Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2012

Massa to get new chassis for Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2012Felipe Massa will have a new chassis for the Malaysian Grand Prix as Ferrari tries to get to the bottom of its troubles with its new F1 car.

In a statement on their website Ferrari said: “Work has already begun in the Sepang pits to prepare chassis number 294, which replaces the number 293 and will be used by the Brazilian in the second race of the season.

“This choice was taken to clear up any doubts about the unusual performance of his car during the weekend at Albert Park.”

Massa qualified 16th in Melbourne, a second slower than team mate Fernando Alonso. He failed to finish the race after colliding with Bruno Senna while running 13th.

Ferrari added: “Felipe knows he can count on the team to do everything, both from the technical and the operational point of view, to put him in a better state to show off his talents ?ǣ even at the cost of extra work in these few days that separate the Australian race from the one in Malaysia.”

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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  1. A lot of people seem to blame the Hungary ’09 incident as to why Massa has dropped off in form, and it’s easy to see why. However, I think there may be another reason. The start of 2009 was pretty mediocre for Felipe, and he yielded one or two decent results, but so did Raikkonen.

    I personally think that his problem originally lies in the fact that there is no more in-season testing. Pre-2009, Massa was a good driver and was on par with his team mates nearly every year, even if some of those years he didn’t do quite as well. Obviously you could argue that his performance in Germany ’10 could prove this theory wrong, but we’ve seen that Alonso is more adaptable and can get the most out of the car whereas Massa can’t.

    Schumacher had the same problem. That’s why he was so successful before retirement. He could build the car to what suited him. But I think he’s still a better driver than Massa and we’ll see just how adaptable he can be this season.

    It’s unfortunate for Felipe, but I don’t think we’ll see him return to form.

    1. This could be why Ferrari are pushing for more testing.

  2. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what will.

  3. Felipe also knows he can count on Ferrari to channel his win to Alonso’s diffuser.

  4. It would be interesting to hear Rob Smedleys views on all this?

    1. It would be fascinating as he and Felipe are so close. Surely Rob has more insight into it than anyone else in the team, but if they gagged the drivers once in pre-season testing, I imagine it would be a cold day in **** before they let Smedley shed any light on it.

      Which is a shame really.

  5. IMO it is not the car, or the accident. It is a mind game that keeps him down. The more he tries to drive faster and beat Alonso the slower he gets. For him it must be like working with a guy that does no wrong, no matter how wrong that person does. There are excuses for this type of person, but not for the ones trying to compare, to beat or be an equal. Massa got married, had a kid, an accident, and was thrown together with the King of Mind Games, Fernando Alonso. He needs to change and restart on a clean slate. Ferrari is a mine field and Alonso is the general in charge of it..move on Massa…
    Massa had no problem keeping up with Kimi or Schumi, but Alonso has set a trap and anyone that gets in will fail. He gets motivated by “going faster than you”. On same equipment at McLaren he was throwing fits because Ron Dennis cleared his minefields for Lewis.

    1. Which is why Alonso can never be the leader that Schumacher was, Vettel is and others will be in the future. I respect his driving immensely, but his character is very much in doubt.

  6. “Felipe knows he can count on the team to do everything, both from the technical and the operational point of view, to put him in a better state to show off his talents.”

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it’s hard not to read between the lines on this choice of words. It basically says that after this Ferrari have done everything possible for Massa to showcase his talent, meaning that, if there are still no results after this, he apparently has none (or has lost it). It’s a mean thing to say. This isn’t reassurance, this is pressure.

  7. looks like ferrari kicked out the wrong driver at the end of 2009. Felipe hasent been the same driver since the accident

    1. I really do think that Ferrari would have preferred to have kept Kimi at the end of 09 and let Massa go, but after the accident it would have made them look like evil and heartless.

      Plus a Kimi-Alonso partnership would have been the strongest duo in F1 since Senna-Prost, and I’m certain Alonso wouldn’t have gone for that. Kimi would have no problem, but Alonso doesn’t have that kind of courage/madness you find in someone like Kimi or Senna.

      1. A key factor in Ferrari’s decision was Raikkonen’s lack of motivation in 2009. On paper, a Raikkonen-Alonso line-up would have been very strong indeed, but at the time Raikkonen wasn’t exactly displeased to be paid handsomely not to drive. Besides, before Massa’s accident he’d scored more points than Raikkonen (22 points vs 10) and generally looked the better driver.

  8. Slightly off topic. Anyone else think Kobayashi deserves the 2nd seat at Ferrari?

    1. Post this in the forums, Marco.

  9. Unless Ferrari build a world beater and at the same time Alonso is sidelined by injury Massa will never win a WDC at Ferrari, it just wouldn’t make sense for them. He should leave and take his knowledge to a lesser team that would be desperate for him to drive and would offer him the support he so obviously needs to be successful. He may be stepping away from the top tier, but he’d have a better chance of proving his talent is still up there to other teams.

  10. Jack Flash (Aust)
    21st March 2012, 12:17

    I hope for Felipe Massa’s sake that the Chassis #294 is the secret experimental model with hidden inbuilt jet-afterburners installed! I think that’s about what he’ll need to out-qualify Alonso at Sepang this weekend.

    That, or take to Alonso’s knees with a baseball bat, like Tonya harding did to Nancy Kerrigan. LoL.
    Hope to be proven wrong… really I am… but seriously doubt it. Felipe is just so down on confidence, and so nervy he’s picking collision fights with anything. Even the track marshalls are nervous behind the barriers. JF

  11. It really doesn’t look as though Felipe Massa’s Ferrari career has much of a future, and I feel for the guy! No one likes to see a sportsman struggle like Massa has struggled since he was nearly killed back in 2009. Alot of people would have retired after that, I mean, Felipe is married and is a father. I am sure he has a healthy bank account, there really was nothing stopping him from driving if he had decided he had had enough. To his credit, he decided to continue with F1 and that takes balls.
    Other drivers have comeback from near death accidents and achieved greatness in their F1 careers, Niki Lauda and Mika Hakkinen spring to mind, but you cannot expect that to happen to everybody.
    Not only that, but what was left of Massa’s confidence has been all but destroyed by the arrival at Maranello of Fernando Alonso. Even so, only Felipe was driving his car in Australia, he is running out of time and excuses.

  12. Fair enough really. If Massa can turn it around in Malaysia then it’s likely that there was something wrong with the chassis. He’s never had Alonso’s pace but that’s not exactly news. He was so much off the pace it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s less off the pace this weekend with a new chassis.

  13. You guys really need to quit the “massa hasn´t been the same after his accident” bit… If that´s the case, he should have just quit…

    As for Ferrari giving him another chassis to let him “show off his talent”, as i read earlier on the post, is just a waste of money… No matter what Ferrari does… Massa will always end up looking like a chump… and MAYBE then they will open their eyes and just drop him like a bad habit…
    People say Alonso is a crybaby… They seem to have overlooked Massa!

  14. People say Massa hasn’t been the same since his accident, However I disagree.
    The correct statement should be that Massa hasn’t been the same since Hockenheim 2010.

    If you look back at 2010, While Alonso was usually still the faster of the 2, Massa was much closer to Alonso & early in the year it was Alonso making errors & Massa been consistent & scoring points including outscoring Alonso a couple times.
    Up untill Hockenheim 2010 Massa was doing a solid job against Alonso, After Hockenheim 2010 Massa never really got close to Alonso as consistently outside of outqualifying him 2-3 times in 2011.

    I think Massa’s real problem is that his team mate is Fernando Alonso.

    Alonso’s got Ferrari built around him now, The cars are almost certainly designed & built around Alonso’s driving style & Alonso’s feedback.
    Massa has such a different driving style to Alonso that this is liklely having a serious affect on his feel for the car & I read at least 1 report in 2011 stating that the car didn’t work with the sort of setup Massa liked.

    I also think there is an element of Alonso outdriving the car & making the car look better than it actually was. People slate Massa for not scoring a podium in 2011, However with the McLarens/Red Bull clearly faster & Alonso outdriving the Ferrari did Massa ever really have a decent shot at a podium considering how reliable cars are now?

    The problem is that whoever you put in the 2nd Ferrari is going to have similar problems while up against Alonso unless there a driver who’s extremely good & on the same level as guys like Alonso, Hamilton & Vettel.

  15. David Smith
    22nd March 2012, 8:09

    Can people please move on from 2007/2008 and even 2009 for all our sanity!! Its 2012…and has been for 1/2 months already!!!

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