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F1 fans’ videos from the Chinese and Bahrain races

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There was plenty of fan footage to be found from the Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix, but not as much from China and even less from Bahrain.

The latter is to be expected given the situation in the country during F1’s visit this year.

Here are some of the better videos shot by fans at the last two races.

Chinese Grand Prix

The start

A great shot of the start overlooking the finishing line in the massive grandstand at Shanghai.

Another view of the start. Keep an eye out for Pastor Maldonado running wide to avoid contact with his team mate.

Schumacher and Hamilton

Lap 12: Michael Schumacher comes out of the pits behind Lewis Hamilton – but he retires moments later as the team have failed to fit a wheel correctly.

Race weekend

Various clips of footage from throughout the race weekend.

Bahrain Grand Prix


A quiet start to the weekend at turn one.

Race weekend

Edited footage from the race weekend.

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