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Pirelli: tyre rules may need bringing up-to-date

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Sepang, 2012Pirelli have suggested F1’s tyre rules should be revised to improve the action on race weekends.

Last year F1’s official tyre supplier raised the possibility of bringing back qualifying tyres to encourage drivers to set times in all parts of qualifying. However the plan failed to gain the support of teams.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery told F1 Fanatic: “We have said before that it is somehow frustrating for the fans to see that some of the top ten drivers do not go out any more in Q3 to save tyres.

“Whereas we also understand the teams’ side – it adds an extra element of strategy for them – it might be worthwhile to open a discussion on whether the tyre regulations should be modified as today’s rules were mainly written for a time when tyres lasted for a whole race.

“It is not our role though to push for changes but we are happy to discuss with the teams, the promoter and the federation should they feel a need for modifying the current tyre regulations.”

Hembery was speaking in response to this article:

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  1. Pirelli really need to start making proper tyres that can do several hot laps without a significant drop-off.

    Thats where the whole problem of qualifying comes from, You can’t get more than 2-3 hot laps out of the tyres before the performance drops so some teams are having to use 3-4 sets in Q1/Q2 & finding themselfs in Q3 with too few sets avaliable for Q3 & the race.

    It wasn’t a problem with the Bridgestone’s because you could get good lap times out the tyres for more laps so teams like Force India could run Q1 & Q2 on 2 sets & get into Q3 with plenty of new sets avaliable & enough performance left on there Q2 set to set a decent lap time.

    The problem with Pirelli’s isn’t so much that they wear down after 10-15 laps, Its the rate of which they lose performance when pushed as hard as is required in qualifying.

    All Pirelli need do is come up with a tyre that can handle 6-7 qualifying laps with little/no performance loss.
    When qualifying tyres were banned for the start of 1992 the GoodYear soft compound was able to maintain performance over 5-6 laps so you often had drivers out there pushing for several laps & in race conditions they were easily able to last 15-20 laps (Hardest could often do a full race non-stop, Mediums were somewhere inbetween), They were all very consistent over a run & only starting to lose performance towards the end of the stints.

    Thats the sort of tyre Pirelli shoudl be aiming for, Not tyres that simply fall to pieces from lap 1.

    1. Perhaps the Bridgestone’s were too durable (the softest compounds at least, harder compounds should be durable) but Pirelli have gone way too far the other way.

  2. For all those dissilutioned with F1 & the current DRS/Pirelli formula, I recommend you start following the Indycar series.
    There new car (which uses ground effects similar to what was planned for F1 in 2014) & new V6 engine formula has produced some brilliant racing over the 1st 4 races.
    They don’t have tyres that wear, They don’t have things like DRS or KERS & they havn’t even been using the Push 2 Pass system they have run in past years, However the racing has been fantastic.
    There has been lots of good, close racing & a lot of really exciting overtaking.

    Indycar this year is no silly gimmicks, No artificial BS, Just pure racing & its so much more exciting as a result.

    here is some highlights of the truly exciting barber race-

    1. I did watch last race and it was horrible. I’m comparing it to when it was CART series, Zanardi, Mantoya, Andretti that time. I was staying up to watch races 4AM.

      Remember Montoya overtaking Andretti on outside into first corner, then race was stopped and they had full restart. Andretti commented: “He is not gonna do it again”. Restart, Montoya does same thing :)

  3. Pirelli: tyre rules may need bringing up-to-date

    Yes I completely agree Mr Pirelli, up to date, don’t make those silly 13 inch tyres and force the F1 teams to produce or acquire wheels more in line with todays standards, such as 17 inches.

    Ferrari bang on and on about how F1 is suppose to suit there road going vehicles but I’ve never seen a Ferrari road car with 13 inch alloys.

    1. Road cars try to compensate for tyre stability with lower profiled tyres, while F1 tyres (sides) are way more durable and don’t have to resort to such thing.

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