Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Melbourne, 2012

Caption Competition 10: Alonso and Raikkonen

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Melbourne, 2012

What did Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen find to talk about in the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix?

That’s for you to decide in our latest Caption Competition.

Come up with the best caption you can think of and post it in the comments.

Remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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185 comments on “Caption Competition 10: Alonso and Raikkonen”

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  1. FA: I knew you would be back….I swear it was Santander they were behind this whole ‘me in you out’ thing…I WANTED to be your team mate be a team……C’mon Kimi say SOMETHING…

    FR: I wish i was at a media conference (smirk)

  2. FA: “You look familiar… Did you shave your beard Nick?”

  3. Hey Kimi, I know you’re a relaxed sort of guy but bringing your bong to the track is crossing the line.

    1. You beat me to it!

  4. FA: Remember 2007?
    KR: Yes. There was you, me, and Lewis inbetween us. Perfect.

  5. dysthanasiac (@)
    31st March 2012, 11:58

    KR: “Yeah, I showed up, and they just pretty much handed me a Championship. What, is it not like that anymore?”

  6. Dane DI Pierro
    31st March 2012, 11:58

    With Massa so far back during the races, Lewis instead took the opportunity to run into Kimi and Alonso during their grid walk.

  7. FA: headlight burning your butt?
    KR: yeah, I.. think we should.. get up

  8. ALO: What on earth are you doing?

    RAI: Im having a ****

    1. Strang how my comment was edited from ending with “sh” to “****” someone has assumed i would dare imply a swear. i in fact meant to type “show”…..of course……naturally.

  9. Kimi: “look! I’m a statue…”
    Alo: “I knew that already…”

  10. ALO: Nice to see you, Kimster! How’re you doing?
    RAI: *thousand-yard stare*

  11. Kimi and Alonso had an uncomfortable feeling thinking about having Lewis this close behind them.

  12. FA: I feel like we are on a merry-go-round….McLaren-Ferrari-Renault. Don’t you?
    KR: What? I’m in a Renault now? Why didn’t someone tell me?

  13. Tino (@tinohoinach)
    31st March 2012, 12:24

    FA: How did y fell when starting 17th ?
    KR: …Nothing…
    FA: What are u thinking ?
    KR: er…….nothing
    FA: u r not change anything, style, face, emtions….nice to see u back…
    KR: u too. talk like women…

  14. Fernando: “What’s up Kimi?”
    Kimi: “This drink tastes like headlight fluid!”

    A bit of an obscure one but for those who have heard of a group called ‘Rooster Teeth,’ then you’ll understand what I’m on about.

    1. off topic, but @brickles I seem to remember your name from somewhere… BAT, perhaps?

      1. That will be me :)

        Fer Morcillo?

  15. All we need now is a GQ photographer

  16. Dude, looks like your smoking a bong.

  17. FlyingLobster27
    31st March 2012, 12:45

    Lewis’s slow getaway in Australia explained.

  18. FA: “Kimi If You sit there long enough you might melt”
    KR: “yep”.

  19. Jake (@jakehardyf1)
    31st March 2012, 12:49

    *Alonso slams hand on bonnet*

    “Why the hell didn’t I get an icecream huh?”

    *Kimi grins*

    1. Thumbs up

  20. Alonso:”Tock to meee!…pleaze”

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