Paul Ricard edges closer to race-share deal with Spa

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Carlos Reutemann, Williams, Paul Ricard, 1980In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says financial terms have been agreed for the French Grand Prix to return to the F1 calendar.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ecclestone says French GP deal is done (Autosport)

“Despite long-running rumours of a race-share deal with Belgian Grand Prix venue Spa-Francorchamps, there has been no firm decision about which venue will take the slot in France’s ‘off’ years.”

Drivers’ meeting ‘promises to be very interesting’ (BBC)

“You might think – as Alonso did – that Rosberg’s driving was unfair, overly aggressive, even dangerous, but the rules contain nothing the stewards could use to penalise him.”

Reflections on Bahrain (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “On the journey home I was talking with two F1 drivers, a world champion and a multiple race winner, and they had very similar concerns to Michael in that they can’t push the cars anywhere near their limits. ‘Physically my granny could drive the race’ quipped one to underline how far away from the limits they are.”

Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas’s photos (Facebook)

“Check this out. Here’s Tavo [Hellmund]’s five-year-old COTA layout sketch and planning notes. Very cool.”

Bahrain hardliners in driving seat after F1 fiasco (Reuters)

“‘I suspect now that those in the ruling family who argued that this is more trouble than it’s worth will be saying ‘I told you so’,’ said Justin Gengler, a Qatar-based researcher on Bahrain, singling out the royal court and defence ministers.”

Mark Gallagher’s thoughts on Bahrain ?ǣ Original post at (F1Enigma’s Insider Notebbok)

“With news organisations not allowed into Bahrain, it was left to sports journalists to report on the protests from the Shia villages. This was a huge error, for sports journalists are not used to seeing riots and the sense of horror in their reports was therefore all the greater.”

As F1 takes a battering, where is the silver lining? (The Independent)

“What did Bahrain gain from the grand prix? And that doesn’t mean just the Sunni leadership, who were so insistent on it going ahead, or the vocal Shia protesters upon whose every word so many media outlets hung during the weekend. It also means the silent majority of law abiding Bahrainis.”

Fears of rising violence as circus heads out of Bahrain (The Times, subscription required)

“F1?s travelling circus missed the next part of the show, the Formula One Funeral, as radicals in Bahrain were calling the burial of Salah Abbas Habib last night.”

Not all publicity is good publicity (ESPN)

“The world got denial and lectures, while journalists who dared to show Formula One in anything other than a glowing light were sought out publicly and privately for browbeating.”

Ferrari fever at Mugello (Ferrari)

“Scuderia Ferrari will run Fernando Alonso on the Tuesday and Thursday, with Felipe Massa at the wheel on Wednesday.”

Mark Webber via Twitter

“Come on Ten Sport and One HD I hear [our] great Australian motor sport fans are not happy with rescheduling of timings of the GPs.”

Expanding… (Joe Saward)

“From what I am hearing the plan is to increase the basic number of races to 20 and allow for another possible four. This will mean higher travel costs for the teams but more paydays.”

F1 2012 boasts a revamped physics system (Videogamer)

Codemasters’ Steve Hood: “Previously you might have been bouncing over the kerbs or driving along and the tyres weren’t always in contact with the ground, they didn’t come back down quick enough. But now when you update the suspension, it sounds a bit weird, but it’s almost more compliant. The wheels are in contact with the ground a lot more and you suddenly get a lot more feedback.”

The Inside Line – on Force India?s Nico Hulkenberg (F1)

“Q: What tastes like home?
NH: A good German breakfast. With proper bread! Not that kind of wishy-washy bread that you get in most of the countries we go to.”

Comment of the day

McLarenFanJamm thinks Lewis Hamilton should change his plans not to appear at next week’s Mugello test:

I?m with Lewis. He needs to be in the car at Mugello. Not for the whole test, mind, I still think Paffet and Turvey deserve track time (otherwise, what’s the point of having test drivers?) but if McLaren and/or Lewis want to improve their tyre wear then it makes sense for him to be in the car.

People say that Lewis doesn?t lead the team enough, this is a positive step for him. Taking the initiative and trying to pull the team in the direction he wants to go. To me, he seems to be maturing and understanding what exactly is expected of him. Good for him.

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On this day in F1

A controversial San Marino Grand Prix was won by Didier Pironi 30 years ago today. Look out for an article on the race here later today.

It’s also Felipe Massa and Jean-Eric Vergne’s birthdays – they turn 31 and 22 respectively.

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