Sergio Perez, Sauber, Sepang, 2012

Perez is first Mexican on the podium in over 40 years

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix stats and factsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Sauber, Sepang, 2012Sergio Perez scored his best result to date with second in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It was the first time a Mexican driver has appeared on the podium since Pedro Rodriguez finished second in the 1971 Dutch Grand Prix for BRM – 19 years before Perez was born.

This was also the best result for Sauber as an independent team. They won the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix during their period of ownership by BMW, when they raced as BMW-Sauber.

They finished third as Sauber on six previous occasions, the last being with Heinz-Harald Frenzten in the 2003 United States Grand Prix.

Out of the 679 podium finishes for a Ferrari-engined car, this was only the third scored by a car that wasn’t a Ferrari. The others were David Coulthard’s third place for Red Bull in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix and Sebastian Vettel’s win for Toro Rosso in Italy two years later.

Perez also led a race for the first time in his F1 career, becoming the 160th different driver to do so.

Alonso joins top five F1 winners

Fernando Alonso’s 28th Grand Prix win surely must be counted as one of his best. It moves him past Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 and makes him the fifth most successful driver of all time in terms of races won.

He started the race from eighth on the grid, the second-lowest position he has ever won a race from. He won the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix from 15th, but the less said about that race the better.

This is the first time he’s won the same race with three different constructors: he won with Renault in 2005, McLaren in 2007 and now Ferrari.

Team mate Felipe Massa had a dreadful race and finished 15th. Having failed to finish in Australia, it leaves him 19th in the drivers’ championship behind both Marussias: Timo Glock has had a 14th place finish and Charles Pic has a 15th and a 17th.

Hamilton’s 21st pole position

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Sepang, 2012Pole position went to Lewis Hamilton for the 21st time in his career, giving him one more than Alonso and Damon Hill.

Despite starting both of this year’s races from pole position, he has only led for 14 out of the 114 laps.

Just two races into his comeback, Kimi Raikkonen has already added to his tally of race fastest laps. He has the third-highest tally of any driver with 36, behind Michael Schumacher (76) and Alain Prost (41).

Sixth for Bruno Senna was his best result so far. It gives Williams eight points, three more than they scored in the whole of last year.

Jean-Eric Vergne scored the first points of his F1 career with eighth place. He is the 320th F1 driver to score points.

There were nine different constructors in the points: Ferrari, Sauber, McLaren, Red Bull, Lotus, Williams, Force India, Toro Rosso and Mercedes. That equals the record set in the 2010 European Grand Prix when Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Renault, Force India, BMW-Sauber, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Mercedes all scored.

Romain Grosjean has completed just four racing laps so far this year.

Finally, Narain Karthikeyan equalled the highest position officially held by an HRT driver during a race. He was ninth on lap 13, a position he also occupied during last year’s Canadian Grand Prix. Pic also held eighth place for Marussia for one lap.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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  1. This stat is slightly out-of-date, but I thought I’d share it after Perez’ podium and Barrichello’s first Indycar race both this weekend: Barrichello’s never managed to score points in a race started by Perez.

    1. Paul Gilbert
      27th March 2012, 22:49

      And Massa has never scored points in a race that Grosjean has started.

  2. Qualifying stats:

    21. pole for HAM, 1. pole for HAM in Malaysia.
    149. pole for McLaren,
    61. Double pole for McLaren – as much as Williams, Ferrari is only team with more: 70.
    1. Double pole, 2 in a row since 2007 for McLaren – back then it was 3 in a row – maybe we get there this year also?
    First time since 2001 that a team gets 2 double poles in the first 2 races. (in 2001: SCH and BAR for Ferrari).
    84. pole for a Mercedes engine.
    First time since European GP 2009 we have 3 Mercedes engines on the first 3 places on the grid. (in 2009: HAM, KOV, both McL, BAR (Brawn GP).
    Best startposition for SCH since Japan 2006 (2.).
    First time since Belgium and Italy 2009 with 2 times in a row no RBR on row 1.

    1. Speaking of poles, Button’s won 7 Grands Prix since the last race weekend he was on pole position (Monaco 2009). I’m not sure on this one, but I think only Lauda and Prost have managed more wins in a row without poles in between, 8 each.

      Also, Giancarlo Fisichella has started a race from pole position more recently than Jenson Button!

      1. I like the Fisichella stat. If the McLaren continues do dominate in qualifying I think Button will get the upper hand over Hamilton at some point this year to claim pole.

    2. Since Malaysia 2010, Vettel was the best German in qualifying for 35 times in a row. Now it’s been Schumacher twice in a row.

      1. Oooops – forgot about Hulkenberg. 20 in a row, not 35.

        1. Fantastic stats @Enigma

    1. Now who wants to put a bet on Trulli? :D

  3. I don’t know if I repeat something already mentioned but:
    217. win for Ferrari Team and 218. for Ferrari engine.
    HAM in the points for the 70th time.
    VET no 11 – worst completed race result since Belgium GP 2010.
    Alonso’s 7000th lap as race leader – WOW
    Button no 14 – his worst result ever in Malaysia
    Massa no 15 – his worst result ever in Malaysia
    SCH in his 11th Malaysian GP in the points.
    Senna’s best result on the day, 28 years after first GP of Ayrton.

    1. @palle, where’d you come up with 7000 laps led for Alonso? According to GPGuide, he’s 10th on the list of all time laps led, with 1469, and has a long ways to go to match Schumacher’s 5114, who even falls quite a bit short of 7000.

      1. @US-Peter Damn, You called my bluff. I just made it up to be interesting;-)
        No, I got it from a German site, and I don’t know where they have it from. So sorry that it apparently is wrong. This makes me question the rest of the stat info I put up, not good.

        1. Maybe they mean that during his 7,000th race lap overall, he was race leader?

  4. Sauber scored some great championship points today!

  5. Paul Gilbert
    26th March 2012, 22:27

    This is the second time in the last 4 seasons that a Ferrari has won the race after being challenged by an unlikely driver who was tipped to move to Ferrari later that season (on the previous occasion, Fisichella moved to Ferrari for the very next race).

    Also, Massa has failed to score in the first 2 races whilst his team-mate has won the latter race (after an Englishman won for McLaren in the first race). This also happened in 2008 – and we know what happened then!

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    26th March 2012, 23:00

    Perez becomes the 8th youngest driver to finish on the podium, at 22 years 60 days old. Lewis Hamilton is 9th, 10 days older.

  7. He started the race from eighth on the grid, the second-lowest position he has ever won a race from.

    And I think is the lowest position in the grid for a winner of this race. Previous one was KIMI starting from P7, I don’t remember very well the year.

  8. Perez was the first driver born in 1990s to achieve podium. I had to look on other firsts there. First ever World Championship race at Silverstone 1950 had a podium of Farina (1900s), Fagioli (1890s) and Parnell (1910s).

    After that it’s:
    1920s Mike Nazaruk/Manuel Ayulo (Indianapolis 1951)
    1930s Troy Ruttman (Indianapolis 1952)
    1940s Jochen Rindt (Belgium 1966)
    1950s Jody Scheckter (Belgium 1974)
    1960s Ayrton Senna (Monaco 1984)
    1970s Rubens Barrichello (Pacific 1994)
    1980s Fernando Alonso (Malaysia 2003)

    Discounting Indys, the honor on 1920s goes to Jose Froilan Gonzalez, for the 1930s to Eugenio Castellotti.

  9. I wish the drivers were as clued up as we were about all these facts. I’m sure it would make (most of) them feel very humble indeed when all these famous names are mentioned.

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Here’s another one: Of the 114 laps so far this year, the two McLaren drivers have each spent half of them in front of the other.

  11. I’m sure the driver concentrate much more on getting around the track as fast as possible, and they better. A race driver has no use for feeling humble, when driving. That is the time when he has to believe he is better than anyone who has ever lived, and that he is able to pull of the next overtake or defence. Us, the fans, on the contrary, expects our hero to be humble, down to earth, and be able to evaluate, in a professional manner, how the race went for everyone, right after taking their helmet of. The interviewers clearly don’t fathom that the driver haven’t watched the race – he drove it, and therefore he can’t really comment on how the race went for another driver, whom he had little contact with during the race.

  12. Paul Gilbert
    27th March 2012, 22:56

    Perez also led a race for the first time in his F1 career, becoming the 160th different driver to do so. claims he is the 161st. The difference may be down to on-track leader vs aggregate leader (in races from yesteryear that were stopped and then re-started).

  13. Simply mega seeing nine different constructors in the points. That bodes very well for the rest of the season.

    Only Mansell (31) Senna (41) Prost (51) and Schumacher (91) are ahead of Alonso on wins now. Any bets as to where he will finish his career at? I’d say he is a shoe in to pass Mansell for 4th, but so is Vettel, and possibly Hamilton or Kimi. I can even see Fernando eclipsing Senna’s tally, but if this high level of competition is maintained I don’t see him reaching Prost and certainly not Michael. Only Vettel seems to have a realistic shot at that, and that is only if he can pull RedBull back up to the top.

  14. @Adam Tate: I don’t think Vettel can pull RedBull back at the top – probably only Newey can do this. Alonso was very efficient and lucky these 2 races, but if Ferrari don’t come up with a better Ferrari, then his lead will eventually crumble over the season.

  15. Felipe, Marussia faster than you. :)

  16. F1 has had 5 different winners in the last 5 races: Vettel, Hamilton, Webber, Button, Alonso.

  17. For the first time since he won in Japan 2010, Vettel has gone four races without winning.

    Last year, Vettel had a 24-point lead after two races. This year, the top seven drivers in the WDC are separated by 19 points. Even in the competitive 2010 season, only the top six were separated by 19 points, although the top seven were separated by just 9 points after three races.

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