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Rate the race: 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Bahrain Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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267 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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  1. I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the appalling human rights record in China last weekend… I suppose it’s all OK when your HD telly was made there? Hypocrite’s in abundance…

    I rate the race as a 7 – It was very enjoyable, but I am disappointed with the Mclaren performance. I also see that Nico has turned into Jacques Villeneuve: Bags a race victory and promptly turns into an arrogant moron!

  2. I have my opinions on everything surrounding the race and in my opinion, it shouldn’t have gone ahead. However – it did and as it turns out, it was a good race. Lots of overtaking but yet again, it was fairly anticlimatic. For the second race running, it was shaping up to be an epic last few laps but it just didn’t happen…

    8/10 for me.

  3. I gave it a 7. Not as exciting as China but still a good race. Especially considering the race was on a Tilke track that has only provided boring races in the past.

    Maybe Valencia will be exciting too this year…

    I loved Vettel’s victory and Raikkonen’s (Lotus) impressive performance.
    McLaren was hugely disappointing as was Nico Rosberg.

  4. I find it amusing just how much people are carrying on about everything that surrounded the race.
    If your views on the situation are so strong why address it here on a site about formula one.
    Understandably a race did occur in this country, but if your going to behaviour as if you care so much about all that is happening then complaining about a “motor race” is the last thing that needs to be addressed about the troubles in that country.
    Im guessing ill be met with criticism.

    But as far as the race, great race, plenty of overtaking and not just drs related and plenty of action.

  5. So glad I was able to concentrate on racing without thinking the politics even once during the race.
    I’m pleased that the race was held normally. Of course I hope the violence and subordination of human rights would end in Bahrain, but this is F1 site, not human rights page.

  6. Politics aside I watched and gave the race an 8.
    Vettel’s qualifying pole lap was very telling IMO, Speed replayed it ‘in the cockpit’ f, unlike the other fast guys there was not a not a puff of tire smoke the whole lap, awesomely smooth !
    Reckon the opposition knew it was going to be a long day after that…..

  7. Very entertaining race. I gave it an 8.

    The only thing that I regret is that from now onwards people will start to use F1 races to address political issues of each country where a race is held. It’s a big mistake to mix politics with the sport. I remember when Juan Manuel Fangio was kidnapped in Cuba back in 1958 but the race was held anyway. Fangio itself didn’t give the incident any importance at all, nor he sided with any of the participants involved from the political point of view. Also, he never let anyone to involve him in politics here in Argentina as in his opinion it was inappropriate to mix politics with the sport. I personally has the chance to discuss the issue with him many years ago of course.

    Now there are too many “virtual human rights watchers” sitting comfortably at their homes judging whatever happens in a given country without knowledge at all of what’s really going on in each case. And I’m not saying this specifically on Bahrain’s situation but in general due to the globalization phenomena. People should be more careful on expressing opinions and judging other cultures and societies which have a completely different view of the world as we westerners have.

  8. I would rate the race but BBC showed hardly any of it!!

  9. “Rate the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix out of ten” NOT “rate your opinion of whats happing in Bahrain”

    I said 8 Brillaint action in the first phase of the race right through the field. Top 4 fighting in the second stint after Raikknonen missed his 1 chance to get past the race which was sitting at 9-10 pittered away to end with a strong 8. WELL DONE ALL DRIVERS, TEAMS FOR PUTTING ON A GREAT SHOW

  10. And i watched it live on sky but the BBC’s coverage was awful

  11. Regardless of the politics… Another boooring race…
    DRS is ridiculous, and it’s Pirelli that wind every race really… The big factors in F! ar DRS and deliberately poor tyres. How is that comparable to F1 in the past, when there were real cars and drivers…
    The FIA is like FIFA and IOC, a bunch of money grabbing ****** who care nothing for the sport.

  12. Looking only at the race itself, I gave it 8/10.
    Good racing, decent enough battle for the lead, plenty of surprises throughout the race, so a fairly good race overall.
    I still think F1 shouldn’t have raced here, but you could write a book on that.

  13. US Williams Fan
    22nd April 2012, 18:21

    did not watch and thus will not vote. as far as those that are whining about objectivity….. don’t you think that there are hamilton or vettel or schumacher groupies who will rate a race higher if they do well? perhaps if one of the williams drivers was on podium (wishful thinking i know) i might be subconciously inclined to give it a 10.

    let fans determine their reasoning for their vote!

  14. 9/10 I was against the race going ahead due to all the politics and fighting in the background etc, but watched it purely from the perspective of the racing and the championship- and I’m glad I did watch it. The racing was fantastic- probably the best Bahraini Grand Prix IN TERMS OF THE RACING.

    We saw a different winner again, and the brilliant result for Lotus, very happy that Raikonnen has still got the touch, and Grosjean who performed great as well. Unlucky for McLaren and their pit-stops, they’ll surely bounce back.

    I’m a bit miffed by Schumacher’s comments post-race, although I understand what he is getting at, how the drivers aren’t able to fully attack due to tire conservation.

  15. The race was 8/10 for me. Great work of Lotus, Kimmi was agai a champion in the track, and wel done by Grosjean. Vettel is a well deserved champion also.
    Schumacher make a great race and also Rosberg.
    Off race I rate 0/10 !!! Ecclestone is the cancer of Formula1 in the last 20 years. And Todt was embarrasing.

  16. No vote. The race brought the attention of the world onto the clueless, outdated, and repressive leadership of both Bahrain and F1, so some unlikely good may yet come of this mess.

  17. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to object F1 racing in Bahrain. No one outside Bahrain really cared or knew about the protests until this GP.

    First half of the race was exciting, but the last 14 laps were boring. I’ll give it 8/10.

  18. Rated the race a 7. I think it was quite enjoyable thanks to the Raikkonen-Vettel battle.

  19. I can only watch the BBC highlights. Is it just me or did the highlights make it seem like a very boring race? I voted 5 and was quite shocked when I saw how much higher the average vote is. I’m usually right on the average.

  20. 6. The race itself was okay, nothing too special, but with good racing throughout. Pleased for Lotus and particularly Grosjean getting his break.

    But the events surrounding the weekend, from the protests, the violent suppression, the protestor tragically killed yesterday, the trouble experienced by Force India and Sauber, the blackout of Force India, the propaganda act from the regime, and the announcement of widespread arrests of protestors and journalists today. A very bad taste has been left in my mouth which has overshadowed the grand prix.

    Everybody in F1 needs to take a long, hard look at itself between now and Spain, and heads should probably roll. Preferably Bernie’s and Jean Todt’s.

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