Sergio Perez, Sauber, Sepang, 2012

Perez: “I thought maybe I could have won it”

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Sepang, 2012In the round-up: Sergio Perez says he was “disappointed” after finishing second in Malaysia because he thought he could have won.


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Interview with Sergio Perez: “We have to push hard and stay realistic” (Sauber)

“Initially I was a bit disappointed because I thought maybe I could have won it, although nobody knows what in the end would have happened if I had managed to attack Fernando (Alonso) and whether I would have got by him or not.”

Nico Rosberg about the Malaysian GP 2012: “It was an up and down weekend for me.” (YouTube)

Analysis – Ferrari gearbox-chassis stiffening arm (F1)

“Following Fernando Alonso advice, Ferrari have introduced to the F2012 a concept used by their driver’s former team, Renault, as long ago as 2001.”

Ferrari vows to protect Massa (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: “We need to stay close to Felipe in this moment. It’s a difficult moment and we need to find a way for him to get confident in his car.”

James Allison ?ǣ “What We?d Give for a ‘Normal’ Race!” (Lotus)

“The big positive we can take from today is that our pace and degradation on the slick tyres at the end of the race was very encouraging. Give us a clean race with good getaways from the right qualifying positions and we should be able to collect a good reward.”

A race to be proud of (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “It made absolutely no sense that Perez wasn’t pitted for slicks on lap 40 with Alonso. Daniel Ricciardo in the Toro Rosso had long demonstrated that they were the tyre of choice and delaying by one lap cost Perez over five seconds. Even if it rained, which was predicted as possible at the time, his heavily worn intermediates would have been of little use anyway.”

Rubens Barrichello diary: ‘Take the positive’ after 17th (USA Today)

“The strategy in F1 is to just fill up the car and go. In IndyCar racing, there are so many elements of strategy in relation to the yellow flags and fuel. It’s something I’m going to have to learn. I wasn’t really allowed to push the car as hard as I could today, and that was frustrating.”

Mansell: Button showed tremendous maturity after Karthikeyan smash (Talksport)

“I thought it was a 50-50 call. When a car is that slow and you know you have faster cars around you, you have to pay attention and he should have given way.”

Kevin Bakhurst via Twitter

“Malaysian F1 Grand Prix on Sunday – Sky Sports F1 [average] 0.96m – peak 1.50m. BBC1 F1 highlights [average] 2.7m – peak 3.2m.”

People Talk: Guillaume ‘Rocky’ Rocquelin (Red Bull)

“It?s about results ?ǣ as opposed to working in a bank, where you don?t know what the outcome is. You could do the same job for years and not know if you?re actually doing a good job, what I like about Formula One is that every day you know if you?re hitting the target or not.”

iWITNESS: Malaysia (Williams)

Jenson Button might live in Monaco and have a Japanese girlfriend, but he revealed the extent of his Englishness today. During the race?s red flag interlude, he headed back to McLaren?s hospitality area for a cup of tea. White, one sugar. A rich tea biscuit as well?”

Comment of the day

Dorian on Felipe Massa’s situation at Ferrari:

I like the guy as a person, seems lovely… but this isn?t the Red Cross or Amnesty International or a School Athletics Day where ‘participation is all that matters’ and everyone gets a ribbon ?ǣ this is F1 and it?s about winning!

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today the FIA announced it would change its bodywork tests after it had been discovered that at least one team had found a way around its floor deflection test.

Ferrari were revealed to have used a spring in its floor which allowed it to pass the FIA’s stiffness test, yet move when being driven on the track in order to gain a performance advantage.

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