Charles Pic, Melbourne, Marussia, 2012

Teams want FIA to enforce Resource Restriction Agreement

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Charles Pic, Melbourne, Marussia, 2012In the round-up: F1 teams want the FIA to contain costs by enforcing the Resource Restriction Agreement.

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Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Australian GP Conference 2 (FIA)

Eric Boullier: “We have many correspondences with the FIA on many subjects and one of the subjects was the RRA and trying to find a way to make the FIA involved in the process of reinforcing the RRA through an idea like sporting regs. So we contacted the FIA and Jean Todt to try and set up a group to discuss the matter.”

Pastor Maldonado leads the F1 drivers who bring money to the cockpit (The Guardian)

“Of the 24 competitors who line up on the grid for Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix one quarter will be what are called pay drivers, six men who have won their seats after pouring millions of pounds into the coffers of their respective teams”

Sebastian Vettel: “I wasn?t happy at all in the car…” (Adam Cooper)

“This morning it wasn?t very good, I wasn?t happy at all in the car. This afternoon I think it was a bit better. Obviously with the conditions it was difficult to get a lot of running. It was more or less the same for all of us, but with the little time we had in the afternoon it was quite OK.”

F1 globetrotting drives revenue rise-report (Reuters)

“Revenue for the current 20-race season, which begins at the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, will reach $2 billion for the first time, said industry monitor Formula Money.”

Vettel, Massa remain on GPDA board (Autosport)

“The move was officially ratified at Friday night’s meeting of the GPDA in Melbourne, where it was also agreed that Vettel and Massa would be continuing in the roles that they assumed at the start of last year.”

Q&A with McLaren?s Jenson Button (F1)

“This race-track is rather unusual, so it is difficult to compare it with all the information we have gained in Barcelona. The layout is completely different – and the average speed of the corners is much lower. The car feels good for me – but we also know that we have to improve the car for the race.”

F1 rookie Daniel Ricciardo enjoys life in fast lane (The Australian)

“I think there is some time to be gained but the good news is I knew where it can be gained. On paper it doesn’t look as good as what it can. This morning I think we found some positives. I think tomorrow we will be nice and far up the grid.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “The base setup we have is working well” (Lotus)

“In the first session we had to change the steering. We have a number of different steering racks and unfortunately we didn?t have time to try all of them during testing. We need to try them all at some stage, and Friday is the best time to do that as it takes quite a while to change.”

Alonso still hopeful of title challenge (BBC)

“Maybe it takes time to maximise the potential of the car, but definitely we are in a good direction. We want to be world champions in November.”

Comment of the day

Theoddkiwi reckons we’re in for a close qualifying session:

I really don?t get the feeling that Red Bull are going to dominate qualifying. Remember they were using different engine maps for qualifying for periods last year. That’s gone.

I think it is not only going to be closer amongst the top three or four teams but also amongst the team drivers to.

I think all the drivers are quite genuine in saying they have no idea where they will qualify as in they have no funny tricks up their sleeves.

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On this day in F1

Ralf Schumacher won the 2002 Malaysian Grand Prix for Williams.

His team mate Juan Pablo Montoya finished second despite receiving a controversial penalty following this first-corner collision with Michael Schumacher:

Image ?? Marussia