Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Sepang, 2012

Mercedes missing from teams’ new deal

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Sepang, 2012In the F1 Fanatic round-up: Mercedes are not ready to sign the new Concorde Agreement deal being offered by Bernie Ecclestone to the teams.

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Mercedes silent on future F1 deal (Autosport)

“High-level sources close to the outfit have revealed, however, that the team is unhappy about the deal that has been put on the table, and especially the way that terms being offered to all the front-running outfits are not the same.”

Alonso forced to accept new car is not competitive (Reuters)

“Obviously it was tough with the conditions we have now and we are not competitive. We did one lap, we knew it was not possible to compete with the guys in front so ninth is okay.”

Q&A with Lotus?s Kimi Raikkonen (F1)

“Maybe I am a bit disappointed as I very well could have ended up in P3 – or even on pole position. But I made a small mistake and there you go. And then with the penalty, of course that costs us even more.”

Rosberg out to overtake (Sky)

“I look forward to overtaking, definitely, tomorrow. I think we have a good speed advantage. I have a good speed advantage over the people in front, so that should definitely help with overtaking.”

Formula One: vroom for speculation (FT, registration required)

“This year it is likely to earn $550m in TV rights, according to Formula Money, which tracks F1 finances. But F1 is broadcast mainly on free-to-air TV around the world, so could potentially increase its TV rights revenue substantially by switching to pay-TV broadcasters (F1 struck a deal with British Sky Broadcasting last year).”

Romain Grosjean ?ǣ “We Still Need to Keep Pushing” (Lotus)

“Normally our starts are pretty strong and there?s a lot of track between the start line and the first corner, so if we have no problems this time I?ll be looking to make up as much ground as I can before we get there.”

Michael Schumacher: “I don?t think we have to think right now about winning races…” (Adam Cooper)

“Here this circuit is a little bit more representative for the rest of the year, and that?s good, to have a car that?s competitive in both those tracks.”

Mercedes DRS Duct: How it links to the front wing (ScarbsF1)

“For rival teams to replicate this system, they will need to find space to package the ducts inside the footwell area. As we saw in 2010, teams can be very imaginative in creating way to package this sort of solution. But this will take time and may explain some team?s opposition to the legality of the system.”

Nick Heidfeld via Twitter

“Still believe that Vettel will come out on top of Webber especially regarding points as I believe he will be stronger in the races.”

Comment of the day

Djdaveyp85 is disappointed with Nico Rosberg’s qualifying performances:

One thing that has disappointed me in both qualifying sessions so far this year… Nico Rosberg.

He has had a car that has nearly-pole potential at both races and in both qualifying sessions so far he has snuffed his chance to put his car into a great position.

Every time he has had a good chance to be in such a position so far he has cracked under the pressure (remember the mistake coming out of the pits at Singapore a few years ago where he had potential to get into a race winning position or at least a good podium?).

He needs to sort this aspect of his driving out and deliver on the potential that we all know is there.

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Happy birthday to Guilherme Teixeira and Marc!

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On this day in F1

Karun Chandhok’s first appearance for Lotus (now Caterham) at Melbourne in 2011 did not go well.

He crashed at turn four on his first lap out of the pits:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei