Predictions Championship round cancelled for Bahrain

Predictions Championship

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Bahrain, 2012The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship round for the Bahrain Grand Prix has been cancelled.

Feedback from readers in the past 24 hours has made it overwhelmingly clear many do not consider it appropriate to run the competition given the events in Bahrain.

On reflection, I agree this is the correct course of action to take.

It retrospect, this is a decision I probably should have taken sooner. But better to make the right decision late in the day than not at all.

No points will be awarded for the Bahrain Grand Prix. The next round which will count towards the championship is the Spanish Grand Prix.

More on the situation in Bahrain this weekend:

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146 comments on Predictions Championship round cancelled for Bahrain

  1. Seems like an odd decision to me, if your not going to run a fairly meaningless competition (in the grand scheme of things) then surely you should not be reporting on the practice/qualifying/race either?

  2. f1alex (@f1alex) said on 20th April 2012, 23:48

    Good decision Keith.

  3. George (@george) said on 21st April 2012, 0:04


    I haven’t seen anyone mention the predictions championship in comments, just the usual overblown reactions I’m used to seeing on the interbutt, ‘I’m not going to watch the race, you guys should feel bad!’ etc.

    It feels as though with this Keith has gone from expressing his own opinion to shoving his opinion down our throats, but whatever, his game his rules.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 21st April 2012, 0:20

      I haven’t seen anyone mention the predictions championship in comments

      I’ve had a lot of feedback via comments (e.g. here), tweets and email. And I think the many positive responses to this so far is further indication I’m not ‘shoving my opinion down your throats’.

      • George (@george) said on 21st April 2012, 0:48

        There is a very vocal minority that agree with you Keith, some have opposing views and most are ambivalent.

        There are what, around 2000 people that play the predictions championship? You’ve stopped the game because about 1/100 of that number have decided it’s immoral, some of whom aren’t even registered to the site and therefore dont play.

        As I said in the first post, it’s your game and your rules, but it’s a bit like taking your football home in the middle of a match because someone you dont like turned up. You’re punishing everyone here and it makes no difference to the situation over there.

        • BNKracing said on 21st April 2012, 2:37

          Technically no one is being punished if no one is gaining points. Minority? Did you ask every single person who is participating int the predictions champs their opinion? Strangely you didn’t ask me personally or any of the other 2000+ which about 25% will play less than half the rounds(see I can make up numbers too). Are you that desperate for a couple measly points?? Scrap the race and your fictional points!! See you all in Barcelona :)

        • Besides your random made up comments on %, in case you hadn’t notcied THIS SITE IS AN F1 BLOG SITE – set up by Keith. By definition it means articles on this site are his opinion – WRIGHT OR WRONG. Games and polls are run by Keith.

          And anyway just like you, I’ve spoken to everyone who ever visited this site and 110% of them are in favour of Keith’s stance!!!

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 21st April 2012, 8:51


          There is a very vocal minority

          Regarding the Predictions Championship, you’re not in a position to judge that.

        • Maciek (@maciek) said on 21st April 2012, 9:19

          it’s a bit like taking your football home in the middle of a match because someone you dont like turned up. You’re punishing everyone here and it makes no difference to the situation over there.

          Ridiculous. It’s a game set up by Keith for people to enjoy predictions and win prizes through absolutely zero effort on their part and lots on his. So when he makes decision about how to, or not to, run it people get upset because he took their fun away? o.O Grow up man.

    • nosajm9bys (@nosajm9bys) said on 21st April 2012, 1:18

      My sentiments exactly!

  4. f1azzer (@f1azzer) said on 21st April 2012, 0:16

    …after what happened to Force India yesterday,….
    But surely nothing ‘happened’ to Force India, they were on the road when a petrol bomb was thrown, it didn’t hit them, was not aimed at them (according to reports) and was nothing to do directly with them.
    Only the folks who are actually there can know the truth about what ‘the press’ are giving us and as we know there can be a lot of embellishment in order to ‘sell paper’ or space on the web.
    Has the F1A now become a political entity? do they aspire to control world politics? Surely on this basis F1 should not come to the USA on the basis of children being slaughtered in their schools by madmen, or that people are wandering around the streets with guns in their belts!
    I’m ok with Keith cancelling the Prediction championship if that’s his choice, but come on everyone, it’s a sporting event and will almost certainly go off with non of the dire outcome some seem to to be expecting. Bernie may be in the winter of his life, but I’m sure he is also expecting to die peacefully in his hotel bed and not on the streets of Bahrain.
    Now from a different angle, I’m a little pleased that the prediction thing is not on here because I cannot wait up 3 nights in a row (MST is GMT plus 7 or 8) watching and deciding, so it lets me off the hook.

  5. wigster (@wigster) said on 21st April 2012, 0:19

    Firstly, I think you’ve made the right decision based on your strong opposition to the race going ahead. However I also hope you think about cancelling your “rate the race” and “driver of the weekend” features too as they both are about enjoyment and entertainment, both of which could be seen as irrelevant given the background circumstances to the weekend.

    Secondly, personally I’m disappointed that this round of the predictions championship has been cancelled as, whilst I don’t think the Bahrain round should have been on the calendar at all, the race is very likely to go ahead. Therefore I’m trying to put the political issues to one side and separate them from watching and maybe enjoying the on track action of 24 cars and drivers going around the circuit come Sunday afternoon, and participating in the predictions championship (all be it I’m rubbish) would have been part of that.

  6. nosajm9bys (@nosajm9bys) said on 21st April 2012, 1:13

    It is quite funny how this prediction was cancelled because the question the race in Bahrain, what about those (me and others) that don’t question it. Bahrain has their own problems like every other country, playing this game will not change a thing or even watching it or not in the case of others. If I were asked I would say don’t go to Bahrain, not because of the issues there, but the safety of the F1 crew (whatever I think will not change the fact). F1 has decided to go so everyone should deal with it, including those goody-two-shoes raising questions on this website, as I said whatever they think will not count. However, as the powers that be on this really good website have decided to cancel this race, I accept it, don’t like it but accept it. Simples!

  7. David BR2 said on 21st April 2012, 1:49

    Good call Keith.

  8. roadchaser said on 21st April 2012, 1:50


    Iin order to be consistent with your actions against the Bahrain Grand Prix you should sponsor a boycott for baning McLaren from F1 as they are 50% owned by the dictator currently ruling the country, the Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    According to your logic, both Button and Hamilton should quit the team because they are driving for a company 50% owned by a dictator. Under such perspective they are plain accomplices by working for a cruel regime.

  9. dysthanasiac (@) said on 21st April 2012, 1:52

    The application of morality here is absolutely fascinating. The editorial stance of this site presents a stark choice: “You can either stand with [the protesters], or with those seeking to make money out of their misery.” This ultimatum is stated on a page with prominent ads for, amongst others, Metro, Amazon, and the U.S. Department of Energy. And aside from the suspension of a petty contest, everything else is business as usual, as if the proprietors are somehow encapsulated within a magic bubble that shields them from the staggering amount of irony that’s positively dripping from its stated high-and-mighty position up in the clouds.

    Then somehow, some way, the empty words professed in support of “the struggle” are lauded by readers who seem to be just as oblivious to how laughingly hypocritical this whole thing really is.

    When confronted with an issue it truly cared about, Wikipedia, a far larger site, took itself off-line for a full day in protest. That’s what it means to care. Sacrifice. What’s happening here is something else entirely.

    To its credit, this site has not altered a single critical word of my posts on the subject. But, I’d sincerely love to know how any of this is justified. Anyone?

    • George (@george) said on 21st April 2012, 2:32

      I think that’s quite unfair, the site hasn’t been ‘business as usual’, Keith has made several articles making his opinion on the subject clear, which will have a greater effect than taking the site down. Fans don’t have much power in F1, but the general dissatisfaction with the events of this weekend wont go unnoticed, even if it has little effect in reality.

      With regards to the topic at hand though, cancelling the predictions round makes no difference to “the struggle”, all it serves to do is alienate anyone that disagrees with Keith on this matter, or simply wants to enjoy the sport.

      I assume the point you’re making about irony is about those companies’ profits, but I dont know much about that so I cant comment. Money isn’t the big issue in Bahrain though, it’s more about civil liberties and the unwarranted arrests (at least to us from outside, I’m sure they’d love to share the wealth).

      • dysthanasiac (@) said on 21st April 2012, 3:05


        I can somewhat understand how someone would see it that way. I just don’t think the addition of a few editorial condemnations, which, to me, look like little more conscientious excuses, does anything to change the fact of the matter that this site is operating as it would for any other race. It’s still aggregating stories, and it’s still collecting ad revenues as a result, and all of this is happening despite the self-professed claim that, “You can either stand with [the protesters], or with those seeking to make money out of their misery.” That’s a very poor choice of words for someone to use unless they’re willing to give up any money made in connection with the event.

        Frankly, that’s F1 in general right now. It’s not at all isolated to this website. Everyone, from the organizers to the teams to their sponsors and everyone in between, is operating as if they exist in a vacuum where Bahrain is just another destination on the F1 calendar. My only desire is that they stop kidding themselves and making excuses to us.

        F1 has shown a willingness to resort to extreme measures when lives are on the line (2005 USGP), sponsors have shown a strong distaste for ethical breaches (ING, 2009) and teams have shown a willingness to forgo money in favor of a strong message (Ferrari, Monza 2001). That nothing even resembling any of those acts is happening now says it all in resounding fashion: no one cares. So, just be honest, and stop pretending.

        It’s the hypocrisy that drives me mad.

        (For what it’s worth, none of this has any bearing at all on how I feel about the situation away from F1.)

  10. Adam (@yokomoko) said on 21st April 2012, 2:03

    How lame! I have an English friend that is there who says there is ABSOLUTELY NO violence around the circuit at all!

  11. Kremer (@kremer) said on 21st April 2012, 2:03

    Thanks, Keith. Good decision.

  12. Mickrock (@mickrock) said on 21st April 2012, 2:36

    I respect your decision, but Malaysia has the death penalty (same as Singapore & Texas), China gunned down students in Tiananmen square and has an appalling human rights record, several countries have nuclear warhead capabilities, King Juan Carlos of Spain believes it’s fine to shoot elephants in Botswana while the country goes down the financial tubes, The UK government believes it’s fine to video-surveil everyone all the time almost everywhere (under the guise of ‘terrorism and security’), etc., etc. So, I think the real question for us all is “where do you draw the line?”.

    We follow a sport that travels the globe spending millions (or billions) of Pound Sterling, Yen, Dollar, Deutsche mark, Franc, with people suffering globally we and ponder tyre strategy.

    It’s fine for us to sit on our bums thrashing at our keyboards saying “I don’t agree with this” but at the end of the day what have we done to change anything? That question I don’t have the answer to.

    I think the Predictions championship is a bit of fun and anyone who didn’t want to contribute to that race, shouldn’t. We aren’t F1. We’re not forced to compete. We have that choice.

    That being said, the Bahraini people don’t seem to have much of a say in anything, so to that end, maybe we get off our collective bums, organize, get down to your local city centre and protest the policies of these offending countries. At the end of the day, you may be able to say, I did my best to try and change things, and that would be much more fulfilling than cancelling a championship predictions challenge.

    So are we just humans, being? or are we striving to be humane? I hope that for the sake of the species, let’s be humane.

    As for Bernie’s interests, I believe it’s called Bambino Holdings.

    • The arguments over boycotts and protesting are too complex for me to write in 30 pages.

      I have read hundreds of comments on this site over the past 2 days and people should also consider there is an opportunity to influence stance.

      The UK has had very close links historically with Bahrain, more so tha CHina Malaysia, Brazil et al. Sold a lot of military hardwear particularly in the 80’s.

      F1 is in effect a UK (or even English) based sport. Whilst our government is shamelessly turning a blind eye to Bahrain and in fact inviting the King to sit with the Queen at her jubilee.

      We who read and blog and tweet about F1 every day are stakehoers in the sport. This site is a “” site. In my opinion it is entirely appropriate for the UK to ramp up the pressure on Bahrain, more so than it doeson other countries – purely because it has more influence.

  13. xivizmath (@xivizmath) said on 21st April 2012, 2:52

    Boycotting the Grand Prix of Bahrain? Nothing new for me. In the past my organism would NATURALLY tell me to abandon watching this race – around 10 or 15 laps in.

    I call it the “sleep-strike”.

  14. BNKracing said on 21st April 2012, 2:59

    Lol i can’t believe some people are getting their panties in a twist because the predictions were cancelled. I’m sorry I didn’t know a couple measly points in a GAME was more important than showing support for people who have suffered at the hands autocratic rulers.

    Ok this cancelation will not change what is happening over there, but if you would rather win a DVD pack on F1 history over the lives of innocent people then good for you.

    Stand for nothing you will fall for anything

  15. First off– I loved your analysis of the situation. It was thoughtful and thought provoking. As a HUGE F1 fan, I already suffer ethical pangs over the wasteful use of fossil fuels in this sport, so to add this issue, where the oppressors are so linked to the profit of this race, it’s going to be hard to enjoy this weekend.
    And finally, I’m sick of hearing all these crybabies about the loss of the predictions. You must have an easy life to worry about it.

    • Theoddkiwi (@theoddkiwi) said on 21st April 2012, 4:42

      I agree. Put the tissue box down, Untie your knickers and chill out.

      If you really cant do with out the predictions, send and email to yourself with your predictions, then after the race work out your score, and if you win go out and buy yourself a prize.

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