Barrichello open to Ferrari return

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Barrichello left Ferrari at the end of 2005In the round-up: Rubens Barrichello says he would be happy to return to Ferrari if he was asked, despite some “spicy episodes” in the past.


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Rubens ready for Ferrari return (The Sun)

“If they call me today to go drive for them I would go. It was the best team I’ve ever driven for in terms of support, of creativity. But there were definitely some spicy episodes.”

Mercedes system is ‘hard to copy’ (BBC)

Ross Brawn: “The opposition is so fierce [because] there’s a recognition it’s quite difficult to do.”

Brawn: Set-up will unlock car’s potential (Autosport)

“On Fridays we run the car in race trim and we are quite diligent in running the right kind of fuel loads to represent race conditions. And we think other people don’t run more fuel than us, because it would be difficult for them to run more fuel than us. So if you look at the comparative lap times, we think we are okay.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Lotus’s deputy technical director Naoki Tokunaga is leaving the team to become technical director at Renault Sport.”

The Inside Line – on Caterham?s Heikki Kovalainen (F1)

“Q: What?s your favourite smell?
HK: Petrol!”

Comment of the day

The most populous nation in the planet could have an F1 driver soon:

Congratulations to Ma. Many guys and I have been paying attention to his motorsport career for a long time, and we also hang out to have fun at the karting track run by his father. Happy to see him rekindle China?s F1 hopes through this presence. ?ǣ From a Chinese fan in Shanghai.
Michael Hu

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to LAK!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Luigi Villoresi won the non-championship Valentino Grand Prix in Turin, Italy, years ago today, driving a Ferrari 375.

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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73 comments on Barrichello open to Ferrari return

  1. Santino (@santinosirignano19) said on 7th April 2012, 19:10

    whats with all the Rubens slating even from his ” so called” Fans? stop saying hes past it, when hes not? Michael and Pedro are still going strong and they are older and again given the right car they are capable of running at the front as Michael is proving! so no reason Rubens cant! youre all probably Jealous because he has been able to fulfil his dreams for a long time and can still continue! ill be laughing so much when he comes back to F1 and then when he retires from F1 should be up to him!! so Rubens for Ferrari in 2012 or 2013 at another team!

    • Robbie (@robbie) said on 9th April 2012, 13:05

      Just keep in mind…nobody in F1, and not even RB, brought this up…it was a poll done by an Italian magazine and it’s readers voted RB over Trulli and Perez, but that has nothing to do with any reality in terms of an actual opportunity for RB to return to F1.

      Perhaps they should have asked RB if he was actively pursuing a ride in F1 while he does Indycar…then maybe we’d know if there is any reality to his comment that he doesn’t think he is done in F1, which I think speaks more to his unceremonious leaving from F1 feeling like unfinished business to him. He might not think he is done in F1, but I think the F1 world is done with him.

  2. JRB said on 7th April 2012, 20:57

    Well, Despite some contrasting views on race performance with Ferrari in the past, i’ll not hold it against them while i’m without a drive.

    So, if they ring me up, i’ll take the seat if they want…..

    Might as well throw my name into the none-existent hat of no hope as well.

  3. I like how Massa is in the background of the picture at the top in the Sauber! :) Nice litttle touch :)

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