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Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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210 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. I wonder what those ppl who gave Australia a 10 gave this race, 11 or 12 I suppose? Maybe they didn’t think it was a better race or maybe they just didn’t think full stop.
    Is anyone else having probs connecting with this site it’s really slow today and has been for a while, but other sites seem ok?

  2. 9/10 Really a fantastic race, love to see Alonso and Ferrari win, but I really wish they hadn’t called out the SC. I saw another comment a few weeks ago saying that inters and full wets are becoming obsolete and this is just more evidence to support that.

  3. I rate it a 10!! Master drive by the podium finishers!! It sucked seeing Schumi get hit by Grosjean!
    At least Button was a MAN and had the b@lls to accept his mistake…. I´m sorry I can´t say the same for another certain someone which called Karthikeyan an Idiot and said he shouldn´t be in F1… The nerve on that guy!! Seriously…. Who the heck does he think he is saying some dumb poo like that?? I think he must´ve confused the HRT with the Toro Rosso… Seriously… what an attitude… Oh, BTW that´s 1-1 against Webber and Webber didn´t make mistakes!
    It´s a shame Perez made that mistake… We would´ve had an epic battle at the end! I must say I wish they would swap drivers NOW with Sauber… Let Massa go back to Sauber and call Perez up to Ferrari!
    All in all a great race!! AVANTI FER!!!! AVANTI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Something needs to be sorted out about the length of the DRS zone/s at circuits !. The DRS is for me personally, spoiling the races because it is too effective. Why can’t they just make the DRS zone/s shorter ?. Why can’t the FIA see that the DRS is too effective!, at more than 80% of the circuits, it’s getting ridiculous. Gave the race an 8/10.

  5. Although Perez provided us with a marvelous performance, lets not forget that Alonso again had a very good start and drove flawlessly through out the entire race. Button’s incident was very disappointing as I was looking forward to see a nice battle between him and Hamilton. Happy to see Kimi back in good shape. 8/10

  6. I thought this was a great race, and just goes that show that the F1 field can be blown right open by the weather.

    Alonso did an amazing job in the red pony, to bring it home and hold off Perez. However twice now, we’ve seen him using KERS to hold off a challenger… one a Williams, one a Sauber… that says something about the Ferrari for me. Massa’s pace is where the Ferrari is at, without Monobrow at the wheel. The ego massaging on the radio after the win was appallingly bad!

    I take nothing from Hammy, with a solid, if uninspiring 3rd. Man of the race, Perez. I was a bit upset by the ‘don’t **** off the engine supplier’ call, but that’s how Ferrari work I’m afriad. It’s a free market economy, but Ferrari know where they’re at. Disappointed by Button (my man). He should know better… and does! 8/10 more of the same please.

  7. Perez was really, really, really perfect, apart from the mistake at the end of the race… and he was unlucky. I knew he’d have jumped everyone pitting early, and when the red flag was shown I wished the race was definitively stopped: Perez P3, Karthikeyan P10. Then luckily it wasn’t, as Checo was even faster as the track dried out…
    Not once, not twice but thrice did he eat away Alonso’s 5-second lead. The first time, then the second time after pitting one lap later than the Spaniard and then again after making his only mistake.
    But when you have this year’s Ferrari and Sauber in the first two positions, it can only mean the race was all but boring.
    What a great race. A deserved 9/10. I’d have given it 10 probably if Perez had won, as I was focussed only on the leading drivers, but I think the race at the back didn’t deserve a 10/10.

    1. @fixy I expected he would have similar fate to Kobayashi in Canada last year, as he was 2nd before the red flag. I thought he’d lose a few places but still score some strong points, but he went upwards! A big shame he didn’t win, it would have been a perfect story for formula one.

      Still a fantastic result. I love him at Sauber – I just hope that if and when he goes to Ferrari, he’s not the second driver there.

  8. Almost perfect. Vettel’s attitude annoys me – whether or not he was in the right, he should not act like that – and I was disappointed by Kovalainen. However, these things are almost completely swamped by the amazing pace of Sergio Perez that had me desperately watching live timing whilst listening to 5 live. I went absolutely crazy when they were on slicks before Perez’s mistake and live timing froze! It must have been about 20 laps the chase went on for and it was brilliant! We saw sparks of what Perez can do last year, even from Melbourne, and this year his ability has been proven. Cannot wait to see him win his first race. Hope it’s this year!

  9. 9/10
    Really great race, unexpected podium finishers.
    Always nice to watch Alonso, great work with this car and have to say I didn´t believe even hi can do that so early in the season, talent of this guy is always surprise for me. It´s just terrifying how big is gap between him and Massa from race to race.
    What a great race from Perez, few laps before the end I wish he would win, what would it be for him to beat one like Alonso. Even though Sauber looks pretty good, who knows when will be next chance like this.
    Maybe it´s just me but I still feel like something is holding Hamilton from performing his best or it´s just these little unfortunate things that are happening in Mclaren ?
    And then there are these 2 stupid accidents with Karthikeyan. I hate it so much when top drivers are out of the fight after situations like these. I would be angry if Button and Vettel retired after touching each other but much more satisfied in the same time because they´s be fighting for something. Don´t wanna judge whose fault was it as I might be slightly biased as a Vettel-fan but I honestly think HRT isn´t bringing any good for F1. I know they are in 107% rule but it´s been little too much from them even in FP in 2 races. I could bear them if they were starting team for rookies but De la Rossa didn´t even get off the grid for installation lap and then a team member on the grid! Where are we?!
    And wouldn´t take Vettel´s words that hard, there´s been much worse in past and at least it´s his own, not PR stuff.
    All in all really enjoyed it but not happy with all the results :)

  10. I was stuck between 9 and 10–I’d have loved to see Perez win the race. But he and Alonso were fairly evenly matched in the corners, so Perez would probably have passed on the DRS straight and what’s the fun in that? Anyway, the race kept me awake and enthralled from 3 to 6 in the morning, I’ve had a blinding headache and no regrets all day. So it gets a 10.

  11. 9 for me, really enjoyed it. Some disappointments (Jenson, Romain, Michael), but also some nice surprises (Sergio, Bruno). Would have been a 10 but I’m hopeful we’ll have an even better race later in the season!

    I wasn’t that excited about Kimi coming back but now I’m really pleased he has, he’s really adding something. Was beginning to warm to Vettel but he showed a real lack of class today.

  12. I gave an 8. I was thouruoghly entertained.
    But the safetycar and red flag spoiled it a bit. I think the timing is wrong, this race should be moved to an earlier time again.
    However, maybe I should’ve only subtracted one point for that, because we did have sort of à battle for the lead. Then again, there was no real overtaking attempt from Perez. Let’s say 8,5 then.

  13. 10 from me (very neutral viewer, don’t root for any team/driver), something I’ve never done, but I’ve never been so excited during a race (watching since 2008). Apart from a huge amount of quality action on track – Perez had be on the edge of my seat during both stints he was reeling in Alonso – up until he made his one error on lap 50, that was gut wrenching. Alonso showing Perez how any mistake is one too many when playing at the front, and driving a fantastic race for Ferrari that so badly needed some good win.

    Great podium. Perez giving props to Alonso in the BBC interview, Hamilton acknowledging the quality of their drives. Best F1 race I’ve yet watched.

  14. 10 for me. Nobody expected alo to be infront followed by perez. I may agree with others here, perez could have won given he has faster car however he made mistakes and alo did the opposite hence his team messaged him not to make silly moves. Perez was the happiest person on the podium so I gave it 10.

  15. Congratulations to Checo Pérez !! what strategy and what another fantastic run! Move over Massa,.

  16. 10 for me…love sergio perez playing catchup with alonso….he was so fast till that dumb engineer spoiled his momentum

  17. This being by and large a McLaren/Button fansite, I am not surprised by the sour grapes. But for those saying McLaren or Perez lost, rather than Fernando won, I ask you one simple question: What has happened to BOTH of the “faster” drivers who attempted to get by Alonso in the first two races of the year? Alonso has kept his slower car on the track and in the lead. For all of those people here who have taken every chance to takes digs at Alonso, this one was for you.

    1. This being by and large a McLaren/Button fansite

      Complete rubbish. This is a Formula 1 website for all F1 fans, regardless of who they support.

      I am not surprised by the sour grapes

      What sour grapes? At the moment 85% of people have given it eight out of ten or higher.

  18. I gave the race a 9/10 for two reason, even though I can
    1. There was a diferent driver in the podium Sergio Perez drove brilliantly other than the usual.
    2. I was really happy seeing Webber pushing hard to beat Vettel, I really enjoyed it.

    Outstanding race from Alonso and I hope this will change Ferrari fortune for the next races.

  19. I haven’t been that emotionally invested in a sporting event in a long time. I desperately wanted Checo to pull through and felt extremely disappointed with the end result. Although, an Italian team winning on the track Super Sic passed away on just a few months ago does seem appropriate.
    I do not believe in the conspiracy theories over the “we need this position” call but I felt sick the second it was played on tv. There are unwritten rules in sports when dealing with an athlete doing that well, driving/playing totally unconscious and the top thing on that list is DON’T JINX THEM. Obviously sporting behavior is rare in F1 but to say something that stupid to your own teammate in the dying minutes of the game is beyond comprehension.

  20. I am sorry, but I really can’t see why this race got so high ratings. For me it is a 7 out of ten.

    The first eight laps, before the red flag, where very, very entertaining. Everyone was struggling for grip, the visibility was poor. Nail-biting stuff to see how everyone copes with the downpour.

    I was hoping that after the restart we’d get to see a great recovery drive from someone, or a real challenge in the top of the field… Yes, Perez was sublime until his blunder with just under 5 or 6 laps to go, and kudos to Senna, who really made a tremendous drive and was probably the most interesting person on track for me, but other than that we didn’t get to see that much nerve-wrecking action (I really am not a DRS-cruise-by fan). Rosberg slipped quickly off the pace and the top 7 never looked like challenging each other, excluding Perez and Alonso.

    I am not saying that I wasn’t entertained, but the wet Sepang really didn’t live up to my expectations this year.

    1. Other than that it was down to who made the least number of mistakes, or whose team called the pit stops on time.

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