Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

Did the two DRS zones make for a better race than the single one used last year? Have your say in the comments.

F1 Fanatic holds polls on each race to find out which fans thought were the best and worst races during a season.

Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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268 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. Paul di Resta is a lucky *******! He had a horrible weekend and did not deserve that point!

    1. the reason he got that point was due to him being on medium tyres & both STR were on soft tires… but when softs were new, both STR overtook him & when they were worn out for last 2 laps he caught one of them.

  2. That was a brilliant race from Jenson. I thought it was really interesting that Lewis couldn’t respond to Jenson’s pace…..perhaps Jenson is doing a better job with race setup or is it all down to better tire management?

    Also turns out that McLaren isn’t that dominant so should be a great season trading blows with Red Bull.
    Great job from Fernando! It’s a beauty watching him fight that ill-handling car.

    1. I don’t know if it’s race setup giving Jenson the edge, it could be, but after seeing all the cars, lot’s of drivers seem to be struggling with the loss of rear downforce compared to last season. Take that and couple it with better tire management and that just might be the key to Button’s domination today.

      When the Australian Grand Prix has been the first of the year, it’s winner has gone on to win the championship much more often than not. 2011-Vettel, 2009-Button, 2008-Hamilton, 2007-Kimi. You have to go back to 2006 when Fisi won to break that pattern.

      1. Why go back to 2006 when its broken at 2010?

        1. Also, It was Alonso who won in 2006 Fisi won in 2005

        2. Vettel was on track to win it in 2010.

        3. Seriously guys learn to read……

          When the Australian Grand Prix has been the first of the year,

          ….. `Nough said…

          1. the 2010th season started at Bahrain:)

          2. just realised there is no such a thing as a 2010th season.. well yet:D ..

          3. Lol. Thanks @LexBlair

  3. 8/10…. would have given 10 only if Massa had bumped into Hmilton but he chose Senna shame

    1. he never had the chance, he was battling the end pack.

  4. 8 is perfecrt. Fantastic opening with close racing.

  5. Perfect! McLaren is most beautiful car on track and, today, the fastest! Great start, thx guys!

  6. 8/10 Rather good overall. Plenty of midfield action, some good overtakes, last lap chaos for the lower points positions.

  7. 8/10. Battle out front was intriguing all the way through, but especially after the safety car. Fantastic midfield battles during the race and that last lap was crazy!

  8. I give the race 7. The start was good, there were some really impressive drivers from the midfielders, and the last lap was chaos (Sky cut back to Button crossing the line just in time), but there wasn’t really any shock result and the middle of the race was a little boring.

    1. That was the director, not just Sky

  9. A very solid season opener. 8 for me.

    I was impressed with Vettel’s race as much as I was disappointed with Hamilton’s. IMO Rosberg is failing to use the Merc’s potential and Massa is a one man disaster. Kudos to Alonso for putting the Ferrari 5th while the car hardly belongs to top 10. Also good to see Kimi doing his job, started 17th – ended 7th, very good job. And last but not least, mr Button who did exactly what I expected of him – kept his cool and cruised to victory.

    1. F1fanNL (@)
      18th March 2012, 8:28

      I do think the Ferrari belongs in the top 10. If Alonso didn’t make his mistake yesterday he probably would have made it into Q3. And today you could clearly see his pace was good enough to challenge the Mercedes. I think Ferrari suffer the same problem they did last year, poor (for Ferrari standards) quali performance but reasonable race pace.

      Nevertheless a stunning drive from Alonso once again. Massa though… Oh man, was he bad today. And yesterday…

      1. Brother Lehmann
        18th March 2012, 9:28

        True. Ferrari has had the same kind of situation with poor qualification performance for years now. I think that Alonso was the best performing driver today. Race was good and I hope all teams keep up the good work and will not let the big three (McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrarii) slip away as the season goes on.

      2. williams of pastor looked quicker at the last stages of the race…Im not sure if it got something to do with tires.

  10. 8 from me. Great race by Jenson, more comedy moments from Massa, unlucky for Hamilton and Maldonado.

  11. Had to give the race a 10. It was a phenomenal, exciting race, which is a fantastic way to start the season!

  12. 8 for the start till first pit
    5 for the sc.. the final part of the race was boring
    so 6

  13. Just a side note: Sky F1 coverage sucked (pre- and post- shows).

    1. You’re not kidding.

    2. Disagree I thought the Sky show has been fantastic.
      Loved the pre-race & the post race so far has been very good.

      Also your complaining about the post race show that has only just started & only included an interview with Martin Whitmarsh, showed the full press conference & brief race highlights? How can you possibly say the post race sucked when they havn’t actually even really got it underway yet?

      Also the depth of the extras they had was awesome. Loved all the In-Car’s & the pits channel which featured loads of exclusive team radio comms.

      Id go as far as saying its the best F1 race coverage i’ve ever had access to!

      1. “Id go as far as saying its the best F1 race coverage i’ve ever had access to!” I have to agree with you on that, but I’ll opt for BBC whenever possible.
        I was too harsh with post-show as it haven’t even started properly, but I guess I’m not used to going from checker flag to god-damn ads. Plus it does feels like they get 2nd class treatment on the pit lane versus regular BBC one, but I just might be biased.

    3. Completely agree. Hopefully they’ll improve, though. Wish they’d got Lee rather than Nathalie

    4. I agree, who is the bloke shouting next to Brundle? I might be old but I ain’t deaf! He makes Murray Walker sound restrained. Come back DC , all is forgiven.

      1. That was David Croft, who had been handling Radio 5’s coverage for some time prior to being nicked by Sky. I had really hoped he would have taken over from Legard a few years ago, but the other DC got the job. IMO, Croft is absolutely excellent.

        1. He turned up to 11, with reverb. Just turn it a little so the excitement doesnt sound so confected.

        2. I agree. David Croft is excellent.

          1. having now watched both BBC and sky, still think the BBC do it better. Crofty and Ant seem to be the only ones who’ve made a comfortable transfer to the new format.

      2. Drop Valencia
        18th March 2012, 12:04

        Never heared of Croft before but I think he was very very good, goes well with Brundle.

  14. 8/10

    Great race, the midfield battl was amazing, Kobayashi and Raikkonen were racing hard all race. Maldonado raced really well and even though I’m an Alonso fan, I would have loved to have seen Maldonado pass him. It’s a shame he crashed in the end, he’s quick but just needs to cut out those mistakes. Also the scrap at the end for the final points was great, Di Resta stealing a point after being nowhere for the entire race was great.

    The only disapointment was that the top four never actually fought each other, the gaps between them just stayed static. Other than that, great race.

    1. The gap stayed static because (along with Alonso) they’re the 5 best drivers in the field. They respond to each other’s pressure and don’t make mistakes. So while the party of 5 will generally hold their positions, it’s not down to lack of effort from anyone.

      1. Agree, they are not easy drivers to frighten off the road. I thought it was a fantastic race, in fact I didn’t even realise it was on the last lap until I saw the flag come down, there was so much happening.

  15. 7/10

    So many interesting storylines! Great racing throughout, I would have given it a 8 or 9 had Schumi, Grosjean, Massa and a few others not run into trouble. The fight for the final points positions was fantastic, but it could have been even better!

    Terrible shame for Maldonado, the guy was on fire, he drove the wheels off his Williams and even one off of a Lotus!

    Fantastic win for Button, he looked much like Vettel did last season, but I think Will Buxton summed it up best when he called Button’s performance, “imperious.”

    McLaren is clearly ahead, but Redbull is close, with best of the rest really and truly seeming up for grabs!

    1. he drove the wheels off his Williams and even one off of a Lotus!

      LOL :D

      His last-lap crash reminded me of Hamilton’s at Monza in 2009. Maldonado seems to have a similar die-hard mentality to Lewis, with all of its pros and cons.

      1. Yes! Very much like Lewis at Monza that year. Maldonado really impressed me yesterday, as did the Williams he was driving. Hopefully Senna can have some better luck in Sepang so we can get a clearer picture of everyone’s pace.

  16. 9/10 – Battle until the last corner….Perfect start to the season…
    Great driving by Button..
    Amazing comeback for Raikkonen(Funny when he asked about the Blue flags)

    1. I saw a blue flag being waved on the pit straight when only Button, Vettel, Hamilton and Webber were going past, so there must have been one idiot marshall

      1. I don’t think that it’s the marshalls. They more or less get a “blue flag now” light, from some kind of GPS system. Apparently that system had major troubles today.

  17. A very good race. Proceedings slowed down a bit in the middle but the closeness of the cars (partially helped by the SC period) made it a little more exciting. Feel very sad for Maldonado but I feel he could have stayed put for 6th place instead of chasing for 5th, nonetheless it was a great drive for him and Williams should be pleased with their car.

    Sauber did a fantastic job as well, both drivers drove well, Kobayashi did what he does best :) !!

    Epic photo finish and was thankful Force India got a point.

    Lastly, the return of Kimi which led to some pretty hilarious conversations namely, why are the blue lights flashing, they are not for you and an unheard one where he apparently says Oops when Kobayashi passed him.

    1. I would have loved it if they had aired Kimi saying oops! That’s great. A good drive by him.

      It was also great to see Kobayashi return to his banzai overtaking moves that won everyone over in 2010!

  18. 9 – Not enough action for the leading pack to make it a 10, but midfield is definitely the battleground. Final lap drama at its best.

  19. 10. Hectic. Exciting all the way through the race. Can’t ask for more.

  20. Carl Craven
    18th March 2012, 8:06

    Webber had better race pace than Vettel, could have been his race if he’d started better.

    Up to the safety car the race was 9 after the safety car it was about 6, average about 7.5 in my opinion. Be happy to see races this good every week.

    1. F1fanNL (@)
      18th March 2012, 8:38

      When? Those two laps after his pit stop when he got in clear air and Vettel was right behind Hamilton?

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