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Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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210 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Adrian (@adrian_debian)
    26th March 2012, 9:30

    I gave it a 8/10, that’s just because i didn’t like the chaos generated by the rain and because we didn’t saw a duel between sergio and fernando.

    But there where some individual performances that shined:
    1. Fernando was again amazing, he ushed the car to 110%, extreme performance to keep everything in line.
    2. Sergio Perez had a fantastic race, but im not as sure as others that it would have been that easy to just pass Alonso, even if it had a better pace.
    3. Good qual for Hamilton, some bad luck for race, but at least he seems to keep it cool.
    4. Vettel was disappointing, he should apologize immediately for his comment on NK, if other pilots (ie: Massa/Ham last year) started to go off like that at every incident they would have ended up fighting at the end of the year. He should learn that not everything is about him and in racing a lot of stuff can happen no matter how hard you try. I suppose in his place Button or Schumi should start trowing punches.

  2. Clearly I’m alone in this, but I thought the race was a bit dull. Considering the weather – wet and then drying – is the sort that usually produces fantastic action (Hungary last year?), it all went a bit samey.

    When it rained the pack was shuffled as you’d expect, Alonso and Perez ended up at the front due to a couple of errors by other runners. So far so good. But they might as well have parked up then. Cars that were put out of position largely didn’t fight back up through the field, drivers who could have got historic results didn’t, and overall it just felt like everyone was just cruising around to the finish trying not to fall off the track.


  3. I would rate this race as 8, there was some craziness for sure under the rain, which often makes F1 more of a lottery than a sport, still there were some great performances from underdogs and a great suspense towards the end, only to end a bit too soon with Sergio’s error.

    I do not rate, however, the decisions made by Race Control very highly. Perhaps, the race did need to be stopped, but it could have been resumed sooner. Safety car definitely stayed out for too long. All this quest for safety almost negates the need for a proper wet rubber, as well as robs us of some great drives of those who can master such conditions. Sepang is no Monaco and does not punish off-road excursions too severely. On a safe track they must allow drivers to race with full wets; as it is it’s a tyre for SC-period only.

    Now, I do realize that Vettel has very few fans here, but seriously! You have to ease off with the bias here. When Mark speaks his mind being rather harsh – he’s an honest and no-******** guy, when Lewis calls stewards names – it is ok, but when Seb tells it how it is – he’s a tantrum-prone monster! Perhaps, he should’ve done without an ‘idiot’ word, but Narain was clearly in the wrong (unlike vs Button, where Jenson was a culprit). He made rather stupid error and was justly penalized by the stewards. He may be a nice guy and great person, but he does tend to block a lot of people when on track and often seems unaware of what’s around.

    In the post-race interviews, Coulthard was particularly appaling. When talking to Narain he claimed that he thought Narain did nothing wrong (no less!). Then, when Horner argued that NK was 7 secs per lap slower and it was his responsibility to get out of the way (though I would say it would’ve been enough for him not to move to the right) and told Coulthard that he of all people should back him on this, because in his time DK was one of the most avid complainers about the backmarkers, David momentarily steered off the incident with Vettel towards the one involving Button. Such a sad lack of honesty.

    1. I do realise that Vettel has very few fans here

      Actually at the last count he was in the top ten so he’s more popular than most:


      I see he has 334 supporters at the moment:


  4. Second race of the season, first FERARI dirty underground maneuver…

    Sergio Perez should have won this race! Everybody who is not an Italian Ferrari fanatic stood still with the mouth opened, with Sauber told Perez to stand down – every commentator – Portuguese, English, German…

    Everybody remembered Ferrari connections to Sauber… Engines and more… Perez is a Ferrari Academy driver… Remember Fisichella in Force India at SPA – could take Raikkonen in Ferrari, but was told to stay down, next race, was replacing Massa with no success, might I had – the cars Ferrari build can only be driven by handicapped drivers… We see changes in other teams and no problem – Ferrari that year had Massa, Badoer, Fisichella… and whatever…

    Really, this is a joke… to see that guy at first place in the drivers’ championship, but of course at the constructor’s championship, not even with everything handed out to them, could they be first, because at Ferrari, since the times of Berger/Alesi partnership, there’s one is one ‘real’ driver for season… and the other guy (the other guy – has included drivers as Morbidelli, Salo, Irvine, Barrichello, Massa…)

    I’m but worried a bit about Perez (which I think is and will be even more, a great driver) switch Sauber by Ferrari, because Alonso’s contract has there written somewhere that he will be the only ‘real’ driver in the team and that the team and the second driver will work for him.

    When Perez moves to Ferrari, will be to REPLACE Alonso, NOT he his PARTNER…


  5. Great race, Something that got into my head during the race is that I was watching shades of Monaco 84, Perez is not the next Senna, no-one can be the next Senna but to see a rookie drive a mid-feild car like that to a podium was absolutely fantastic.

  6. I gave it an 8

    If Perez had managed to catch Alonso and have a battle for the lead it would have been a 9.

    As is the norm now the safety car and then the red flag were brought out way before they would have been in years gone by. I don’t know if I missed it on the BBC highlights show but it appeared that there had been no crashes in the laps before the safety car was deployed.

    When Button ran into Karthikeyan I didn’t see which McLaren it was at first and immediately thought it was Hamilton as it was just like Hamilton from 2011, in fact the Vettel and Karthikeyan coming together was a bit like Hamilton and Kobayashi from Spa last year as well.

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