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Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix

2012 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Chinese Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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290 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. This race bored me a little, and although the last 15 laps were among the best we’ve seen in Formula 1 for a while now, I still wasnt overly thrilled.

    I feel that cockups in the pitstops cost us a great race, Schumacher’s front right not going on and Button having trouble with his rear left. I suspect Schumacher proibably wouldnt have finished on the podium, but I would like to have seen how he would have got on later in the race. I would have love to have seen Button trying to muscle his way past Rosberg in the dying few laps too.

    The last few laps were great, and Rosberg drove a superlative race, there just wasnt a whole lot else going on. The first 75% of the race was pretty featureless, had little over taking. The track and surroundings are dull and grey.

    Hopefully China will be dumped off the calender soon.

    1. Can’t disagree with you more. There are always exciting races in China and this was no exception. And what do you care about the track surroundings? We already had one great racetrack(Turkey) dropped because of track surroundings and lack of local fans, we don’t need another one. Valencia on the other hand…

      1. Excitment is relative in China. In 2007 there were less than 10 overtakes in the race, thish sas been the case in other years. The two best races there have been here have been due to the weather, 2009 and 2011. If I hadnt need to have been up early this morning I would have slept through the race, got up at 9ish and seen the best part of the race.

        The surroundings do count. When the camera is looking out and all there is smog to back a grey landscape, it’s a little depressing. Furthermore, on the backstraight the smog was awful. In any other country you’d have seen more of the cars and been able to identify them easier had it been on a similar length piece of track.

        I feel there would have been more excitment on a European track than this Tilke-snoredrome. Hopefully Bernie will pull the plug on the track soon.

  2. DRS, KERS and tyres have made for excellent racing, I reckon F1 have now got the balance right ! There’s going to some interesting results over the next few races, as the other teams attempt to implement double DRS . Imagine if the Double DRS had been banned though….the battle of 2nd-12th would have included 1st place !!!

  3. 8/10 for me.

    For the first three quarters of the race the interest was in watching how drivers and teams were going with their separate strategies, and watching how they were developing their races.

    The race built to a great crescendo towards the end with a lot pf drivers on different strategies converging together in the last 15 laps and that created a lot of on track action while the strategies and overtakes panned out.

    I’m undecided on the effectiveness of DRS in the race. Whilst some overtakes were done halfway down the back straight and seemed easy, at other times eg. Vettel behind Raikonen at the front of the train towards the end, cars couldn’t overtake in the DRS zone.

  4. Great race – 9/10. Battles all the way through the field except for first.

    The wheel to wheel action between 2nd to 9th was fantastic to watch and, had that been for the lead, it would have been a 10.

    What a start to the season – three races in and we have three different winners from three different teams.

  5. 10/10

    There wasn’t a battle for the lead in the end, but the fault for that falls solely on Mclaren mechanics. Apart from that. the race was fantastic in every aspect.

    Come to think of it, Shanghai track almost always throws a good race. I can’t think of a boring race there, maybe apart from 2008.

  6. 9/10 for me. Couldve been a 10/10 if it weren’t for the pit stop errors for Schumi and Button, which I think would’ve given us a battle for 1st.

    The reason noone was passing with DRS was because they were all hitting the limiter very early in the DRS zone! I guess the gearings weren’t set up to take slipstreams into account – because you’d rarely get those in Qualy.

    1. The reason noone was passing with DRS was because they were all hitting the limiter very early in the DRS zone!

      which is why drs is a joke, without drs today we would have seen a lot more racing down that straght like we did in the pre-drs era.

      drs drops so much drag that there hitting max speed & thus the limiter very early on the straght. with no drs & just the slipstream it takes you longer to hit max speed/limiter which produces better racing.

      i think there are circuits which feature very long starghts where the racing would be better without drs (not taht i think drs produced good racing anywhere) & this track is one of them.

  7. was it exciting, kind of.
    was it a good RACE, definately not!

    f1 isn’t about racing anymore, its not even a sport anymore. f1 has become way too artificial for my liking.
    think i’ll start doing something else with my sunday’s from now on. will be a bit odd not watching f1 for the 1st time in 24 years but i simply cannot stand what f1 has become with drs, kers & these ridiculous tyres.

    i want to watch racing & what we see in f1 now is not racing!

    1. Agree, it is starting to get processional. Qualifying and keeping track position counts more than anything now. Everyone seems to have figured out that pushing car to limit is pointless. I want to see some racing!

      1. Voices in the wilderness I am afraid, I think the tyres are the worst part. DRS was brought in to allow a faster car to overtake even when being held up by the violent effect of the downforce from the car in front which caused so many problems . A better route would have been a total rethink to remove the downforce effect , but adding these ridiculous tyres has removed the real racers edge so my question is why ?

        1. adding these ridiculous tyres has removed the real racers edge

          No, it’s moved us back towards real racing and away from the situation of 2007-09 where drivers basically never had to worry about tyre management.

          Now they do, which is the way it usually has been in F1. And today it produced some superb racing.

          Why anyone would want to go back to unchallenging tyres and predictable, processional racing is beyond me.

  8. It was a close race, but i was very dissapointed overall. It was so hard to pass due to all the rubber off racing line. What is with these Pirellis, no one was pushing to overtake for fear of destrying their tires or runnig off track (like what happend to Alonso).

    There was a comment that Pirellis suffer higher thermal degradation in addition to physical wear. They need to fix that, you can have a tire that lasts only 15 laps but it damn well be great for atleast 13 of those laps. I think Pirellis lack experiece, hopefully next year will be better.

    For me a race without a fight for victory will always be dissapointing.

  9. I gave it 8/10

    First part quite annoying, no serious manouvers with a long train.
    But last part …….well it was EPIC, made me to jump on the sofa.

  10. I voted 9. The first part of the race reminded me of fuel stop days when you had to concentrate on the timing trying to work out who was doing what. The last part of the race was just EPIC and a new winner is always welcome

  11. Simply brilliant race but isn’t it always in China! There’s something about this combo that should be written in stone. If only anyone knew what that was.

    It’s also great to crown a new winner – and this one was long overdue – quality drive from Nico. Such bad luck for Schuey and what a magnanimous person he is.

    On another note – 3 races, 3 different winners – what a season this is shaping up to be! And champs leader hasn’t even won one yet!

  12. I voted seven. So much was going on I couldn’t really follow it and I wasn’t sure if cars were passing for position or because they were on differing strategies, which sapped my enjoyment of it slightly. Still a good race though!

    1. For me @dan-thorn, that wasn’t a big problem, they way people got past others on a different strategy (or didn’t get past) is a major influence on how far their strategy can get them. I feel that if McLaren had better considered, for example, Hamilton getting past Massa (stopped him progressing for quite a few laps), he might have been ahead of Button in the end, and maybe they might have considered a 2 stopper for Button – though he had less trouble getting past people, just had the bad stop.

      Those things are hard to control, even with a good car and a good strategy, or the race could be simulated; it’s what actually happens when they are all on track that is interesting to see, to me.

      1. I understand the frustration at a driver getting penalised for some that isn’t really his fault, but I think grid penalties are the right option. The driver is the focus but he’s still part of a team – if a driver gets a penalty in a race for, say, speeding in the pit land and loses places, the team have lost constructor points despite it not being their fault. To me it’s the same thing and they shouldn’t be separated.

        If a car is ineligible for constructors points, then if they finish in the points they’re taking points away from whoever they finish ahead of, which isn’t fair on the team that have managed to build a reliable car…

        1. If a car is ineligible for constructors points, then if they finish in the points they’re taking points away from whoever they finish ahead of

          Not necessarily, it would depend on how the rule is written.

  13. Utter brilliance. Thought at the start the DRS wasnt doing enough but i wouldnt change anything except who i predicted!

  14. Would probably have given it a 10, had Rosberg not been the victor.

  15. Good race and once again proof that this season will be played in the midfield. Battles for position all over the place. Strategies and DRS managed to take half-the-fun out of it though. 7 overall for me.

    10 for Rosberg! Schumacher getting another handful of bad luck kinda spoiled it for me as well. Mercedes threw away an easy 1-2 finish here. However, I expect Nico’s win here to take some of the pressure off the team and take some of their eagerness away. This is the actual season starter for them. If they play their cards properly they might very well be in the books for a top 3 constructors’ championship finish.

    McLaren made a podium drive look like an easy job, provided Hamilton’s penalty and Button’s mishap in the pits.
    Good drive by Williams as well. They are starting to look consistent (something amazing if you take Maldonado and Senna’s lack of skills here and there into account).
    Also, glad to see Webber’s understanding of the current car paying off. If he keeps beating Vettel on track this might cause some side-switching inside the Red Bull team which might, in turn, prove very interesting to watch.

    Expected to see more from Sauber, based on the confidence gained last weekend. Faded somewhere between a poor start and poor strategies.

    Raikkonen, Force India and Toro Rosso, today’s biggest disappointments, except for the Mercedes vs. Schumacher affair of course.

    3 races down, M. Schumacher – 1 pts / F. Massa – 0 pts. Unbelievable…

  16. The best driver on the grid not to have won, now has. Begs the question, who is now the best driver on the grid yet to have won a race. Here’s the contenders-
    Di Resta
    De La Rosa

    For me I’d say Perez or Glock

    1. Slim pickings there. Id say di resta if forced to choose. But none have future wdc written all over them.

      1. Definitely slim pickings. i think Perez could be a future wdc though

    2. I’d say De La Rosa or Glock. Neither of them will get a win though, at least not this year.

  17. I give this race an 8/10. It seemed to have it all – a 1st time underdog-winner, chess-like tactical play with a nice payoff at the end, great wheel-to-wheel battles. It would have been 10/10 if not for two problems. One point I have to subtract because the winner was essentially decided in the McLaren pits, and another one goes courtesy of Ferrari, where once again ‘the most complete driver’ cannot pass his poor teammate without another ‘Fernando is faster than you’-like message.

    1. Actually i think the potential winner was decided on Thursday when Hamilton announced his gearbox change.

  18. 5 from me. It was really boring for the majority until the last 10-15 laps, but even then only a few overtakes happened.

    1. Agreed. Gave it a 6, though.

      A walkaway race at one of the worst tracks on the schedule is going to need more than a handful of laps of racing in the midpack to be a good race, to me.

  19. Great Race on all fronts: 8/10
    Nico fantastic first win but, now get in the fight for WC.
    Jenson with letting Nico have his first win, 2nd will do just fine for now.
    Lewis again letting Nico have his day and with Lewis behind Jenson keeps the race to WC tight.
    Mark what a great result passing Vettel on last lap, keep that up, great surprise they didn’t tell you to hold station.
    Vettel finding it a bit tuff having to race without a runaway car are we, but learning different finger positions.
    Massa thanks for backing up the field on your strategy providing a great race at the last.
    Kimi best have a chat with your strategist but thanks for a few exciting moments 2nd to 14th oops!
    F1 please do not go to Bahrain, sport over politics but not at the cost of life.

    1. 9/10 with a fight for first.

  20. Epic race! For me, the highlight of the day:
    Mark Webber muscle car style lift off. And then finish fourth.

    1. I bet his pants were a bit dirty after that, considering his past experience.

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