Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Melbourne, 2012

Lotus to keep name until 2017 despite losing title sponsorship

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Melbourne, 2012Lotus say they will retain their current name for at least another five years, despite losing their title sponsorship from Group Lotus.

Lotus, which previously competed as Renault, agreed a title sponsorship deal with car manufacturer Group Lotus in 2010.

It took Tony Fernandes’s Team Lotus to court over the right to use the Lotus name last year, and lost.

The team later reached reached a settlement with Fernandes’ outfit which saw the latter rebrand as Caterham and Renault take over the Lotus name.

However the loss of its sponsorship deal with Group Lotus will not mean another change of identity in F1. A team spokesperson told F1 Fanatic it could continue doing so beyond 2017.

The team added there will be no immediate changes to the Lotus branding on its cars.

Genii owner Gerard Lopez told Autosport: “The sponsorship agreement and the obligations of Lotus have been terminated. There is no option from Group Lotus to buy into F1 now – that option was taken over by us. There was one, but we have taken it over now.”

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  1. Force Maikel
    7th April 2012, 10:05

    If it wasn’t complicated enough already!

  2. For Crying out loud…will my team get a damn break.

    So sick of this… Come on Renault start designing some gem cars, get more profits buy off this rubbish… you sold the team to a bunch of hideous corporate backstabbing children…. Bring back Flavio, Symmonds and co and lets win this….

    Will Enstone get a break? Call it Benetton, call it Enstone F1 anything this farce should be shut…

    1. Ahh yes Flavio, the pinnacle of integrity and honesty, I can’t honestly see that any of this makes that much difference, the most likely outcome would seem to be a new title sponsor will come on board and the team will be rebranded again, but until that time the team need to call themselves something so will stick to Lotus for now. I for one would love to see a new name on the grid (Aston Martin would be particularly lovely) and can’t see any potential livery swap being an issue.

      1. Ay yes you mean the honesty of the likes of Ron Dendis and the Ferrari Gate so please….yawwwwn….

        1. I never said that Flavio is any better or worse than anyone else, the other teams are far from saints either, But you can’t deny that he has a somewhat tarnished reputation.

          1. I agree to a point…there is a famous saying in F1 they ALL cheat …just don’t get caught…

  3. I shall now be calling them “Lotus”.

    That is all.

  4. They really are intent on repeating the history of Lotus aren’t they.
    1986 – Lotus Cars owned by a mass-market car manufacture – General Motors
    2012 – Lotus Cars owned by a mass-market car manufacture – Proton

    1986 Lotus F1 race in Black and Gold. Have separate ownership to the ‘road-car’ Lotus. Have Renault engines. Changed title sponsor for the following season (JPS to Camel)
    2012 Lotus F1 race in Black and Gold. Have separate ownership to the ‘road-car’ Lotus. Have Renault engines. Need new title sponsor for following seasons

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