Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012

FIA says teams’ exhausts and and Mercedes’ ‘F-duct’ are legal

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In the round-up: teams’ new exhaust systems and Mercedes’ ‘F-duct’ are passed as legal by the FIA.


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New exhausts raise no issues (FIA)

Charlie Whiting: “All of the systems we?ve seen so far comply with the extensive new regulations so our position is simple: we are not in a position to be able to say exactly how much aerodynamic influence each individual system has. The aim of the new regulation was to ensure that we don?t have to do that. We have no idea how much aerodynamic influence each individual system has, nor really at this point is it anything that interests us. As long as they comply with the rules, we are happy. And as far as we?ve seen so far, they all do comply with the rules.”

Mercedes ‘F-duct’ declared legal (Race Tech International)

“The Mercedes F1 team?s controversial F-duct style rear wing has been declared legal by the FIA, despite concerns from opposing teams.”

HRT requests scrutineering delay (Autosport)

“The Spanish outfit lodged a request with the Australian Grand Prix race stewards on Thursday to be allowed to delay scrutineering of car number 22, with the FIA duly agreeing for it to be examined before 11am.”

‘Button has made Hamilton a better driver’ (The Telegraph)

Ross Brawn: “I think, with Jenson, Lewis has seen someone who is maybe not as ultimately quick as him, but someone who is able to apply himself more effectively.”

Motor racing-Argentina in F1 talks, says President Fernandez (Reuters)

“I was brought the proposal to stage Formula One in Argentina and we’re reaching agreement.”

Melbourne GP merits its status as the star on F1’s opening day (The Guardian)

“Sport should hold on to its history and be proud of it, which is why it was satisfying to hear Vettel paying tribute to the greatness of Jim Clark here, even though the British driver was killed at the wheel almost 20 years before the German champion was born. And talking about tradition, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be looking forward to races in France, Portugal, South Africa and Argentina instead of packing our bags for so many white elephant desert destinations.”

Alan Jones? 1980 World Championship winning Williams FW07B (Any Given Reason)

“The absolute highlight of the Clipsal 500 were the three vintage Formula 1 cars on display. Given that practise for the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne starts tomorrow and that I?m leaving tomorrow afternoon to attend the race, I thought it would be topical to take a look at these beautiful old machines.”

Comment of the day

Therealmsc almost got more than he bargained for when he asked Michael Schumacher for a signature in Melbourne yesterday:

I just want to say that I was next in line behind this guy in the picture for Michael?s autograph! I can?t believe I was oh-so-close to having my picture with Schumacher on this website.

Also, by the way, that F1-style steering wheel was hand-made by this guy. I sat next to him for six hours waiting for the Mercedes team!

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