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What did you think of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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268 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix

  1. Gradient said on 18th March 2012, 13:06

    Perez started dead last and within few laps he was up there, very impressed!
    Disappointed for Grosjean and for Rosberg/Schumacher.
    Massa should be replaced and I would not be surprised if that happens during the season. Perez takes his place in Ferrari and Esteban Gutierrez is being promoted to Sauber. Happy for Marussia that they finished the race without any pre-season testing, hopefully they can find something for their car when the Mclaren partnership gets beneficial for them from Barcelona and onwards.

  2. Ciaran (@ciaran) said on 18th March 2012, 13:36

    I gave it 8/10.
    Not much battling at the front for my liking, but the racing further back was more than enough for me. Great drives by Alonso and Maldonado, and the chaotic last lap was good fun to watch.
    Bad points were Schumacher and Grosjean retiring and Massa being rubbish.

  3. Andy Redden (@andyredden-on-f1) said on 18th March 2012, 13:45

    8, good action throughout. To be 9/10 needs a good battle of the lead of the race which this didn’t have, although all other areas were good battles.

  4. Estesark (@estesark) said on 18th March 2012, 13:51

    7 for me. It wasn’t dull, but in truth, I think qualifying was more exciting than the race. That’s where the start-of-season unpredictability shone through. The race felt very reminiscent of 2011, at the front: McLaren and Red Bull fighting it out for the top four positions with Alonso dragging a poor Ferrari as high as he could behind them. Mercedes could have made things much more interesting but they fell woefully short. Lotus, too, would have spiced things up, but Grosjean made an early retirement and Räikkönen qualified too far back. I was expecting him to finish ninth or tenth, which he would have done without Maldonado’s incredible crash and Rosberg’s problem (I’m still not sure what caused it, as it all happened while Button was taking the victory). A solid return for Kimi; he’ll be in the middle points very regularly this season, I’m sure.

    I must have said this half a dozen times last season, but I’ll say it again: I can’t bring myself to award high marks (8 or above) for any race which lacks a meaningful battle for the lead. After Button passed Hamilton at the first turn, he was never under too much pressure. There were some great battles down the field, including the brilliant scramble over the line for the last points-scoring positions, but it was not a classic. I would probably have given it a 6 if Vettel had won it, but I decided that having someone else on the top step merited an extra point :)

  5. Beyond (@lello4ever) said on 18th March 2012, 14:08

    i don’t understand how so much people are giving this race 8…

    • F1_WI (@f1_wi) said on 18th March 2012, 22:20

      Probably for the same reason I did; the excitement of the first race of the year, the unpredictable nature of the race, and battles for every point position except the first one.

  6. Decent race but quite far from what could have been, in my humble opinion. Good first 10 laps, entertaining last 3-4 laps. Something happening here and there during and after the safety car period (the weird “pack slowing down behind the platform” moment) and the tire change windows and that’s it. The rest of it – a bit dull.

    There’s definitely something to build the season onto with McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus and Ferrari (later in the season) fighting for podium positions and Sauber, Force India, Williams and Toro Rosso looking at constant points finishes, not far behind.

    However, I did not expect to see Mercedes starting the season on the wrong foot (again!) as I didn’t expect Lotus to finish only 7th with Raikkonen (with a bit of good luck following Rosberg and Perez’s coming together). I could have bet they were going to fight for a top 5 finish with at least one driver. So, the two potential revelations of this season are sort-of yet to confirm… However Raikkonen’s almost successful triple-overtake and his charge from 17th on the grid deserves some standing ovations.

    It was good to see Williams back in the game, even for a little while. The car seems fast and the package has potential but I don’t think Maldonado & Senna are the drivers to get the most out of it. Especially with the Saubers, Toro Rossos and Force Indias gunning for the same 6th place in the constructors’ championship, all of them lining up decent to good packages and talented result-thirsty drivers.

    At the top, the McLarens seem to have switched places with Red Bull in terms of performace. Good steady pace from Webber and Alonso. Disastrous race for Massa and I have a strong feeling he won’t finish his season at Ferrari, especially with Jules Bianchi waiting around the corner…

    Sort of disappointed to see Caterham pretty much doing the same thing they did last year. I was expecting them to fight at least for a 10th place / a borderline points finish.

    There was something about the new Pirellis too that had “tame and predictible” written all over it today, but Melbourne wasn’t exactly the perfect place for the rubber to show its true wear and so on. Malaysia should answer some more questions in this matter.

    All in all, looking forward to next weekend. I can’t wait for a proper podium fight between the 8 McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus drivers. Maybe Malaysia will bring that. :)

  7. Jonathan189 (@jonathan189) said on 18th March 2012, 15:34

    Just finished watching the 1hr 10mins of highlights on the BBC.

    It’s not the same.

    Who is the new commentator? They didn’t even introduce him.

  8. lainie (@elainie) said on 18th March 2012, 15:41

    7/10;Excited with some disappointment as well…
    I think Mclaren definitively needs to rethink their policy; Lewis is always much harsher on his tyres and Jenson usually always stays out much longer.
    I agree that the lead driver should get first choice of when to come in, but to make the 2nd driver wait till after this is crazy, especially when you could see lewis’s times plummet.
    Lewis lost a total of 4sec in the first pit stop alone and this contributed heavily into his third place, along with the safety car.
    As a consequence Mclaren lost valuable points today, when they could of probably had a mclaren 1 and 2…..

    Sort it out Mclaren….

  9. Babar Ali said on 18th March 2012, 15:55

    Ferrari is such a big name and is becoming a shadow with each passing year…..Alonso is a great driver, he is the one keeping Ferrari alive while Massa is clearly struggling since 2011…… I wish Ferrari all the best of LUCK in coming races.

  10. carbon_fibre (@carbon_fibre) said on 18th March 2012, 15:59

    Pretty boring race to me.There was no battle for the lead,the DRS was useless and there were lots of close racing but not many overtakes.I give a 5.

  11. roberttty (@roberttty) said on 18th March 2012, 16:24

    I rate this a 6 – there will be better races to come – for sure

  12. Viswanath (@viswanath) said on 18th March 2012, 16:56

    An exciting race from the start. But my expectations of Hamilton making it to the top were ruined at last. Maldanado and Massa offered lot of moments to curse and make fun of. Last lap wall crash of Maldonado and terrific drive through by Di Resta to P10 made a wonderful finish. And it proved once again that Vettel is the luckiest when it comes to SC. He sure was born with a flower in his a**.

  13. th13teen (@th13teen) said on 18th March 2012, 17:30

    I gave it a 7 because it was an enjoyable race, a good opener for the season, however the overtaking opportunities is still an issue, however there was always something going on, on nearly every lap so it was a fairly decent race, just a shame about Hamilton, I hope this is not the begging of the end for the 2008 world champion!

  14. wigster (@wigster) said on 18th March 2012, 17:40

    I waited to actually see the race on the BBC to see if the score I wanted to give the race changed, but it didn’t.

    It may be down to lack of sleep or only being able to listen to the race but I’ve only voted a 6. I thought apart from a couple of parts of the race; the last lap incidents, the first few laps, that the race was pretty run of the mill stuff.

    It wasn’t boring, but I don’t think it was action packed either. I think being the first race of the season, and the intrigue and interest that provides helped make it more entertaining than it otherwise might have been.

  15. necrodethmortem (@necrodethmortem) said on 18th March 2012, 17:54

    I was doubting between 6 or 7, but that last lap was amazing: 8

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