Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Shanghai, 2012

Vergne denies Toro Rosso seat is audition for Red Bull

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne says he is not in a “fight” with team mate Daniel Ricciardo for a Red Bull seat in 2013.


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Jean-Eric Vergne Q&A: I?m no rookie (F1)

“Some people will tell you that we are in a fight for the Red Bull cockpit, but I don?t see that right now. I am racing for Toro Rosso and I want to help make the car a points contender.”

Boullier says Grosjean can be champion

“More than the podium finish, what was impressive is the fact that he finished so close to Kimi [Raikkonen] and just ten seconds behind Sebastian Vettel.”

Lotus E20: Overview and Development (ScarbsF1)

“Unlike its rivals there isn?t a stand-out feature or innovation that?s obvious on the E20. Development from the Renault R31 with its ill fated front exit exhausts (FEE) has been iterative and logical.”

Nestle man lined up for F1 chair (Reuters Africa)

“Peter Brabeck, the chairman of Swiss food group Nestle, has been lined up to chair Formula One motor racing should it go ahead with a planned flotation in Singapore, a source close to the matter said.”

Bahrain Special: How Regime Supporters Became The “Silent Majority” for 3 Foreign Journalists (Enduring America)

“Results have been mixed, despite the spending of millions of dollars on public-relations firms and in-house publications, especially amid the recent controversy over the Bahrain Grand Prix. Today, however, we tell a story of success for the regime and its supporters:”

A final note on Bahrain (Joe Saward)

“I hear that there are attempts going on to discredit the story I have written about Bahrain and the people with whom I spoke.”

Bahrain: Vettel the only winner (GrandPrix)

“Official promotional slogans proclaiming ‘UniF1ed – One Nation in Celebration’ were in wide circulation. Aside for the blatant use of the treasured ‘F1’ symbol, this undisputed claim made Ecclestone’s tired assertion that sport and politics don’t mix appear as inappropriate as a Grand Prix in this troubled country.”

The Italian Dilemma (Will Buxton)

“It?s an all too familiar story. Talented Italian lacks budget and doesn?t get the chances he deserves. But why does it always seemingly affect Italians over any other nationality?” Read my comment on this article here.

House of Comments Hansard debate 24th April 2012 (Parliament)

“I understand that the owners of Lotus F1, which by the way came second and third in the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, have expressed an interest and said that they would see no reason to move any of the business away from the UK.”

Formula One Betting: All’s fair in love and tyres! (Unibet)

My new article for Unibet.

Comment of the day

Hays33d on attitudes towards safety improvements in F1:

I?m always surprised by the closed mindedness and resistance when it comes to safety innovations, or at the very least, the exploration of them.

Yes, it has been a long time since an F1 driver was killed, but in other open wheeled classes, like with Surtees, it still happens. Remember when Senna and Ratzenberger were killed the general feeling was that F1 had advanced so far that it was unlikely to see a death again. People got complacent.

Let?s look at this from another perspective. What current safety regulation do you believe makes F1 today worse off? I can?t think of one and I guarantee you that when many of the new regulations were suggested someone said, “You can?t make racing 100% safe. What are they doing to our wonderful sport? What are they trying to accomplish? This will be tragic for the sport!”

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Jean-Pierre Beltoise turns 75 today. The French driver scored his only world championship race win in the soaking wet 1972 Monaco Grand Prix, driving for BRM.

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