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Questions over invisible Force Indias in qualifying coverage

2012 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Force India team were conspicuous by their absence to anyone watching TV coverage of today’s qualifying session.

The world television feed produced by Formula One Management featured no substantial footage of either driver during the session.

This was despite Paul di Resta advancing as far as the final stage of qualifying.

Force India did not run in the second practice session yesterday as the team made arrangements to ensure they left the circuit before nightfall.

This came after members of their team were caught up in a petrol bomb attack earlier in the week. Two members of the team chose to return home afterwards.

This prompted speculation that the lack of coverage of their cars in qualifying was retribution by FOM – something which is understood to have happened with other teams in the past.

Tensions continue to rise in Bahrain following further violent clashes between protesters and security forces. The Bahraini opposition blamed the government for the death of a man yesterday.

2012 Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. I don’t like F1 racing in Bahrain this year, but the decision to go on with the race wasn’t surprising at all – Bernie & co have gone to communist Hungary back in the 80s, they’ve gone to China; i can imagine Bernies & co F1 would go to 3rd reich or Stalins Russia, they would even go to Syria or North Korea if there was enough money in it. I’m more dissatisfied with teams behavior, like Force Indias, cause if they wanted to demonstrate something, the only way was to not go to Bahrain at all, not just skipping one practice session; assuming it was a demonstration.

  2. Maybe Brundle could spend all 10 minutes or so of his Grid Walk chatting with all the Force India crew on the grid!

    1. That would be superb, in the background you’d see little Rumplestiltskin Ecclestone jumping up and down in rage.

  3. Is F1 a respectable modern sport or something run along more Stalinist lines? Talk about the Emperor’s New Clothes. Look at the ridiculous contortions the team personel (and others) perform so as not to offend BE or JT and risk who-knows-what. I can’t help but think that Bernie and Jean have crossed a line this weekend; the international scrutiny of F1 will increase and its reputation can only suffer. Richard Williams in the Guardian has it right.

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