Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2012

Ferrari could receive share in F1 through CVC sale

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2012In the round-up: Plans by F1 owners CVC to sell part of its stake in the sport could give Ferrari a share in the sport.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ferrari Poised For F1 Share As CVC Plots $10bn Float (Sky)

“Ferrari would be eligible to apply for a share in F1?s holding company by virtue of its status as the team which has competed in the highest number of seasons since 1950. Although it?s unclear from the document whether this share would have anything other than a symbolic value, it is conceivable that as F1?s most important team, Ferrari would be handed an interest worth tens of millions of pounds in the event of a sale or stock market listing of F1.”

Update: Sky appear to have taken their article down. You can read more about the story here.

Ecclestone on full throttle (The Telegraph)

“He remains utterly scornful of FOTA. ‘I mean you know full well those people will never agree on anything. They keep coming up and saying they?re going to get together and help F1, help the promoters, rubbish. Ferrari would never go do a deal with those clowns.'”

And So It Begins (Speed)

Mark Webber: “It?s the tyres a bit, but I started to get a handle on those at the back end of last year. I think the blown diffuser… The cars were very different, all cars not just ours, in terms of how the blown diffuser worked on the way into the corners, and it was very sensitive to RPM, and that changed the car balance quite a lot. These cars are a little bit more traditional. The blown diffusers were quite an extreme bit of kit, and I probably never got my teeth right into those.”

Rivals question Mercedes legality (BBC)

“Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey, head of race engineering Paul Monaghan, and Lotus team boss Eric Boullier and technical director James Allison argued that the Mercedes system contravenes article 3.18 of the technical regulations.”

Mercedes F1 W03 – rear diffuser (F1)

“The exhaust blows towards the central section of the rear diffuser, which also has a second element in the central 15 cm area which is free from restrictions. It’s quite a different solution, not totally dissimilar to Sauber’s, with airflow coming from the engine cover and going through to the the beam wing and the deformable rear crash structure.”

Maldonado: Williams has race pace too (Autosport)

“When the gaps are very close like this, with high fuel it gets even more compact. The car has looked consistent even on high fuel so it’s all about strategy and everything.”

Australian GP Conference 3 (FIA)

Romain Grosjean: “Today, I?m very happy to be here, very proud as well to be here. A few people believed in me at the toughest time and today I think they were with me in the car.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Those whingeing about HRT being “too slow” should watch Sebring at the moment. Much higher differences in speeds and narrower track. Are we to suppose that F1 drivers are less capable of negotiating traffic than those in WEC? I don’t think so.

“Anyway, it’s a sermon I’ve given before so I won’t bore you with it further!

“One final point on the 107% rule: had they had it in 1992, the British Grand Prix would have had 12 starters instead of 26.”

Lewis Hamilton’s brother inspires champ (Herald Sun)

“I’m massively proud. He’s an incredibly inspirational young lad. He is now living the dream for so many young, disabled individuals, but not just disabled individuals: young people. He is doing them real proud.”

Comment of the day

AndrewTanner reflects on an exciting qualifying session:

A brilliant qualifying session, I really enjoyed it!

It had drama everywhere. Raikkonen failing to get out of Q1, Ferrari making a disaster of Q2 and RBR being slower than we thought, even with the knowledge that McLaren probably had the better car this weekend.

I?m happy for Grosjean, Rosberg, Schumacher, Ricciardo, Vergne, Maldonado and Senna the most. A marked improvement from Williams, I really hope they keep it up and bring some success back to the team. A double points finish for them tomorrow would be a world away from last year.

Great debut from both Ricciardo and Vergne. So far it looks like ditching Buemi and Alguersuari has paid off. Of course the real test comes in the race tomorrow.

A shame that Raikkonen couldn?t challenge more than he did but there?s no one else to blame for that. Grosjean did a stunning job of showing what both he and the E20 are capable of thus far. I expected it to be a good car but third was a surprise.

Disappointed for Mercedes but I?m confident they do have a great car. A shame Rosberg locked-up on his flying lap, you could see he was really throwing it around.

Honourable mention to Marussia for making it within the 107% of the fastest lap. That?s a great achievment considering one of the drivers is a complete rookie and the car never touched testing.

And of course congratulations to McLaren. They were on it all weekend. When I saw Hamilton?s onboard I could tell easily that he was comfortable with this car where others were struggling. A comfortable driver can push the most.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning!

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