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Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

Did the two DRS zones make for a better race than the single one used last year? Have your say in the comments.

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268 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. Great drive by Button. I think Hamilton’s problem comes from McLaren’s policy that the leading driver gets to decide when they pit first. Hamilton, being more aggressive on his tyres would pit earlier, allowing Button to progress as normal. However when Button is on top Hamilton has to wait until he can pit which is past his normal pitting point. I think Button’s cottoned onto this to his advantage.

    1. Well he needs to be in the lead then. Lead driver always should get 1st choic

      1. I agree that it is up to HAM to not let it get to that point, here the start should have been better. But I also think the team should have a re-think if it effectively allows Button to shut HAM out from fighting with him, which it does, and put him far enough on back-foot that they lose the 1-2. BUT definitely knows this, and wanted such an outcome. The team should be wary of that, bc. HAM seems not (capable of?) fight his teammate “dirty” like that, if it means they won’t get the best result as a team. I think. But I admit that I have a soft spot for HAM.

        1. Absolutely, Button is a very intelligent racer so he’s worked out where he needs to push in order to control the race (which means managing his teammate too). I would like to see a different policy though as you and @himmatsj say, just to spice up the interteam track battles more if nothing else!

    2. Only team to do otherwise is RedBull, but then they are not letting their drivers to compete against each other

    3. Well, if this is the case, McLaren should rethink their policy. For sure, if both drivers want to come in at the same lap, then the leader gets the call, but if Hamilton wants to pit now and Button will only do so 2 laps later as his are holding on pretty – well it is not fair.

      1. I agree with this, nothing wrong with giving the lead driver first choice but that shouldn’t always mean that he has the first stop, if its a better strategy (as is normally the case) for HAM to pit a couple of laps earlier because he is harder on the tires then that should be how its done. In a related note the double-stop was very impressive, even if it didn’t help HAM stay ahead of VET.

    4. Its possible that McLaren were reluctant to pit Hamilton any earlier… If Ham had pitted before Button he may have had the problem he had last year (Sepang?) where he had to then pit earlier on his next stop, etc etc snowballing into an overly long last stint or maybe a 3rd stop.

      1. I think Mclaren definitively needs to rethink their policy; Lewis is always much harsher on his tyres and Jenson usually always stay out much longer.
        I agree that the lead driver should get first choice of when to come in, but to make the 2nd driver wait till after this is crazy, especially when you could see lewis’s times plummet.
        Lewis lost a total of 4sec in the first pit stop alone and this contributed heavily into his third place, along with the safety car.
        As a consequence Mclaren lost valuable points today, when theycould of probably had a mclaren 1 and 2…..

        Sort it out Mclaren….

        1. Is there any evidence/official statement from McLaren that that is their strategy? To employ such a basic strategy at every race regardless of track conditions and other variables seems odd. A team as intelligent as McLaren surely does not blindly hold to a single rigid strategy. Even if they did so yesterday, Jenson beat Lewis on merit, by driving a better race and therefore deserved the victory.

  2. 9/10
    Nice fighting throughout whole race.
    Gutted by Caterham retirements.
    Glad to see Petrov was consistently faster than Kovalainen (0.5-1.2 per lap).

    Last las was quite exciting.
    Good to see both teams with not ugly cars doing well.

    1. Brother Lehmann
      18th March 2012, 9:46

      Petrovs performance over Kovalainen was due to technical problems that caused Kovalainen to loose both KERS and DRS in the beginnig of the race. I think that Kovalainen will come back stronger in the upcoming races.

  3. 9\10 missing the 10 because the winning overtake was 60 laps before the end of the race. Great season ahead, this showed how F1 should be, abit like 2009, cars should be tight and wheels should spin, F1 cars shouldnt be upside down planes this year we can really see the cars working the tyres instead of gliding, finnally diffuser rules clampdown worked congrats to the Fia 2 years late but better late than never.

  4. 8. Fantastic race! Battles all the way down the field. Disappointed that Grosjean went out, but such is life. Good to see Kimi getting in the points though. Alonso or Perez for Driver of the day I think, what with Alonso and his dog of a car, and Perez starting on the last grid position. Bring on Sepang! :D

  5. 8 for me, was thinking about 7.5 but the final lap action just pushed me to the 8. Very enjoyable!

  6. 7 – A good race but far from being a great race. Looks like McLaren & Red Bull are going to be the top 2 teams during the Spring. Looking forward to Sepang International next Friday.

  7. Liked the race, great overtake from Vettel on Rosberg.
    Horrible day for Nico and the brazilians, Fernando was amazing.
    Button deserved the win.
    A shame for Pastor.
    Lewis disappointed.
    And Paul di Resta had a really weak weekend and did not deserve the point at the end…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Your brief assessment is spot on.

  8. drs once again produced a significant number of stupidly easy passes, worldfeed did not pick them all up but sky’s onboard feeds picked up a lot of them. this stupid system really does need to be banned, or at least the regs changed so the lead car can defend.
    once again all the best racing, most exciting racing & best, most exciting overtakes were done well outside drs zones.

    1. Agree totally with you, too many false over-takes.

    2. It must be really cool to have all the different viewing angles with sky. Though I have enough trouble keeping up with what is happening with just one perspective.

      Interesting point you make about the DRS. I couldn’t from the broadcast see what effect the DRS was having on the race.

    3. Because it was so much more fun when the cars just trundled round behind each other with no changes to the order, right?

      1. but there was plenty of real racing well outside the drs zones so it was never going to be a procession.
        also ditch the 2 drs zones & we would have seen some better racing in those areas.

        passing shouldn’t be made too easy yet this is exactly what drs all too often does.

        i would rather see some great racing with less overtaking than poor racing because of unexciting & ridiculously easy drs passing.
        as ive said before i’d rather 1 real overtake than 10 drs passes.

        drs isn’t racing, its an rtificial gimmick that produces, bland, unexciting, unintresting, dull & boring passing & destroys the actual racing!

  9. Star of the race: alonso, kimmi. Biggest loser/s: hamilton and mAldonado( what an idiot, throw away 8 points trying to gain 2 points.). I said it here yesterday. Button will own hamilton this season. You just could see hamilton body languague after the race. Button is getting into his head.People are complaining that hamilton lost a place because of the safety car, alonso too lost a place he was ahead of webber before he pitted and after the sc he was behind him. Last but not least maldonado got what he deserved. Drove really well but didn’t used his brain and threw away 8 very important points for williams. MAssa is a joke of a drive and rosberg is pretty mediocre at best, senna also a bad paid driver. Caterham hasn’t done much.

  10. Great race, lots of impressive drives, BUT, VET, ALO, MAL, PER. Hilarious radio from Kimi. Close fights all over the race. I give it an 8

    1. One thing I’m looking forward to this year – lots more radio from Kimi!

  11. 8/10.

    Mainly because the racing was very tight all among the field, and I barely can name any driver who was not repeatedly involved in something interesting to watch.

  12. Fine race. Even Ramesses the Great would have liked it!

  13. I loved Kimi’s radio message to check if the blue flags were for him – and his engineer then explaining the whole blue flag system to him! I half expected Kimi to come on the radio a few minutes later and ask what this button marked “DRS” does!

    1. ;-) He did very well, despite being a little rusty regarding blue flag rules.

      1. @palle True, I’ll be interested to see how well him and Grosjean can do in Malaysia if they have a straightforward qualifying and clean first few laps. Could be challengers for the podium?

        1. I saw too much rookie in Grosjean today, just before the accident, which unfortunately took him out, he seemed like a sunday driver, who was surprised not to have the road to himself. I think he needs at least a race more to be able to capitalize on a good qualifying. But it will be interesting to follow Lotus this year.

  14. I went for a 9 as it was an amazing race that while Button had it cased, there was so much action behind him… Alonso 5th from 12th in a sketchy car…( with amazing race pace!)… Kimi came from 17th to grab 7th… so many great stories and horror stories… back that with the added excitement of uncertainty before the first race… what car has the best race pace… treating their tyres well… yes… a solid 9… 8)

  15. NOt a bad race to start the season off at all :D

    Shame about Schumacher and Grosean’s early exits.

    Hamilton and Rosberg just seemed to fade in the race

    But the hightlight for me was BUtto’s win, and the great fight from the back and then last round scrap of Kimi and the saubers !

  16. F1fanNL (@)
    18th March 2012, 8:21


    Great to see Button win and Vettel and Hamilton on the podium but disappointed Schumacher and Grosjean had to retire and that Vettel passed Hamilton in the pits in stead of on track. I agree with Vettel he probably had a good chance of overtaking Hamilton without the SC because he made his tyres last longer and would have had to do a shorter stint at the end on fresher tyres compared to Hamilton.
    It would also have been interesting to see where Schumacher and Grosjean could have finished. Especially when seeing Räikkönen go through the field like he did and Schumacher usually having a slightly better race pace than Rosberg. Especially at the end of the race.

    The SC killed it for me. I don’t understand why Petrov didn’t just drive to the end of the pits like any other driver would have.

    1. i dont agree that vettel would have been able to pass hamilton on track, why? because mclaren on the primes were faster than red bull on the options, and with the straight line advantage mclaren had over red bull i wouldnt have thought that red bull would have been able to get a run on the straights.

      also the mclarens had more pace in the last stint that i recon lewis burned up his tyres in the turbulent air of vettels car, i think Vettel should be prasing his luck with the saftey car.

      1. @harvs – The poster above you meant that Vettel had a pretty good chance of jumping Hamilton in the pitstops without the SC. He was hovering around 1-2 seconds behind, remember.

        1. no i dont mean that, who ever pits first has fresh rubber and passing by doing an extra lap is highly unlikely unless the other teams pitstop crew messes up

          1. @harvs Regardless, Vettel was a lot closer to Hamilton than his car should have been. We will never know what would have happened.

          2. @harvs Its not the matter of rubber alone ,if Lewis got stuck in traffic on the lap after pit stop and vettel get a clear track on the lap leading to the pit stop assuming Lewis have pitted a lap earlier ,then vettel could have made up that 1-2 sec gap

  17. I´m gonna give this one a ten.
    Bloody brilliant.

  18. Rated 10. IMO personal driver preferences shouldn’t come into this, but only how exciting the race was. So, although I’m disappointed by another bad start by Webber, and by the fact that Williams were left with nothing because of what must be one of the stupidest mistakes ever in the history of F1 by the PM idiot(not a slow idiot though, just a reckless, irresponsible, dangerously error prone idiot), the Australian GP was great. Lots of action, but overtaking was not too easy.

    1. Drop Valencia
      18th March 2012, 12:11

      Bit harsh on PM, he was obviously giving it 110% chasing FERNANDO in a FERRARI and made a mistake.

      1. Not harsh at all. It’s the last lap, he’s P6 after a brilliant race, the best position Williams could’ve finished in 18 months, and he throws it all away for what? He didn’t catch Alonso for many laps before why risk everything on the last lap? Bottom line is: He didn’t use his head. He never does. He makes too many stupid mistakes. Which makes him an idiot. Great shame too since he clearly has some serious speed.

  19. 9 from me. Would be 10 if not safety car.

  20. i gave it a seven, Button was great from the start and left hamilton and the field for dead early. vettel drove well, his overtake on rosberg was good stuff (Keith – In future, anyone who mentions vettel and ‘can’t overtake’ in the same breath, should have user id revoked for 30 days LOL). Webber was as usual slow at the start and like vettel got a huge benefit from the SC.
    Highlights for me
    Alonso – fantastic drive and result in clearly a car that isn’t up to speed.
    Perez was good value
    Maldonada was great for 57 laps, it was a shame he had that mistake at the end….but thankfully it appears Williams may feature more in a GP season then they have the past few years.

    It would have been great to see Schuey and Grosjean get more race time as I believe both were really in the mix for a good result, but that’s racing.

    Only 7 days till malaysia….yippee.

    1. @karlos

      (Keith – In future, anyone who mentions vettel and ‘can’t overtake’ in the same breath, should have user id revoked for 30 days LOL).

      COTD! :D

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