Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai, 2012

Button wants better post-race celebrations

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Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai, 2012In the F1 Fanatic round-up: Jenson Button wants to be allowed to entertain the fans after winning races.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Button urges more contact with fans (The Independent)

“If I had my way, I’d make sure that after a race we could celebrate a victory better than we do now. The way it is with having to look after the engine because it’s got to do a certain number of races, and the gearbox, you can’t go and do doughnuts for the crowd. You can’t pick up a national flag. You can’t have the moments that Nigel Mansell had at Silverstone. And in your very moment of euphoria you are dragged away from the team, your family and friends.”

F1 about to step into the unknown (The Telegraph)

“Ecclestone, meanwhile, reportedly ‘swore and stormed off’ after a brief interview with AFP in the paddock on Sunday. ‘Do you think that if we cancel the Formula One that all the problems will just disappear?’ he said.”

Ecclestone and Todt will not heed warnings (The Times, subscription required)

“Jenny Wagstaff, one of the catering staff at Williams, has paid the price with her job. She has left the team after declaring that she did not want to go to Bahrain on ethical grounds. She departed ‘by mutual agreement’, according to the team. There are many more than Wagstaff who will have moral objections, never mind fears for their own safety.”

A Great Show in China, a Lingering Cloud Over Bahrain (New York Times)

“[Ross Brawn] tried to close off the discussion about Bahrain by saying that there were ‘many positives’ from going to Bahrain for the race. I was genuinely surprised and interested to hear what these ‘positives’ were, so I asked very quickly before the subject changed. ‘I don’t want to get into a debate,’ said the director, Ross Brawn. He refused to tell me what the positives were.”

Bahrain opposition starts F1 protests week (AFP via Google News)

“Sunday’s protest was the first in a week of daily demonstrations and sit-ins called by Al-Wefaq, Bahrain’s largest Shiite bloc, planned to last through the end of the controversial Grand Prix race scheduled for April 22.”

Bahrain Grand Prix: Formula One demeans itself with this event (The Guardian)

“The drivers, sponsors and team owners who participate should consider that they will be giving cover to a violently human rights-abusing regime by their participation and will be seen by many Bahrainis and others as accomplices in those continuing abuses.” Read my comment on this article.

F1 Fanatic Live via Twitter

Sebastian Vettel [on team radio]: “We had absolutely no straight line speed the whole race. Ridiculous.”

Chinese GP – Conference 4 (FIA)

Jenson Button: “It was a big gap to chase down but before the stop, we had very good pace on new and old tyres so I don?t know. That was our aim but it didn?t go to plan, but we had a problem at the pit stop which cost us a lot of time ?ǣ it didn?t just cost us time, it cost us places as well, so it made it very difficult to have the possibility to chase down Nico [Rosberg]. But that?s the way it is.”

Hamilton: Penalty cost me win chance (Autosport)

“I am sure we’d have given Nico a run for his money but the traffic we had and the amount of pit stops was incredible.”

Comment of the day

Some interesting views on the race plus a random fact on Switzerland from Shimks:

Brilliant pole and win from Rosberg. I wonder if Mercedes are very happy that things didn?t go to plan in their first two races? If the FIA had seen how much potential that car has for leaving the others in the dust, maybe their wing would have been banned ?ǣ especially if Bernie had interfered. I can see Mercedes running away with the championship a la Brawn ?09 if they keep adding significant updates to the car. Or am I getting too excited and carried away?

Button showed class again today. He really is consistently looking better that Hamilton at the moment. I love Button ?ǣ literately: I?ve got his picture above my bed ?ǣ but I am very surprised at what has happened to Hamilton. He used to be so awesomely quick.

Finally, a great shame for Sauber. It looked like Kobayashi couldn?t get any temperature into his tyres. He looked average out their today which we all know is not true. So has Peter Sauber already handed over the mantle to Monisha Kaltenborn? He stayed in Switzerland this weekend for this Monday?s Sechsel??uten holiday in Z???rich, where we burn a snowman to death to bring in the Spring!

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to AndrewTanner, SoLiD, BraddersF1 and RumFRESH!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Happy 70th birthday to Sir Frank Williams!

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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  • 136 comments on “Button wants better post-race celebrations”

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    1. I agree with Jenson Button. Yesterday’s grands prix, especially in its closing stages, was very entertaining to watch, however post race everything seems a little bit of an anti climax. Everyone points out the fact that the teams don’t like their drivers doing doughnuts, but you can celebrate victories in other ways that does not risk damaging the cars. Drivers flying flags as Aryton Senna and Nigel Mansell famously did twenty years ago seems fine to me, and the images of fans mobbing Mansell’s Williams at Silverstone are the stuff of legend. If everyone used their commonsense, I see no reason why the sport could not return to those days!

    2. Lewis blew us away with donuts at Stowe after the 2010 Silverstone race although he’s come over to the tarmac in front of the stands rather than on the circuit – it was a dull race & the brits were nowhere & he was just doing it to brighten up our day – TOP man Lewis!

    3. I think that before the awarding of the trophies, any driver on the podium should be able to challenge any of the others to a dance-off, the winner getting a further 8 points. This would mean of course that both the 2nd and 3rd place guys, if not utterly shagged out from the race, might be able to ‘overtake’ the guy placed above them. Booming disco beats, major lightshow – what’s not to like?

      Clearly Britney, who was looking in fabulous form after Sunday’s race, would have easily beaten off any challenges in China. However I’m positive this would increase the excitement of modern F1.

    4. I cant agree with the COTD.

      In fact, Im totally baffled by people’s ability to draw such authoritative conclusions about Button and Hamilton. The fact is that they are extremely close in performance overall, and their race results show it. Lets take a look at their performances as team mates, to date:
      Hamilton: 512 pts, 6 wins
      Button: 527 pts, 6 wins

      These are startlingly similar statistics, and in my estimation at least, there’s less of a gap between them than perhaps any other 2 drivers on the grid. To have both of them possibly battle for the WDC is quite tantalizing, and I for one hope it stays this close between them!

    5. The Money (@pamphlett31220)
      17th April 2012, 3:47

      I think this will be either Button or Hamiltons last season at mclaren,ultimately i think that one of them will end the season a double world champion.Theres no way Whitmarsh will intervene in there fight for the title and as there is no number 1 or 2 at mclaren i feel there relationship will deteriorate as the season go on and i wouldn’t be suprised if they actually come together on the track more than on one occasion this season.I fear that something will have to give this season between them,i may be totally wrong but i remember when a battle for supremacy at mclaren took place in the late 80’s between two number ones going for the title ended.Then 2007 with alonso and hamilton…does anyone agree with me?.

    6. Button is on to something about post-race celebrations, but I don’t like donuts and never have, they just look tacky!

    7. Almost every post, tyres – Pirellis, Blah , blah blah & people try to decide who has the best balancing act.
      Why not go back to where a set of tyres MORE than last the race – but you can change if you want – then we would see more exciting balls out racing – not the nanny game of conserving tyres etc that is the contrived “show” we have today, – it is an insult to any fast driver and F1!! Also have qualy tyres if you want – BUT – you start the race on what you qualified on- with the sole exception of a wet race!

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