Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

Did the two DRS zones make for a better race than the single one used last year? Have your say in the comments.

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268 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. Times like these I have to admit to being a hypocrite… and loving it.

    Button drove a Vettel-like race and I have no problems. Pretty much my only issue was that yet again (almost all) the cards fell in Vettel’s favour, but I guess people make their own luck.

    Hopefully we’re in for a hell of a year!

    1. F1fanNL (@)
      18th March 2012, 8:40

      Stunning race from Button, never saw it coming. ^^

      1. I was tempted, don’t think I wasn’t! :D

      2. Carl Craven
        19th March 2012, 1:24

        I saw it

  2. 8/10 great race, would have liked Hamilton to have won. Shame to see Schumacher out, really wanted him on the podium. I found Croft’s commentary sometimes too much when he was effectively shouting; I found Edwards yesterday on the BBC to have great enthusiasm but also clarity.

  3. 8.
    Entertaining from start to finish. No battle for lead, almost, so not higher.

  4. I really do not understand why Mercedes fizzled out in the race, considering that they were pole-contenders with both their drivers. Fair enough, Michael was driving better than Rosberg at the start of the race so would have gotten around 5th if he finished, but I though they were going to fight for the lead!

    Also, massive stuff from Maldonado. Whatever said and done, people always said he was the most un-deserving driver in F1. Me included. I guess he proved us wrong.

    Also, Red Bull were better than I expected, and Lewis worse off. Pity that Grosjeon was knocked off pretty early, so we never could see what the Lotus could do. Raikkonen was also held up so we had no chance to see their ultimate pace relative to the front runners.

    With Malaysia being a track with long straights, I think Mercedes will be pole-contenders once again, but will be interesting to see how that race pans out.

  5. andy,, Frome somerset
    18th March 2012, 8:49

    Well done to our hometown lad jenson.
    The TV coverage however should have still been with the BBC,had they got rid of a few overpayed people they still could have had the coverage rather than give it to these SCHIESTERS sky.
    Because i pay in cash for all my bills at post office sky would not let me sign up unless i used a credit card -B-STARDS,sky have ruined sport in this country……..

    1. If you want to blame anyone, blame FOM for charging too much!

      1. andy,, Frome somerset
        18th March 2012, 9:29

        I’ve never seen or heard so much hype before a gp,you would have thought the murdochs had never covered a major event before,as for fom don’t get me started on that subject…..

  6. 8 from me, Not perfect, but a thoroughly enjoyable race. roll on next week!

  7. I would have liked to see Jenson and Lewis duel at the front, but they seemed to be driving two very different cars today. Jenson had massive pace, there was never really any challenge from Lewis. I was definitely disappointed with Mclaren’s double pit stop, they practically gifted second to Vettle. If Lewis had not pitted immediately behind Button, he would’ve retained his position on track and a Mclaren 1-2 finish… Good drives by Sebastian, Pastor, Kimi, and Fernando. I Wish Romain & Michael had more of a chance today… next time!

    1. I didn’t get the impression that Lewis lost any time doing that, I thought it was all very slick, what gifted the place to Vettel was the SC which slowed down Lewis’s out-lap more than Vettel’s in-lap.

      1. If Mclaren had not opted to double pit, Lewis would have pitted during the safety car, just like Vettle. Of course they couldn’t anticpate a safety car, but it was an unnecessary gamble. Lewis would have had the extra time, and who knows, maybe even could have come out in front of Jenson. I fail to see the advantages out-weighing the risks of a double pit. Suppose Button had a wheel jam? The race would then be gifted to next in line… Vettle. Silly call with little return on the gamble.

  8. I rate 5. Nothing to shout about. The start was good and then everything else later was rather boring. No fight in the front which was what used to make f1 exciting. Midfield fighting has been around since forever.

    Mclaren looks like the team to beat. Vettel was lucky today but they do seem to have good race pace. Webber is still screwing up his starts and coming back towards mid point. Ferrari only has one good driver and a rubbish car. Mercedes lack race pace but can do well in quali due to f duct. The only amazing thing in the race was kimi. First day and he shows his brilliance.

    Let’s hope for better races throughout the season cause if this continues, we can see a boring season unfolding, at least for some that is.

  9. 8 for me.

    An exciting season opener which didn’t lack any drama. It was brilliant to see just how competitive everyone was. Sauber battling with Ferrari, that was good.

    It was a shame about all the retirements but you have to expect that in the opening race.

    The team of the weekend for me was Sauber without a doubt. Kobayashi displayed some of his over-taking brilliance (but Rosberg negated one of them!) and Perez was incredibly quick. A pleasure to watch.

  10. 8, would’ve been 9 if Vettel hadn’t sneaked ahead of Lewis.

  11. Gups (@weekendsr4f1)
    18th March 2012, 9:27

    7/10. Great start to the season! Fantastic controlled win by Jenson & a Lewis fan am dissapointed with his race but still a good result! Outstanding performances by Alonso, Maldonado & williams a good start to season(apart from premature end) & Raikkonen. Iceman still has some form! Looking forward to a closer exciting season with more overtaking hopefully!

  12. Sorry everyone I didn’t get 48 points, got 3rd and 4th wrong way round. Forgot my own prediction.

  13. Very good start to the season. Exciting, many competing teams, not a clear dominator. Hope to see more of this type of racing all season long!
    Gave it a generous 9.

  14. Very good start of this season, I would rate this race as solid 7. Today we had a full benefit of having 6 WDCs on the grid, and almost every one of them has really shown something. Well, apart from Schumacher, who only have shown a great start, but had to retire too soon.

    Jenson has shown that he’s in the top form and, given superior machinery, is fully capable of producing 2009-style wins. Good start and great race pace, controlling the race from start to finish.

    Seb has shown that even having one of the slowest straight-line cars, he’s capable of great overtaking moves. Brilliant drive fron 6 to 2!

    Lewis has demonstrated that even in the dominant car you still ought to have a matching talent to win.

    Fernando’s drive today has given some hope that this year;s car may not be a total dog. The car in his hands looked a lot more stable and drivable than on Saturday. Massa was a real embarassment though. Whatever his problem is, I don’t believe he has more than a couple of races to fix it.

    Kimi has shown that, even a bit rusty from the lack of practice, in a Lotus he’s still perfectly capable of mixing it up with midfielders. Will be interesting to see what Grosjean will be capable of doing with this car over the course of the season. Kimi’s radio also was a hoot!

    Speaking of non-champions, Saubers were a real surprise. Like the Ferraris, they looked extremely twitchy throughout the weekend, but visibly improved in the race. Pastor was fantastic as well, until he made a Lewis and thrown away big points, crashing out on the last lap.

    All in all, good stuff. The only worrying thing is: if McLaren boys will keep their game up, with Jenson winning and Lewis scoring valuable points, the championship might be over much sooner that some of us would like. Here’s hoping that RBR will sort out its problems and improve enough to challenge McLaren.

  15. Good race, i gave it an 8. Vettel was quite lucky with the pit stop. Were red bull deliberately making Mclaren pit stop longer by pretending to be waiting for their drivers as the commentators were alluding? I don’t like the new rules abouth the safety car and how the backmarkers can unlap themselves. I can see an accident happening with backmarkers trying to unlap themselves and the front runners weaving to warm up thier tyres.

    1. I can appreciate your safety concerns, but hopefully a routine will establish itself during which drivers will be conscious of those working their way through.

      That said, as a spectator today I wholeheartedly support allowing cars to un-lap themselves.

      TV does ‘slow’ the race down, but trackside with cars approaching at speed it’s sometimes difficult to determine what is a true battle for track position. Particularly when you have cars running uncharacteristically out of order and you’re not in sight of the flag marshal.

      Letting the lapped cars through allowed for an exciting sprint to the finish where live timing was not necessary to follow the running order.

      While F1 coverage has a substantial TV audience, fundamentally each race should be for the enjoyment of the spectators present. When I’m watching the next safety car on TV I’ll be more than accepting of the few extra laps it might take, with fingers crossed that it all happens safely.

  16. Amazing racing, particularly near the end. I know Button will be champion now!

  17. The one guy who voted this race a 1 – Hamilton. :p

    An 8 from me.

    1 – Great racing in the midfield, great racing for 4th, 5th and 6th.
    2 – Brilliant race from Jenson.
    3 – Another brilliant performance from Alonso, as usual.
    4 – Good run from Kimi, he still has it and that’s worth a smile.
    5 – Di Resta salvaged a point for Force India.
    6 – Webber’s pace.
    7 – Maldonado’s girlfriend. ;)

    1 – Hamilton’s unnecessarily long face post-race.
    2 – Massa and his driving.
    3 – Mercedes GP and Rosberg’s terribly mediocre performance.
    4 – Mercedes GP reliability issues, shocked.
    5 – Grosjean’s & Hulkenberg’s misfortune.
    6 – Maldonado’s stupidity.
    7 – Vettel’s P2 finish. (Say what you want but I’m not happy with it.)

    The DRS was pretty useless here, I’m not sure if the double zones worked.
    Pirelli will do a good job this year, from what I could see today.

    1. About Vettel’s P2 finish, I meant – didn’t want to see him anywhere close to the podium at least for the first couple of races..

    2. Almost a prefect summary for me.

  18. 9 – the winner was never really in doubt, but the battle in the midfield more than made up for it. The double-DRS zones worked (amazingly), creating enough overtaking but still allowing the leading driver some chance to defend his position. Even besides that, there was overtaking up and down the field, and Perez once again proved unusual strategies can work. He was unlucky to lose his place. Still, Maldonado’s crash did prove karma is real.

    Then there was that manic last lap, which for me bumped this up from an 8 to a 9. It was a race you wanted to keep watching, which is always a positive, and while I’m sure we will see better this season, Albert Park has produced yet another great season opener.

  19. sid_prasher (@)
    18th March 2012, 10:07

    Some great drives….but Petrov’s car breaking down messed up the race…going with 7.

    Button was faultless today, McLaren clearly proved they are going to be the team to beat.
    Great drive by Vettel…even better by Alonso. Disappointed for Schumacher and Grosjean.
    Moldonado earned some respect today but today was a great opportunity to earn some points.
    Decent return for Kimi as well…

  20. 6/10 + 1 for the last lap.

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