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2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

Start, Sepang, 2012Which F1 driver had the best race weekend in Malaysia?

Compare all the drivers’ performances below and vote for who you think was the best driver of the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend.

Driver notes

Sebastian Vettel – Chasing down Hamilton for a podium when he clipped Karthikeyan, puncturing his tyre and damaging his brake. The stewards blamed the HRT driver but Vettel should have exercised more caution.
Mark Webber – Out-qualified Vettel again but struggled at the race restart. Was passed by Alonso and Vettel – but re-passed his team mate. Eventually elevated to fourth by Vettel’s demise.

Jenson Button – Accepted the blame for hitting Karthikeyan after getting ahead of Hamilton, following his team mate’s slow pit stop. An extra stop for intermediates pushed his tally up to five, but his pace was comparable to Hamilton’s.
Lewis Hamilton – Pole-to-third for the second race in a row. Drove superbly on intermediates when the track was very wet, but couldn’t match Alonso and Perez’s pace in the second half of the race. Poor pit stops were only part of the problem.

Fernando Alonso – Dragged the F2012 into Q3. Produced one of his best performances when the track was at its wettest and took the lead. Kept everything under control in the second half of the race when Perez quicker to score an improbable and brilliant win – despite also losing his telemtry.
Felipe Massa – Seemed happier with his new chassis in qualifying. But the race was a disaster. After the restart on lap 14 he lost over a minute and a half to Alonso by the end of the race: a massive 2.18s per lap. As Alonso crossed the line to win Massa’s car was visible in the foreground, five seconds away from being lapped.

Michael Schumacher – Qualified third and didn’t make his customary brilliant getaway. Was tagged by Romain Grosjean at turn four, dropping him to 16th place. Coped better with the W03’s tyre degradation than his team mate, but even so was fortunate to inherit the final point for tenth when Maldonado retired.
Nico Rosberg – Seems to have lost his qualifying advantage from last year, and an extra pit stop for intermediates dropped him well out of the top ten.

Kimi Raikkonen – Quick enough for fourth in qualifying, a gearbox change penalty left him tenth on the grid. Struggled on unfamiliar intermediates but set the fastest race lap on his way to fifth.
Romain Grosjean – Made a much better start than in Melbourne – until he reached turn four. Tangled with Schumacher and fell to 21st. Gambled on staying out on intermediates but aquaplaned off when the rain got heavy on lap four.

Paul di Resta – Blamed Maldonado for a spin which cost him three places just before the safety car came out. Moved forward at the restart, passing Massa on his way to seventh.
Nico Hulkenberg – Not as quick as his team mate on intermediates in the middle part of the race, he was passed by Vergne and Senna. Nonetheless brought the car home in the points in ninth, 3s behind Di Resta.

Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez, Sepang, 2012Kamui Kobayashi – Six-tenths slower than Perez in qualifying, he retired with ten laps to go with braking problems.
Sergio Perez – A breakthrough performance. Took the Sauber, which hadn’t looked great in practice, into Q3. Gambled on an early switch to wets which put him in contention for the lead with some great laps when the circuit was at its wettest. Reeled in Alonso in the second half of the race but a mis-timed pit stop and a mistake at turn 13 ultimately blunted his charge.

Daniel Ricciardo – Lost out in the opening laps but was one of the first to switch to slick tyres which paid off handsomely. He was the quickest driver by three seconds on lap 39, which helped him finish ahead of Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg.
Jean-Eric Vergne – Knocked out in Q1 after flat-spotting a tyre on his last lap. Bravely stayed out on intermediate tyres until the race was red-flagged, which took him up from 18th to seventh. Passed Massa on his way to claiming his first points for eighth.

Pastor Maldonado – Was up to fifth by lap five but missed his pit box when he came in on lap 14, dropping him to 20th. Much quicker than Senna in the first laps after they changed to slicks, he was running tenth when his engine failed two laps from home.
Bruno Senna – Lost his front wing on the first lap so he switched to wets early. Despite that he came in again for more wets six laps later. Having fallen to last, he had a strong second half of the race, passing Massa and Di Resta to finish sixth and score Williams’ first points of 2012.

Heikki Kovalainen – Started last following his penalty from Australia. Damaged his nose after being passed by his team mate and finished 18th behind Glock.
Vitaly Petrov – Kept Massa behind for 15 laps and took 16th, showing good pace compared to Kovalainen.

Pedro de la Rosa – Started from the pits and was given a drive-through penalty when his team failed to get off the grid in time for the restart. Caught Karthikeyan but lost more time pitting two laps later than him for slicks.
Narain Karthikeyan – Used wets for the first stint, like his team mate, and crossed the line in ninth place on lap 13. Was hit by Button and later made contact with Vettel – the latter while being lapped. Handed a questionable 20-second penalty for the Vettel incident which dropped him behind de la Rosa.

Timo Glock – Was chased by Kovalainen in the closing stages but held on to take 17th.
Charles Pic – Kept Kovalainen behind in the middle of the race after the Caterham driver’s extra pit stop, enabling his team mate to finish the race ahead of his rival.

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Who was the best driver of the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend?

  • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
  • Mark Webber (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (1%)
  • Jenson Button (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (28%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (2%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Paul di Resta (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (61%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (0%)
  • Jean-Eric Vergne (1%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (4%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (1%)
  • Narain Karthikeyan (0%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Charles Pic (0%)

Total Voters: 874

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2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

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149 comments on Vote for your Malaysian Grand Prix driver of the weekend

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  1. Mike (@mike) said on 26th March 2012, 12:26

    Sergio is always going to win this one, but Alonso and Senna deserve a fair share of Kudos as well. It’s amazing what some rain can do to a race.

    • Eleanore (@leucocrystal) said on 26th March 2012, 12:53


    • I’m not so sure. When I clicked the link I was sure I was going to vote for Perez but then I thought about it some more!

      Although he drove a stormer, Perez actually made two mistakes which cost him the win. Not to mention the team screwing up by not bringing him in at the same time as Alonso.

      Alonso on the other hand, dragged his Ferrari into Q3 when it didn’t deserve to be there. Drove consistently, with no mistakes and thoroughly deserved the win. I voted for him.

      I’m by no means wanting to take away from a huge performance by Perez and Sauber, but I just feel Alonso deserved this one!

      Also a nod to Bruno Senna who drove a solid race despite his customary errors!

      As for villain of the day, I have to say I was disappointed with Grosjean. Two weekends running he hasn’t delivered on the promise he showed in qualifying and he had the cheek to blame Schumacher for the collision between the two on lap one. He has so much potential but must start to deliver soon!

      • Zagal (@zagal) said on 26th March 2012, 13:31

        Absolutely agree. Alonso and Pérez both produced very brilliant drives, but Alonso made no mistake and that’s a big difference in this sport

        • Mike (@mike) said on 27th March 2012, 0:19

          Considering the wet track I think taking away from what Perez did due to the off near the end is unfair to what he got right.

          Anyway, Perez’s team did more damage than Perez himself, if they had pitted him when Alonso did he never would have had to push so hard in the first place.

      • Julian (@julian) said on 26th March 2012, 13:34

        Exactly my thoughts about it too, except you said it better than I was thinking :P

        • Robbie (@robbie) said on 26th March 2012, 16:20

          Me too…for me it came down to FA getting the win so I voted for him, but SP gets a big nod for his efforts…I see the majority are for SP, no doubt because that car/driver doesn’t belong anywhere near 2nd right now, wet or dry, and the Ferrari isn’t much better.

          • Palle (@palle) said on 26th March 2012, 17:04

            Certainly not an Alonso fan, but I have to surrender – You are right, he deserves this one, for exploiting the possibilities brilliantly. So I voted Alonso, which I would normally never do. Perez and Sauber made 2 errors, but they did very well also. I’m very sorry we didn’t get the duels between Alonso and Perez and between Vettel and Hamilton.

      • George (@george) said on 26th March 2012, 18:43

        I’m agreed with you guys, Perez being up there is a great story and a great job by him, but Alonso was utterly faultless, another one added to his ‘how did he do that’ list of wins.

      • GEOFFREY (@) said on 26th March 2012, 20:48

        Aswell, i was sure to vote for Perez, but Vergne – the only rookie to score point this time- made me think twice, he made no mistake, drove like an accomplished driver for his 2nd race in Formula One under storming conditions, he’s also the only non-world-champion (alonso/hamilton) to outrace his team-mate from lights to flag. All top ten drivers diserve their world championship points except the 7-time world champion. My own thought.

      • gavmaclean (@gavmaclean) said on 26th March 2012, 23:29

        Voted Alonso simply because he produced a perfect drive for the second race in a row.
        Di Resta deserves some kudos for being not too far off the “faster than a Ferarri” Williams of Senna.

    • Antranik (@antranik) said on 26th March 2012, 18:00

      Whiile I believe Perez drove a great race, I don’t believe he deserves DOTW because he made two mistakes that cost him the win, while Alonso simply drove his Ferrari perfectly.

    • matt90 (@matt90) said on 26th March 2012, 19:50

      Shame that Senna in particular won’t get much recognition due to the outstanding performances of Perez and Alonso too.

  2. Deurmat (@deurmat) said on 26th March 2012, 12:26

    Has to be Bruno Senna for me. Nice overtakes, from last at one point to 6th!. Would have picked Perez if it wasn’t for his small run-off mistake… Really would have liked him to win.

    • He certainly had a great race! Some wonderful overtakes and a well-deserved 6th place. If he can cut out his mistakes I really believe he has the potential to do something great (not as great as Ayrton… but perhaps a few wins!).

    • Euro Brun (@eurobrun) said on 26th March 2012, 13:33

      After Melbourne all eyes on Williams were on Maldonado and how if he’d managed to keep it on the track, he’d have finished 6th and score more points in one race than the team did in the whole of 2010.
      Fast forward a week, and didn’t Bruno do just that in worse conditions, after coming back from losing a front wing?
      Both Williams drivers are being looked down on as pay to race drivers, but after being outperformed by Maldanardo in Oz and Mal Qualifying, I can imagine his confidence was low.
      I’m still unconvinced about Bruno, but fair credit to him and I can only hope that he gets the opportunity to grow this year.

  3. KezK2011 (@kezk2011) said on 26th March 2012, 12:28

    So many great drives but, even though I felt he let the win slip, Sergio Perez was my choice.

    • Estesark (@estesark) said on 26th March 2012, 15:36

      It’s Pérez for me as well. Honourable mentions to Alonso, Räikkönen, Senna and Vergne.

      • ivz (@ivz) said on 27th March 2012, 1:09

        Its quite obvious that most people are going to vote Perez. The underdog generally has to get the nod. But if you really think about it Perez had the faster car, and really should have pulled off the win. I think if he had 5 more years experience, he would have got it with no troubles, even if the car in front was being driven by Alonso.

        • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 27th March 2012, 13:27

          Exactly @ivz, if he had more experience, but since he hasn’t, he has to be judged to have done a great job – more remarkable than Alonso, bc. we know already Alonso is able to do this. Not to say Alonso again showed us how it is done, and how good he is, but he’s not at the start of his 2nd year in F1. So Perez also got my vote, in the end, even though a vote for Senna might have had more effect :)

    • Imperative said on 27th March 2012, 12:14

      one thing is certain, next race it will be all change once again.
      This championship will be wide open till the very last race, maybe even beyond: I anticipate disputes and shananigans and retrospective judgements …
      Says so here in my crystal ball

  4. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 26th March 2012, 12:28

    Has to be Sergio Perez. Outqualified his team-mate pretty comprehensively, then put in an amazing race, once again putting his team-mate to shame (even if he did have a bit of luck along the way). The fact he nearly won the race — in a Sauber — says enough for me.

    Honourable mention to Fernando Alonso who was just incredible. I just hope he doesn’t give his fans false hope, because that really was a performance we’re unlikely to see repeated, at least while the car is still as poor as it is.

    • boundary layer (@boundary-layer) said on 26th March 2012, 12:42

      Alonso in the post-race press conference: ‘I think it (the victory) changes nothing. We are in a position that we don’t want.’ That doesn’t look like false hope.

      • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 26th March 2012, 14:39

        @boundary-layer Sorry, I meant to say that I hope the idea of him winning lots doesn’t get into the heads of everyone as they’ll be disappointed. I know he was very realistic in the press conference, but he still won a race and that must have injected a lot of enthusiasm into the fans! I really hope Ferrari can challenge like they did in 2010, but I don’t see it happening just yet.

    • dragon said on 26th March 2012, 13:56

      Yeah, look, Sergio was amazing, and I expected him to win this, but let’s be honest, this should be Fernando’s poll. There is no doubt that the Sauber was a quicker package than the Ferrari. Aside from not making a mistake, he had to be driving the wheels off that thing through the middle part of the race to be putting in those laps.

  5. ledzep4pm (@ledzep4pm) said on 26th March 2012, 12:29

    I think this is a case where my driver of the weekend is the same as my driver of the day.
    He kept his nose clean during practice (and showed good pace to).He put the Sauber in tenth in a dry and very close qualifying session. Then on Sunday a mix of good strategy calls and more importantly very consistent and strong pace put him in a position to win the race.

    His mistake chasing down the grid’s fieriest competitor cost him the win but across the whole race weekend he was just sublime.

  6. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 26th March 2012, 12:31

    Sergio Perez.

    One of the all-time great underdog drives in history. No, he didn’t win. Yes, Fernando drove outstandingly to win himself. But Alonso is in a Ferrari – a team with an enormous budget – while Perez was in a Sauber – an independent team that don’t have anywhere near the resources that Ferrari have to be able to succeed.

    He made the right call on the opening lap to pit, he kept his head when he was third at the re-start, he drove like hell and managed to keep his Inters working beautifully for him and he almost snatched what would be an amazing, unforgettable victory before his only mistake of the day put him back. This from a young lad in his second season of F1 proving just how much potential he has. This podium will completely transform Sauber’s entire season and for the pure guts, mental strength and outstanding pace he showed when World Champions were cocking up through the field (Button, Vettel) he deserves to win this poll for his Sunday performance alone.

    God, that drive was awesome.

    • Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 26th March 2012, 12:49


      History is not on the track, actual physical cars are. You can’t escape from the fact that Sauber currently has a faster car than Ferrari, so Alonso should have get more credit for running away with a win in a weaker machine. Perez was in a better position, almost destined to pass Alonso until his own mistake which also should be reflected when judging his performance, he didn’t win the second place, he lost the first. Of course assuming the race result was determined on track and not on Sauber-Ferrari hotline.

      • suka (@suka) said on 26th March 2012, 19:44

        Words out of my mouth. Thanks Cyclops_pl.
        Just to add another fact, Alonso drove astonishingly in the rain, passed Sergio with an ease in the cloud of rain spray.
        Voted Alonso.
        Also worth mentioning is Kimi(still the coolest driver of all).

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th March 2012, 12:56

      Sure was, I had to force myself to even read the notes about the others here before voting Checo!

      I think that if Sauber had pitted him right behind Alonso, he might have gotten the win. But as it was we had a lovely few laps of catching his future team mate.

      I think there were quite a few guys doing memorably. Grosjean for making it a few laps into the race :-), Kimi for showing he really is back on top, Hamilton did go really fast at times, and never messed up. He could have been closer as well had they stopped him a bit earlier in that last stop. Webber did well not to lose out at the start and had a solid drive. Senna really showed the potential of the Williams again, and his composure to keep it on track, and so on.
      Surely Alonso keeps showing why he is worth the preferred treatment by Ferrari, even defending Massa afterward saying he was turning good speed at times.

      Vettel should have at least refrained from commenting on the get together with Karthikeyan, as he should have been paying more attention and leave more room, just to be sure. Button saved grace with at least admitting that his demise was his own doing.

      • dennis (@dennis) said on 26th March 2012, 14:54


        You should definitely check out a few more camera perspectives. Comparing this to the Button incident makes little to no sense as well.

        • BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th March 2012, 15:19

          Seeing camera perspectives does not change much in seeing a stuck up middle finger and hearing a drivers like Vettel say there is an idiot on track when its already some time after the incident.
          In short, that is not the kind of behaviour that endears him to me. I compared it to Button apologizing for hitting Karthikeyan and then laughing off the crazy result, because that is a far more gentlemanly way to get onwards.

          • Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 26th March 2012, 15:37

            @BasCB Exactly this. I like Vettel, I think he’s a great guy. I was disappointed by how he responded on Sunday, even though I do think HRT are a bit of a pointless team and I certainly believe Karthikeyan has no place being on the grid.

            After my criticism of Alonso, a lot of people responded saying ‘oh, that’s just his killer instinct showing – many champions have behaved like that’. And that’s true, they have. But Button is a World Champion and he’s never really done anything so disrespectful as waving his middle finger at someone or weaving at and brake-testing a backmarker like Alonso did to Doornbos in 2006. That shows to me that you can be a truly great driver and not act like a numpty at the same time. Those are the drivers who I want to see win.

          • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 27th March 2012, 13:37

            @bascb, @magnificent-geoffrey – I somehow don’t warm much to Vettel, but I thought him to be funny, focussed and generally well behaved. Last weekend he wasn’t, seemed unhappy most of the time and took it out on Karthikeyan. Very disappointing from yet another double WDC. I thought he might prove to be different (well, so far he doesn’t seem a cheat).

            One reason to be impressed with Button is indeed that he’s a WDC who just about always manages to be calm and reasonable, gentleman-like as you say Mag. Cleverness or decorum? I’m not always sure, but it definitely is something to take as an example for other drivers.

    • melkurion (@melkurion) said on 26th March 2012, 13:04

      Brilliantly put :) agree 100%

    • Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 26th March 2012, 21:44

      To think last week there were some people in here that didn’t think Sergio Perez was anything special. I remember arguing with them that he was looking very good, and his race in Melbourne was already strong.

      But I never imagined he’d surprise so quickly!

    • Eternal Newbie said on 27th March 2012, 20:16

      But Alonso is in a Ferrari – a team with an enormous budget – while Perez was in a Sauber – an independent team that don’t have anywhere near the resources that Ferrari have to be able to succeed.

      Such an argument! Sauber was much quicker than Ferrari in the dry. Making such a slow car with such a large budget doesn’t look good on Ferrari, but how does it detract from Alonso’s merit as a driver? If you have to drive a jalopy, the fact that it is an expensive jalopy doesn’t help that much.

      Rain is the great equalizer, and in the wet Alonso was the fastest, managing even a brilliant overtake on Perez. Something that Perez wasn’t able to return when he was bt far the fastest of the pair

      @mag, everyone is entitled to their own biases and loathings. But if instead of desultorily arguing beyond the realm of logic you had said “I will never ever vote for Alonso or anybody on a Ferrari, no matter what they do”, at least it would have been honest.

  7. Alfisti (@) said on 26th March 2012, 12:31

    I think Karthikeyan deserves at least some credits? Despite some stunning performances by other drivers and his controversial clashes, he still did a great job in the first half of the race.

    • ledzep4pm (@ledzep4pm) said on 26th March 2012, 12:48

      and he did his bit to ensure the title race stays close this year :D

    • Girts (@girts) said on 26th March 2012, 12:59

      @lauericchunyip Fully agree. Taking into account the car that was at his disposal, Narain deserves a lot of respect for bringing it home, finishing ahead of his team mate and being lapped just twice. I’m also happy that someone’s managed to annoy the arrogant front runners, way to go HRT.

    • Steve C said on 26th March 2012, 13:09

      OMG (getting this from my teenagers phone), you have got to be kidding me. 2 laps down getting in the way all around the course and receiving a penality for clashing with Vettel. NK is the worst driver on the track of one.

      • Julian (@julian) said on 26th March 2012, 13:41

        Eh, he provides me with entertainment so I like him :)

      • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 27th March 2012, 13:43

        Well, the attitude of Vettel, and of Horner to the BBC about it, shows why he was 2laps down: he’s expected to loose seconds to let faster cars past; being slower already, it only slows him down more, and makes him loose more laps. Get rid of blue flags and let the fast guys know they should pay attention to those around them, especially if they are slower.

        Narain has it right: it is dangerous if people are so dismissive of those they are lapping, it (can) lead them to disregard those cars, paying less attention to what they do.

        The Melbourne weaving/unlapping under SC episode had some of the same lack of regard for the needs of others on track just because they are behind you, and it is dangerous.

  8. pejte (@pejte) said on 26th March 2012, 12:32

    One would have to be mad not to vote for Perez. He had a fantastic race and got a well deserved 2nd place.

    • avegaille (@avegaille) said on 26th March 2012, 20:34

      I guess i’m mad then for voting for Alonso?
      I think Alonso deserves the poll better than Checo because unlike Perez, he didn’t make any mistake and was obviously driving the slower of the two cars.

    • Mach1 (@mach1) said on 26th March 2012, 23:21

      Agree with avegaille.

      I voted Alonso because Perez should have and could have won that race. His [Perez] drive was brilliant, no question, but his mistake and inability to pass Alonso (when it was clear he had the pace to) cost him the win.

      No one expected Alonso to remain in pole position for long, nor have any chance of being on the podium…he made no mistakes, and won. That is what sealed it for me.

  9. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 26th March 2012, 12:40

    It’s tempting to vote for Sergio, but he was overtaken by Alonso and also made a crucial mistake that cost him the victory. Still, Perez did great and deserves all the praise he gets!

    Alonso meanwhile had a faultless weekend, qualifying the car as high up the grid as possible then winning the race in a dog of a car, driving sublimely in the wet. I think the fact that Sergio is a new face on the podium coupled with the fact that Alonso is almost expected to turn in masterful drives in sub par machinery will see Sergio win this poll.

  10. MaroonJack (@maroonjack) said on 26th March 2012, 12:42

    It’s a tough choice between Perez and Alonso, but I’ll go with Fernando here, mostly because of Sergio’s mistake in turn 13.

    By the way Keith, the Malaysian Grand Prix report has a typo. In Marco Schüpbach’s quote there’s “Chceo” instead of “Checo”.

  11. DavidS (@davids) said on 26th March 2012, 12:43

    It was a flawless performance in a car which is definitely off the pace.

    Perez did have an incredible weekend though. However, he did make a mistake, something Alonso didn’t do.
    If we were to hold them to the same standard, instead of handicapping both of those drivers based on previous achievements, Alonso was superior.

    That doesn’t mean that I don’t think Perez put in a stellar performance.

    • Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 26th March 2012, 12:48

      That’s exactly my thoughts, great summation of why Alonso is my driver of the weekend. You’re right, we should hold every driver to the same standard. Perez was still brilliant!

    • Bugaboo said on 26th March 2012, 13:34

      You are completely right and I only wish others bothered to think along logical lines here. I’ve always rated Perez, but let’s get real here. The Ferrari and the Sauber have almost the same pace in qualifying, but in the race the Sauber handles tires so much better that it is a faster car. What we saw was Alonso driving a slower car to victory. This is just obvious. Secondly, Alonso overtook Perez on lap 16 for the lead on track (director didn’t capture this but you can see it online). Third, Perez made a critical mistake towards the end in an obviously faster car. To give Perez drive of the day is just practicing a double standard, and those that gave him this would never qualify to be judges in any logical manner. I guess this is more of a popularity contest than a logical one, unfortunately it isn’t titled as such.

  12. Mahir C said on 26th March 2012, 12:47

    Should be Perez for me by a whisker. I think the team cost him a victory first by a late change to inters at restart(Alonso passed him because of that), and then a very late stop to slicks. Shouldn’t forget Alonso, after all he wasnt driving a car that is much faster than Sauber. Senna drove brilliantly to 6th from last, but it was his mistake that he fell to last.

  13. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 26th March 2012, 12:48

    Heart says Perez. Head says Alonso.

  14. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 26th March 2012, 12:49

    As amazing as Perez was, it’s a race he could and should have won. He made some mistakes but that’s down to inexperience, not lack of talent. He’ll get there. Even as a huge Alonso fan I was somewhat disappointed Perez didn’t win, because I knew he had every chance to do so but couldn’t take the opportunity.

    Alonso was immense, drove flawlessly and passed people on the track when it mattered. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the Ferrari is slower than the Sauber under normal conditions, and that’s what makes it such an impressive drive for me. His pass on Webber at the restart was marvellous, and he managed to pass Perez on the track after the Sauber exited the pits. When the track was wet he was peerless, and even as the track dried and Perez started catching him he didn’t put a foot wrong.

    Sergio will win this poll because it’s a surprise result (and also because he drove a belter) but I fear that will overshadow what was an even better drive by Alonso.

    • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 26th March 2012, 12:52

      Also, apparently Alonso’s car lost telemetry during the race, and he was having to radio his team with fuel readings, KERS settings etc. That’s seriously impressive in my book – I can only think of Schumacher and maybe Button who have the kind of spare mental capacity to deal with things like that, and to do it whilst under severe pressure for the lead is amazing.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th March 2012, 13:17

      I think that if Alonso wins this championship (so far he does everything he can to be right there when they hit the cars sweet spot) this race will be a very big part of it.

      He really showed he can grab an opportunity and make a great result out of it (for the second time in a row this year). But more importantly he knows perfectly well that it was a perfectly executed “making the best out of it” situation.
      And he finds the time to defend Massa as a good team mate and saying there is hope for him, something maybe even @steph is starting to doubt by now!

    • TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 26th March 2012, 14:23

      However much I want to vote for Sergio you are spot on. The only reason a lot of people wouldn’t say Alonso is because 1. he’s driving a Ferrari and 2. it’s not even a surprise for him to do something incredible like what he did on Sunday, where as Perez was so unexpected.

  15. Steve C said on 26th March 2012, 12:49

    No doubt about it, Sergio Perez deserves this because he went in the pits before he finished the first lap. Great job Sergio, we’re looking forward to seeing and cheering for you in November here in Austin.

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