Video: Michael Schumacher hides his Mercedes' front wing after a spin

Schumacher keeps Mercedes’ front wing hidden after spin

2012 Australian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher was keen to keep photographers from snapping his car’s front wing after spinning during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

This video shot by a fan shows Schumacher directing track marshals on the recovery of his Mercedes W03 to keep the underside of the front wing from view.

The video was taken after Schumacher spun at turn nine in the last minutes of final practice on Saturday.

There is much speculation over how Mercedes might be using their car’s DRS to direct airflow in a beneficial way to other parts of the car. This could include lower parts of the rear wing or even the front wing.

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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55 comments on “Schumacher keeps Mercedes’ front wing hidden after spin”

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  1. If theres an entry on the floor of the wing that might mean that the fron wing is feeding the rear wing rather than an super f-duct concept, that would make sense cause rear downforce is lacking in this years specs.

  2. This is as much a display of his passion as much as his driving, great video.

  3. I do hate to be contrary but this appears to be such an obnoxious thing to do.
    The marshals are attempting to do their job properly – which is hard enough without some interfering chap butting in. In my opinion if your car comes off the track you leave it. Otherwise you are just one more person in the firing line of the other cars and getting in the way of the marshals.
    Final moan – I really don’t like the trend of teams using people to block interesting parts of their cars, always comes across as a bit aggressive and poor sportmanship-y. Maybe thats just me…

    1. I understand your point, but im sure you’d have a different view if you’d invested millions in a new concept that gave you an advantage over your rivals in a fiercly competitive sport.

      Redbull is the worst for this, but then, can you blame them? Its a tough ball to juggle.

      There dosnt seem to be an obvious way around letting the public see these intesting developments, and not letting rival teams see them

  4. I’m saying this a bit tongue in cheek, but are the other teams sure they want to copy what Mercedes is doing? Sure they qualified well, and perhaps that is because their system only works well when the DRS can be used at will on Friday and Saturday, but so far they are not looking to be challenging for the WDC. Both drivers started to lose ground not long after the race started, MS by a second a lap in short order, NR keeping pace with MS, and tire wear seems to be an issue. I think if I’m the other teams I would take note of what they are doing but I don’t know if I’m ready to leap to do the same thing. I guess each team will decide for themselves what the best thing is to do for them, but I think the jury is still out as to whether Merc has something or not. Perhaps they do…for qualifying…but it ends there. Just speculating. And we’ll know more with a few more races to see how it all come out in the wash for all the teams. As I think of it, perhaps since some teams may protest the legality of what Merc is doing, there is something to it, but again, I think it would have a different flavour if they were looking to fight for the WDC this year, which I don’t think they will be.

    1. Robbie: “NR keeping pace with MS”. Ummm, riiight… I can just imagine how you would have wrote it up if the positions were reversed. NR drove terribly today, fair enough he was struggling with pace but he engaged in some horrible defensive driving that actually broke the rules clearly on 2 occasions with Webber behind him, once when making 2 moves into the 4th last corner & another when intentionally missing the fast chicane purely to stay in front until peeling off into the pits later that lap.

      That was just Webber, there were some very dodgy defends from him on other drivers too, maybe he was still seething at the move Vettel pulled on him early in the race?

      Either way, not very sportsmanlike.

      Imagine the uproar if Schumacher had driven in this manner, well, we saw it at Monza last year when he was arguably blocking alot less than Rosberg was at Melbourne (& remembering the extra rule about leaving a cars width if moving back onto the racing line after defending that has been introduced this year).

      1. Fact…while MS was still in the race NR was within 4 or 5 seconds of him and the gap was quite stable.

        Fact…there is no mention, no evidence, and only your comments solely about NR ‘actually breaking rules on 2 occasions’. You are inventing this all on your own as there has not even been an in-race investigation, let alone a post-race one…no mention in any articles (at least that I have read unless you can refer me to some quotes)…and one would think that thanks to MS’s behaviour last year, which caused the defending rules to actually be written, there would have even been more motivation than ever by the FIA to take action toward something you are (wrongly) accusing NR of…

        Nice try Aussie Fan but you are blowing more hot air than last year’s EBD.

  5. You should’ve seen Rosberg’s car parked on the main straight at the end of the race. All the fans crowded around it with Rosberg standing at the nose and a security guard at the rear of the car. Then, after about 30 seconds of me being there, the police came along and shoved me and others out of the way!

    I got a few photos of the back of the car but should’ve tried a video as well to get a better view.

  6. I don´t know what the whole fuss is about…. He has a right to protect the millions Merc invested in that car… It´s normal…
    Everybody talking “smack” about it and I don´t see them saying “jack” when RBR mounts a whole show with the curtains and whatnot to protect “wonder boy´s” RB8… Double standards = Hypocrites!

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