Alonso certain Ferrari can challenge for championship

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang, 2012Fernando Alonso says he’s “convinced” Ferrari can be championship contenders in 2012 despite their poor start to the season.

Quizzed by journalists in Malaysia, Alonso said: “This is Formula One. There is not an easy time for anybody. We need to work hard every day and night to normally catch up people in these three years.

“But anyway, you know, the experience has been fantastic. As you all know, fighting for the world championship in the first year and then last year with one win and ten podiums. Obviously, the target is always to win the world championship but it was not possible the last two years.

“This year we are convinced that we will fight for it. We need to stay focused and work more than the others knowing that we are a little bit behind now.

“But the championship is long. We stay calm, we stay focused, because we see a lot of determination in the team. We see the team with a very good atmosphere, (we) trust each other in the team, we are very united, so the time will come to us very soon.”

He said the team’s goal for the coming races was to limit the damage until they can improve their car:

“We are not in the situation we wanted to start the 2012 championship but after 11 years in Formula One I think you understand how long the championship is, what you need when you have the best and what you need when you don?t have the best car ?ǣ which is sometimes more points or less points.

“But as far as our targets and our goals (are concerned) we need to score as many points as possible in these couple of races and in a very short period of time try to be on the podium and win races.

“If we manage to do that we have plenty of races to recover the gap. If we don?t manage to do that it?s because someone else did a better job than us. We just need to wait and see but I have 100 per cent trust in the team.”

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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47 comments on Alonso certain Ferrari can challenge for championship

  1. me262 said on 22nd March 2012, 23:47

    Personally i think most of you miss the point. whats he gonna say ‘oh we’re miles behind, we havent got a chance, might as well stay at home’ he must stay optimistic regardless WHAT HAPPENS..specially after the first race . why? because he must.. simple. Let Ferrari declare the F2012 is a dog and the season over when they see fit

  2. down force should be banned forever and all cars should be aerodynamicaly nuetral and the only thing you should be allowed to do is reduce drag and both the front and back wheels should be the same size and mandatory size so we are looking at drivers skill to balance the car through the corners and not relying on technology …

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