Predictions Championship round cancelled for Bahrain

Predictions Championship

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Bahrain, 2012The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship round for the Bahrain Grand Prix has been cancelled.

Feedback from readers in the past 24 hours has made it overwhelmingly clear many do not consider it appropriate to run the competition given the events in Bahrain.

On reflection, I agree this is the correct course of action to take.

It retrospect, this is a decision I probably should have taken sooner. But better to make the right decision late in the day than not at all.

No points will be awarded for the Bahrain Grand Prix. The next round which will count towards the championship is the Spanish Grand Prix.

More on the situation in Bahrain this weekend:

Image ?? Williams/LAT

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146 comments on Predictions Championship round cancelled for Bahrain

  1. Matt (@agentmulder) said on 21st April 2012, 3:36

    Wow, this is… an interesting decision. I personally haven’t seen this “overwhelming” feedback anywhere on the site. In all fairness, maybe Keith has been flooded with e-mails, phone calls, and various petitions. But either way, it’s funny how the general tone of this blog has gone from politically neutral to being a feed of “how many political statements can I insert into an article to bolster my point.”

    We’ve gone from article saying “F1 shouldn’t be political” to articles saying “it’s not right to go there” to the manifesto posted earlier, and condemnations of people on Twitter who don’t automatically try and portray Bahrain as a warzone.

    Your site, your rules. Just as any of us, we are all entitled to our own opinions. While I’m not a fan of the way things are going in Bahrain, F1 or not, nothing will change until the issues of that country are addressed. Canceling the GP will not stop the protests, cancelling these predictions will not stop the protests. But whatever, on with the show.

  2. Lord Stig (@lord-stig) said on 21st April 2012, 4:23

    I have not written anything about my opinions of the race going on so far, as I was and still am really conflicted. As for this decision by Keith, I think it was a reasonable one, the site has taken along with a majority of the readers a ideological position on the issue and this reflects that.

    If I were making the decision if the race should be cancelled I would have done so if for no other reason but to avoid this inevitable mess. However, at the same time I see the argument to not taking any position on the issue and simply let it go on as scheduled. What the ruling elite has done with slogans such as UniF1ed are not a making of the FIA or FOM and thus they are not supporting that behavior. Though I wish they did condemn the use of F1 as a political tool, as they did in Turkey back in 2006.

  3. choltz (@choltz) said on 21st April 2012, 4:23

    I think it is better they race in Bahrain as it brings attention to the country, not much of it being positive. I think it’s pointless to skip the predictions.

  4. ciprian (@ciprian) said on 21st April 2012, 5:41

    I think – do not want to offense anyone – but this is just somehow a “political correct” thing which is stupid related to sport; just like that. How many people are killed in USA in the name of democracy? How many people are killed by USA outside their border in the name of democracy?
    What do you exactly change by this? Nothing? Is just make you sleep better one night. Or if you’re all so convince of what you doing then please no news about F1 in Bahrain, nothing about this weekend and then you convince me. Other way you’re just a hypocrite.

    • Yaeah yeah yeah and the uncivilised masses of Bahrain need repressing for their own good, cos when they stop being murdered, brutalised and kidnapped by the authorities they’ll set up an evil Islamist fundamentalist terroist state – kidnap Ecclestone and steal F1 from us all.

  5. bcfc2 (@bcfc2) said on 21st April 2012, 6:59

    With all the trouble around the world all the problems in the uk.All i want to do is watch my F1 every couple of weeks,play a fun prediction game,and forget about the world for two hours.Is that two much to ask for

  6. ciprian (@ciprian) said on 21st April 2012, 7:06

    I mean english :)

  7. Ridzki (@ridzki) said on 21st April 2012, 7:19

    What??! Pathetic decision, if you want democracy u should create a poll about it first. F1F sucks! bye!

    • US Williams Fan said on 21st April 2012, 7:26

      there has already been MUCH discussion of this gp on the site. if you are leaving…. then well so long and i wish you well. what’s the old saying…. gone but quickly forgotten :)

    • thejudge13 said on 21st April 2012, 9:01

      lol. You make a great case for NOT having a democracy. And hey! this site isn’t one. Its Keith’s. Just look how upset you are because you have no democratic voice to play or not to play agame.

      Try ahving your loved ones tortured by invisible state forces and there’s no 999 (911) for you to call.

      Grow up

  8. US Williams Fan said on 21st April 2012, 7:21

    you made the right call…… i commend you for it. whether the race goes on or not you have made the decision to not support this race in such turbulant times.

    @all the others who have criticism for this idea……. while there are races in other parts of the world with widespread corruption…..murder etc. the gp is not, in any way shape or form, the cause of this. with the barhain gp – things are different…… tne grand prix of bahrain may be starting point for a new wave of bombs or government oppression.

    here’s hoping to a safe race!

  9. muz (@murray1964) said on 21st April 2012, 7:50

    No problems for me canceling the Predictions.

    On an entirely different subject does anyone think that this may be the beginning of the downfall of Bernie?

  10. Guus (@guus_d) said on 21st April 2012, 8:18

    Very strange decision. I thought this was a website about formula one, not about politics.

  11. IDR (@idr) said on 21st April 2012, 8:41

    I’m against Bahrain race and I’ve already stated this in many occasions, but for this one, I think you’re wrong Keith.
    If it is a matter of conscience, why not for China or Abu Dhabi, another two countries that are far from guarantee Universal Human Rights declaration. On the other hand, why only predictions and not live-blog and race articles also. (I’ve read your saying about China and I’ve found your reasons at least arguable)

    I think Keith this site is about Formula One, just F1 Fanatics, that’s all.

  12. Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 21st April 2012, 8:51

    IMO the decision is weird and as much as I greatly respect Keith and his right to so whatever he wants with his blog, I don’t support it. The blog is not boycotting the race itself, but it’s boycotting predictions competition? The predictions for me, as I’m not in position to speak for anyone else than myself, were the only thing in this weekend with some remaining fun factor, which didn’t remind of all the madness going on in Bahrain. Then again I think the decisions should be consistent and cancelling the predictions round should be a consequence of cancelling Bahrain GP coverage as a whole, not a last minute out of the blue quasi-boycott. Now it looks like a hardly understandable gesture. As the race coverage was not cancelled, so the predictions should not be.

  13. GeorgeDaviesF1 (@georgedaviesf1) said on 21st April 2012, 9:02

    I bet this will be the weekend when I get my predictions spot on!

  14. Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 21st April 2012, 9:03

    Jeez guys and girls. It’s Keith’s site, it’s a blog not journalism and it’s his call. He isn’t the BBC and I’d guess that many posters haven’t donated to F1F so what’s your problem? I can go both ways on arguments for and against but any criticism of the bloke who actually owns the blog is unfair. Agree, disagree – that’s up to you. If you have a problem get your own site and/or get over it. Spain awaits.

  15. Maciek (@maciek) said on 21st April 2012, 9:45

    Seems the right call to me. Playing for prizes based on an event that shouldn’t be going ahead don’t seem too right.

    I can’t believe the immaturity level of people angry for having ‘their’ game taken away: a) it’s not your game to begin with, but something offered completely freely, at no effort or cost to you, with the chance of winning some really great prizes, all organized, set up, run, tabulated, etc etc etc by Keith; and b) if you can’t see why it’s wrong to hold the GP as if nothing was happening or to treat it as just another race, then your priorities are way out of whack and you’ve lived a far too sheltered life so far. ‘My fun, my fun, I want my fun and now you’ve ruined it for me.’ Sheesh.

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