best looking helmet I have ever seen.

  16. This is just the most awesome thing ever. XD

  17. I like it as well, shame the old design is gone though as I thought it was one of the best on the grid :(

  18. It would be good, without Heikki writing and the bird on forehead.

    1. you mean without everything that actually makes it awesome?

      1. Mainly letters are too big, look ridiculous, like barking dog seldom bite.

  19. Sooo, are the other midfield teams the pigs then and Heikky the angry bird?

  20. This is now definitely my favourite helmet of 2012.

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