Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang, 2012

Caption Competition 12: Ferrari team mates

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang, 2012

This week’s Caption Competition involves the two Ferrari drivers.

Here’s Fernando Alonso showing Felipe Massa something on his phone during the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend.

What’s going on here? It’s over to you to supply the funniest caption.

A selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  • 153 comments on “Caption Competition 12: Ferrari team mates”

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    1. Stephen Higgins
      28th April 2012, 10:05

      “Look very closely Filipe, I can make my thumb dissappear !!”

    2. Hey, Felipe, wanna see the betting odds of you winning the championship?

      (HINT: 1000/1 as opposed to Alonso’s 16/1.)

    3. “See, I am faster than you”

      Pathetic, I know, but I suck at these things.

    4. see I told you I beat angry birds

    5. And this is where I jammed a potato up Lewis’s exhaust pipe!

    6. Massa : Your’e kidding, Nico actually sang Baby one more time after winning in China?
      Alonso : Yes, It went viral today. Look 2 million hits on youtube !

      1. China was three weeks after Malaysia, so as good as this might be it wouldn’t be accurate.

        1. Lol .. I missed the existing caption :) !

    7. Mas: NO WAY!!

      Alo: I’m telling you.. That IS Tulisa out of N-Dubz!

      1. Check this out, this is Schumacher’s worst ever season to date!

      2. @nemo87 Bonus point for being topical!

    8. You see Felipe, I am not only faster than you but I also have more followers!

    9. Alonso – “Look at that score in Angry Birds!!!”
      Massa – “It looks ok…I think I might be able to beat that”

      Stefano calls on the same phone-

      “Felipe, fernando is better than you”

      1. the best comment by far

      2. Brilliant!! Though it should be Rob :p

    10. 1. Alonso: “Here, I took a photo of my six tenths.”

      2. Alonso: “See, I have more Facebook friends than you!”

      3. Alonso: “So I borrowed your phone earlier and sent this to your wife.”

    11. (Seeing as it was before the Malaysian Grand Prix)
      “Yes Felipe, that is Charles Pic ahead of you in the standings… no, it’s not a joke!”

      1. lol, that’s a good one!

    12. Matt (@agentmulder)
      28th April 2012, 10:41

      Alonso: I took this one last night when I went out and saw Kimi at the bar.
      Massa: Is that a Ferrari lampshade around his waist?

    13. A: Hey Fellipe…this is the top secret fetzer damper that makes my car faster than yours!

    14. Fernando: Hey Felipe, check this out…….
      Felipe: Whats that?…..
      Fernando: Its Checo signing the Ferrari contract……do you think i should post it on twitter or give it to Autosport??

    15. Is this your wife, Felipe?

      (tasteless I know but that’s all I could come up with :D)

    16. Look Felipe it’s a text from Luca
      Apparently I’m faster than you

      1. Nice try!

    17. Alonso: Look, they are going viral about Bahrain stuff… we need a lot more protection when we go to Brazil.

      Massa: Don’t say that in public, Nando. Barrichello will probably cry.

    18. Alonso: “Bernie might be able to force us to come to Bahrain agaisnt out will, but I’m beating him in Words With Friends.”

    19. ‘See Felipe, more people support me on F1Fanatic than you!’

    20. “Look, LDM just fired you.”

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