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Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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210 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. I would have rooted for Perez even if my favourite driver was running first at that moment. A pity he lost it for a split second, after that the only hope was some gremlin in Alonso’s Ferrari.

    The “Giantslayer of the Day” title surely goes to Kartikheiyan. I wonder whether he’s got a weapons permit for that HRT of his.

  2. !0 for me. Not particular for the Alonso win, or the great drive by Perez. More because, help me out statistic nerds, when was the last time there were 9 teams represented in the top ten, and only Force India had both cars there. Brilliant use of tactics and mis-use of pit-stops. McL need to look at pits, 2 fumbles for the Ham. Good to see some middle teams getting in the mix. Loved it. Worth the wait.

  3. I am not a great believer in conspiracies, but the Sauber-Ferrari engineer message to Checo might as well have been “Fernando must be faster than you”

  4. 10 – A hectic race, with battles up and down the field and great racing all round. Checo should have won it, but it was still a great feel good result which F1 needs right now.

    The red flag was the right call for me as the rain was so heavy. You saw several cars fly off the road and it was correct to try and keep as many cars on the road as possible. Sure, the Safety Car was out for a bit too long, but we didn’t have the ridiculous wait we had in Canada. If we see a better race than this this year I will be very pleasantly surprised.

  5. 10.
    When was last time there were 9 teams represented in the top ten, and the only team to have both cars there was Force India. That for me made it racing. McL need to look into why the Ham had 2 pitstop fumbles, and why JB couldn’t see the HRT. Grosjain, too anxious. Rest: good racing with very interesting and varied strategies made for an entertaining race, eventually.

  6. Decent race, rain delay was a bit much, I think, thing’s just seemed to be getting exciting and then they stopped the race.

  7. I’m really gutted about what happened in the pits with Hamilton. But still, I was up and jumping and cheering for Perez, it’s just a shame he wasn’t in P1. But still, I loved the hug Hamilton gave him up on the podium.

  8. Hmmm I’m really surprised people are rating this race so highly to be honest; we lost about 10 laps behind the safety car, then at least a third of the race was driven at about 75% pace, two of the front runners both made silly mistakes by colliding with a back-marker, then to top it all off when it looked like Perez was going to challenge Alonso he gets a ‘be careful’ radio message and then makes a mistake.
    This was worth 5/10 max in my opinion.

    1. I agree with you on all points. The race was too chaotic and later quite processional despite the circumstances. Too many drivers’ errors – I expected much more from the ‘Regenmeisters’ (Button, Vettel, Schumacher et consortes). Mercedes pace was disastrous. So was Massa’s performance. Grosjean still can’t get himself together. Too few strategy gambles from the top drivers given the unpredictable weather. And Maldonado’s engine blew up just when he was having one of his most decent races.
      And we lost the most exciting time thanks to SC.
      Congratulations to Alonso (can’t believe I write that but he was perfect in the rain), Perez and Senna.

    2. I s’pose ya think that Oz was super exciting then seeing as how JB led from the first lap and passing was reduced to some backmarkers, but it at least was hell for leather without weather or safety cars involved.
      I repeat my earlier comments, when was the last time that 9 teams were represented in the top ten?
      THAT my dears is what makes F1 exciting, not the cream running away at the start. Vettell, from Button, from Alonso, from Webber from Hamilton, arrange in your preferred order, but it gets quite dreary. Now we have unpredictability, and new blood, well. Thats interesting again.
      I watch F1 for the racing, I don’t have a “favourite” team or driver, so I can enjoy the sport for what it si.

      1. @AbueloPaul – My comment hasn’t got anything in it to suggest who I may or may not follow/support. My rating was based on how I felt the race developed, the laps we lost behind the SC, followed by the tentative period on inters made it less interesting in my opinion.
        Melbourne was a good race, but not because Button just drove off into the sunset (which he didn’t) there was plenty of other action up and down the grid; the last lap for example.
        I do have a favourite team, the team I’ve followed since I started watching F1 as a kid, and my profile picture gives that away. But before you start telling people how they should and should not appreciate F1, just have a think about some of the points they’ve made rather than just insisting the way you enjoy the sport is better for not supporting one driver/team over another.

  9. I gave the race a 9/10. In the beginning, I was fearing the SC would ruin the race, but the board did a good job for once. Further on, Perez and Alonso drove an amazing race. Alonso had a bit of luck to get in 1st place and to keep off Perez, who made a fault. Biggest disappointment was Mercedes, who weren’t able to catch up with the top and struggled a bit to keep up with the mid-field even. I hope this will change in the following races. And Massa… I hope they’ll fire him straight away. The car is not incredible, but not bad as well because Alonso can manage some top-positions. New chassis for him and he finishes 16th (or 17th, not sure), getting passed by a lot of mid-field teams. He’s bad and doesn’t deserve to be in that red champion-car anymore. Hoping for some trades in the further weeks…

  10. 9. It would have been a 10 had Perez and Sauber won. But they didn’t, so it’s not,

  11. 10/10, loved it!

  12. Good to see webber fighting back and beating his team mate in quail and race. Alonso was fantastic in an average car.9/10.

  13. What a drive from Perez. If not for that ridiculous message on the radio to put him off on his natural driving instincts we would have been in for a nail biting finish.
    Alonso, what a god though in that dog of a car!!!
    *** with Lewis Pit Stops????? Last week Jenson was in front and pitted first, now with Lewis they pit him a lap later on the inferior tyre!
    I did not want to believe it when critics said there was no favor towards Button, bot now a seed of doubt has been sawn in my mind. Whitmarsh is not proving to be a natural successor to Ron dennis IMO!!!

    1. Just looked like logical race management and strategy. Explanation here:

      2012 Malaysian Grand Prix tyre strategies and pit stops

  14. Brilliant! I’d say even better than Canada last year. I think it’s also fair to say no one expected to see Alonso and Perez fighting for the win, as no one expected to see 9 different teams in points. Is that a record by the way?

    Seeing Peter Sauber in tears of happiness – priceless. :)

    Good consistent race by Webber as well, alongside a determined Raikkonen. Loved watching the midfield teams delivering steady performances and staying out of trouble to score valuable points.

    Also, haven’t seen this many top drivers fading in the race for quite some time.
    Feeling sorry for Mercedes. A single point in two races is so far below expectations for this season.
    Maldonado and Grosjean – trying too much to prove something. Too careless. Grosjean seriously needs to calm down and find a steady pace, learn to handle the Lotus before starting to think about results. Otherwise I’m afraid we’ll keep seeing him taking up space in the gravel this season.

    Can’t really believe there was a conspiracy with the purpose of keeping Perez in place, behind Alonso.
    If you believe that, watch the replay of his trip off track. Looked too much like a simple mistake to me.

    However I would love to know what the whole point behind the contradictory comm on Vettel’s radio in the last lap was. Weird, to say the least. He crossed the finish line…I think, despite what the team were requesting. So I’m guessing the car being in a critical condition was not the actual meaning of that radio comm.

    HRTs – moving obstacles on the track once again. This season seems to be much worse than 2011 for them. Even the last bit of motivation seems to be gone with that team…

    Scored a 9 for me. P1 for Perez would have made it an absolute 10. However, very entertaining thing to watch on a Sunday morning. I just hope China won’t seem too dull after this one. :)

  15. Great race! Woke up at 4am here on the US east coast to watch on Speed TV. Great to see the usual pecking order shaken up. Not sure about the Ferrari/Sauber conspiracy. I think Peter was desperate for points and didn’t want Perez taking any crazy chances to try to win. It’s still the beginning of the season after all. Being a long time Raikkonen fan it was great to see him in the points. He’ll be winning soon enough!

  16. 9/10, only spoilt by Perez not winning.

  17. 9/10, only spoilt by Perez not winning. Loving the absence of a Red Bull on the podium.

  18. 9 from me. It would’ve been a perfect 10 if Perez won.
    What a drive from Alonso though, that guy is unbelievably consistent and delivers what almost no one else can!

  19. Ferrari powered cars of Alonso and Perez seemed to have a race between their engines and speed.
    The race was bulit on Button’s faulty driving and Lewis’ pitstop mistake
    Nevertheless,it was great driving from both the drivers (Alo & Per) and Raikkonen was frustrated as he said about the weather conditions.

  20. Points deduction for the SC and Sauber and Ferrari shaking hands for a easy finish.


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