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Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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210 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. It was a fantastic race, not happy that Hamilton once again didn’t win, however its not about winning all the time, it is also about getting the points and not doing what Button did today, which Hamilton did way too much of last year. The race was great from the start and it showed because I had no idea what was going on and it happend to fast, that shows pure speed and racing! Great stuff.

  2. 10. Easy 10. fantastic race.

  3. Great race, great showing from Alonso and fantastic performance from Perez. If i was Alonso i would start doing the rain dance before each race because it´s the only way he might have a chance to do something in the championship, that Ferrari simply isn´t competitive in dry conditions.

  4. Epic race , gave it 10.
    Great battles all around the field , mistakes , collisions , pit stop drama , apocalyptic rain.

    That was fantastic.

    1. Apocalyptic rain…are you kidding?

      That was nothing compared to the 2009 shower, and by the way it rains like that every two days in Malaysia.

  5. One of the most exciting races I’ve seen in a long time.

    The Alonso-Perez chase was just sublime. Honestly, I’d written Perez off after the pit stop, I was seriously impressed with how he came back at Alonso.

    Whether anything was going on with that Sauber pit message we’ll probably never know definitively. But I doubt it made a difference to the result. Perez’s off was just that: an inexperienced driver asking a bit too much of his tyres.

    But what a marker he’s laid down for the future. For Perez today, see Alonso at his home race in 2003.

    There was plenty going on elsewhere in the field – some goofs, some great passes and some superb drives. The extended wet running meant we didn’t see too much DRSing too.

    I was glad to see Senna get in the points after a tough start to the year for him.

    And I think we should also give Charlie Whiting some credit. These aren’t easy choices he has to make, but it seemed to me there was a lot less time wasted behind the safety car than there was in, say, Canada last year.

    Had we seen some actual racing between Alonso and Perez, and fewer slam-dunk DRS passes, it’d be a ten for me. As it is, nine.

    1. Agreed on all points, Keith. Such an enjoyable race, and hopefully – though a lot of chaos was obviously caused by all that rain – a sign of a much more shaken up season ahead.

  6. Fairly disappointed with McClaren for helping Button get ahead of Hamilton and almost helping Vettel do the same (that’s what happened) if we are harsh with drivers when they make mistakes… was there a rule today about who is in the first place decides who goes first? great race for Perez the kid shows a good pace in almost every race and today he was just in the right place and got a bit more out of the car. Senna for the first time looked like a racing driver. Rosberg, a serious disappointment once again. Well done Alonso for doing the impossible today. I would give a 10! Very entertaining race!

  7. 10 from me. There’s nothing like changing weather for making sure every driver has to really give it 100%. Perez is man of the race for me! Outstanding!

  8. Perez 2nd place, and Alonso 1st. Wow! Who would’ve predict that! Raikkonen 2 years out of F1, but he’s still in a great shape. Schumacher not challenging for the podium kinda disappoint me tbh (although I’m a big macca fan). Vettel out from the points zone amuses me, and what pleases me more is that finally somebody isn’t dominating like what Seb did in the past 2 years or what Michael did back in the early 2000’s period. 9 different cars in the top 10 spot proves that

    But, unfortunately we lost about 10 laps behind the sc period, not to mention having the red flags which cost me about an hour just to wait for the restart. Also, Perez not challenging Alonso for the win disappoints me cause I’m hoping for a “grand finale”. And there are certainly better races in the past than this, like Belgium 1998 or Monaco 1984 for example if you wanna talk about one of the best unpredictable races. So dunno why some people rate this race as a 10, cause 10 stands for perfect and this race IMHO isn’t perfect.

    But nonetheless this race is quite good for me and better than the last race we had, If it wasn’t for the SC period and the stupid long period of red flag, I would rate this race 9. But for me it’s a solid 8

  9. Button has integrated himself into the McLaren team and made sure to build around him the team he needs. They build a car around Button.McLaren and Martin whitmarsh play the game to make Hamilton look like a rubish and , so they let Hamilton car setup Friday and Saturday, the pre-qualifying, because Button will use Hamilton’s race setup as a team and engineering changes and mess Hamilton’s setup and poke it, so that Button can use Hamilton date and setup to win race, that’s what happens Mclaren team.

    1. would love to see retrospective statistics from keith on the bloggers possitions about the 2007 controversy within MxLaren and the one ongoing….(ham-alo / but-ham and macca is always neutral to their drivers…)

  10. 6/10 from me.
    Not that it wasn’t a good race, but I just think that the Perez vs Alonso chase and Vettel catching up on Hamilton promised a lot and then suddenly within a few laps it was all down the drain. A huge anticlimax.
    Not that it wasn’t a good race, It just promised more then it could deliver.

  11. 1 for race fixing, I wanted to watch that scrap but politics meant it wasn’t to be. Politics and sport don’t go well together.

    1. @shrieker I don’t get why people are so obsessed with stupid conspiracy theories. The team wanted him to save the car, because as they aren’t the richest team on the grid they don’t want him to smash it up and lose the constructors points, which could mean extra prize money for them at the end of the year. I wish people would just accept that it was a good race, and Perez had a great drive but just made a simple mistake. Even if the radio message was some sort of “team orders” message, they are delayed in the broadcast, meaning Sergio had continued to catch Alonso even after the message was sent. Not exactly the kind of behaviour you’d expect from somebody handing the leading driver the win…

      1. Good for me that your questions have already been answered.

        “Odd how with less than 10 laps left, Sauber tell Perez over the radio that Alonsos tyres are older than his (a bit of a come-on..?), Perez then closes within a second of Alonso, only to be told to hold ‘we need this position…’”

        “A lot of the responses shooting down the theory (and, that’s all it is at this time) very much remind me of the responses around the time of ‘Crashgate’ in Singapore…”

        Sweet dreams.

  12. 8/10. Great race. Only Perez making a balls-up stopped it being a 9 for me.

  13. Congrats Ferrari!
    Sauber car is actually fast!
    Kimi fine drive! His first experience with wet tires in two years!
    Williams well done!
    Merc is super big question mark *** are they gonna make that system wlrk or not

  14. I first thought : gosh another boring one.
    False, a great race full of interesting moments, I am happy for Alonso & the SF, but not less for Sergio Perez & the small Sauber team – Never give up ! Gave an 8.

  15. I thought it was a really good race and congrats to Sauber…however,
    1. Why did the safety car stay out so long definitely one lap too long which completely altered the strategies being employed.
    2. Please please get a TV director who knows about motor racing or bring in split screens, to watch cars on jacks in the pits when Button was bearing down on Lewis was extremely frustrating.
    Can’t wait for China!

  16. Ferrari contacted the bmw sauber and ask them to slow down their driver, and let alonso win in return they will give sauber a free engine that was the deal , otherwise perez whould have won this race.

    1. There’s a separate article on the Perez radio message hereL

      Was Sauber’s radio message to Perez a team order to help Ferrari?

    2. Good job the libel laws don’t apply to comments, unless you know this for true, it’s rubbish! He missed a corner and lost 4-5 seconds, that’s why he didn’t win.

  17. I really enjoyed the race but I only gave it a 7 as for on track action there wasn’t a massive amount towards the front. There was some great mixed results and it was fantastic to see a Sauber in P2 and a Williams in P6 with some of the top drivers down the order like Vettel and Button but I think the weather stopped it from being a great battle that I was looking forward to.

    With wet races you get unexpected results but as for wheel to wheel action, it is normally one driver defenseless with no grip against a driver on the right tyres which I don’t find particularly enthralling.

    Nonetheless, good to see so far this year the results are all over the place. Good for F1, not good if you support a specific driver.

  18. I gave it a 9.

    Lots of entertainment and action throughout the race, an unexpected people in the points.

    Having brought the safety car out the red flag was the right call to avoid wasting laps.

    However I couldn’t give it a 10 as the safety car was out for too long after the red flag evidenced by half the field pitting for inters as soon as the safety car came in. If the cars aren’t able to race on full wet tyres what the point in having them?

    Also the last stint could have benefited from a closer battle between the front runners. Not necessarily Perez/Alonso though a close wheel to wheel battle for any of the podium / high points scoring positions would have given the grand prix a great finish.

  19. 8 from me, same as last week. It was a very good race with a great mixed bag of results. Two different winners, one of which was totally unexpected is just going to make crunch time in this season even better than we thought.

    Can’t wait to see what China will bring us.

  20. I wonder what those ppl who gave Australia a 10 gave this race, 11 or 12 I suppose? Maybe they didn’t think it was a better race or maybe they just didn’t think full stop.

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