Heikki Kovalainen's helmet, 2012

Kovalainen reveals new Angry Birds helmet design

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Heikki Kovalainen has changed his helmet design on the eve of the 2012 season.

Kovalainen’s new helmet carries the branding of hit mobile game Angry Birds:

See here for a guide to all the other drivers’ helmet designs for 2012:

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Image ?? Caterham/LAT

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  1. See the sensational polish blog about Robert Kubica. Excellent news.
    Translator read

    1. excellent !! go Kubika go

  2. I don’t mind the fact it’s advertising, this is probably my favourite helmet this year.

  3. Looks great in my opinion.

  4. Changed already?!.. Vettel must be upset..

  5. Does that mean Heikki will crash into something frequently this year?

  6. Vitaly Petrov’s helmet will probably be the green ‘boomerang’ bird because it’s a very difficult bird to control ;)

  7. So whoever Heikki hits on the track, does that person use a pig helmet?

  8. He should have used the yellow bird that speeds up mid-flight

  9. Chris Goldsmith
    15th March 2012, 12:51

    This is ace, I really like it. I think it really suits Heikki as well. I wonder if they’ll change it for the other coloured birds during the season.

  10. I love it but the only problem for me is that ive collected all the 1:43 scale diecast f1 models from the 2010 and/or 2011 season and i arrange them in order of their starting position during a live qualifying session so i have a mini version of what the grid will look like before anybody else.. And anyway in my collection Heikki’s helmet obviously green which will upset the reality of my grid which is only slightly annoying because this will be the only thing that won’t be correct in terms on colour co-ordination..for example i have broken petrov’s head off the old renault and trulli’s off the team lotus car and glued petrov’s helmet in the caterham. This sounds psychotic, plus these models vary from £40 to £60 a piece and i’m breaking pieces off, but importantly to me, it looks more accurate to real life. Heikki with a bright red helmet this weekend will niggle me! but ahh well! xD

    But yeah, i think it looks great! :D

    1. Apart from a COTD we should have a Fanatic of the day/week/month.
      You @Rob-Wilson deserve to be it! I love your story, especially having to break off Petrov’s head for budget reasons…

      OT: I’m not into cartoonesque fashion statements. I hate bugs bunny socks or tweety sun screens for car-windows. This helmet fits right into that league.

  11. As a big angry birds fan, this makes me SO HAPPY :D

  12. i imagine commentators will have a field day the moment kova crashes into something.

  13. Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the infatuation with this game? I played the Google Chrome version and it was boring and way to easy to be even considered a fun game IMHO. I like the name on the side of the helmet but get rid of the ugly bird face and then it’ll be a nice lid.

  14. It’s fun, but it looks more like hockey goalkeeper’s helmet. I like his previous design, it was really cool, IMO

  15. My girlfriend who shows no interest in formula 1 loved this helmet when I showed her.

    It’s a pretty cool one-off helmet. I love the font

  16. Best helmet design on the grid at the moment. Love it.

  17. Hollis Graham (@)
    15th March 2012, 16:31

    This is awesome. I love helmets that contrast with the cars colours.
    Top five: Senna, Massa, Heikki, Fernando and Schumacher (I know it’s just red but with the Merc it looks awesome!)

  18. Meh, I thought green suited Heikki. The big cartoon eyes make me think of NASCAR :/

  19. This helmet is really good, although I liked his previous helmet which was distinctive of Heikki. This helmet is very distincive as well but has less to do with the driver, which is somewhat a pity. But it’s great!

  20. There’s already lots of posts, but I must let it registered.

    Great Helmet. Perfect.

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