Sergio Perez, Sauber, Shanghai, 2012

Double DRS too expensive to develop – Sauber

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Sauber say they won’t be developing their own version of Mercedes’ Double DRS because of the cost.


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No double DRS for Sauber (Sky)

“Sauber say they are unlikely to introduce a Mercedes-style double DRS due to the cost involved in developing the concept.”

Webber queries McLaren duo’s Mugello absence (The Telegraph)

“It was an absolute no-brainer for [Sebastian and I] to be here. There was never any consideration that the race drivers wouldn’t come to this test.”

Mugello Test – Day Three: “It has enabled us to test new development ideas” (Mercedes)

Nico Rosberg: “There is still a lot of work to do of course, and we do need to improve our car in fast corners, but overall I am pleased with the progress that we have made here this week.??”

Ferrari unveil major car redesign on final day of Mugello test (BBC)

Gary Anderson: “The new Ferrari design is definitely an improvement. There is no exhaust interference, and while they’re struggling with the car it is better to get rid of that for now and go in search of the bigger gains they need.”

First sight: Ferrari Revised Mugello Exhaust (Scarbs F1)

“Now the ‘Acer’ ducts are brought more inwards and the exhaust exits over the top of the duct, periscope style. This suggests the exhaust is not being aimed at the floor at all, simply along the centre of the top bodywork towards the beam wing and the winglet mounted atop it. This would be less effective at creating downforce, but would be less sensitive to throttle position and have less of an effect on the rear tyre temperatures.”

Alonso: Spain step forward must count (Autosport)

“This year it is not any more important what position you choose [for the exhausts], or how you manage the position. We saw in Australia one of the quickest cars had the lateral exhausts like McLaren, we saw in China two Red Bulls with different [exhaust] positions and we saw in Bahrain, Red Bull with the lateral ones, but the quickest car was Lotus with the straight ones. So we cannot lose even five minutes on this. There are bigger areas of the car where we need to improve and we try to do it.”

Silverstone ends exclusivity deal, seeks partners (Reuters)

“The owners want to lease their 760-acre estate in central England for 150 years, in a deal that could be worth up to 250 million pounds ($405.10 million), to secure funding for development.”

What?s wrong with Vitaly Petrov? (Viva F1)

“Petrov should be applauded for his bravery in making this statement. Not hailed a coward.”

Scottish lottery millionaires support 15-year-old?s bid to achieve F1 glory (Scotsman)

“A young racing driver has been helped on the road to Formula One by Europe?s biggest-ever lottery winners. Chris and Colin Weir are sponsoring 15-year-old Gregor Ramsay in his first season racing in the European and Italian Formula Three European Abarth season.”

F1 team Sauber shifts into “carbon neutral” status (Business Green)

“The Swiss team said that it has signed a deal with UK offset company Carbon Neutral Investments (CNI), which supports a range of emission reduction projects around the world, including wind farms in India, waste heat recovery projects in China, and hydro-electric stations in Brazil.”

Comment of the day

JamieFranklinF1 on Vitaly Petrov’s criticism of Mugello:

I can understand where he?s coming from, but at a time when Monaco and Montreal are still on the calendar, it?s a little bit ridiculous.

I personally think that if the drivers like it, then it should be on the calendar. Obviously, that isn?t how it works, and it?s a shame that the ??pinnacle? of motorsport doesn?t have the greatest race tracks on their calendar. Replacing Valencia and/or Abu Dhabi with race tracks like this would surely hail much praise from most, if not all Formula 1 fans.

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On this day in F1

Ten years ago today new F1 team Toyota announced they would give a test to Cristiano da Matta, who was on his way to victory in that year’s Champ Car championship.

Da Matta was promoted to the team for 2003 but dropped halfway through 2004. He later returned to Champ Car but called time on his single-seater career after suffering serious injuries when his car struck a deer while testing at Road America in 2006.

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