Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Mugello, 2012

Alonso hails Massa as “one of the best”

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Mugello, 2012In the round-up: Fernando Alonso gives a vote of confidence for his under-fire team mate.


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“When I take my overall I’m a son; a brother and a friend; like any of you” (Fernando Alonso)

“[Felipe Massa is] one of the best drivers in the world, and he has shown it during his whole career. It?s easy to praise when you have a good car but also to criticise when you have a bad one. I lived similar situations during my last stint at Renault, when some of my team mates were unfairly criticised and now, they are being praised once again.”

Force India handed ??650,000 legal bill in copyright dispute (BBC)

“Force India have been ordered by a High Court judge to pay ??650,000 legal costs to the Caterham team and their chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne.”

Ferrari upgrades in detail (Sky)

More pictures of the configuration Ferrari ran their F2012 in the final day of the Mugello test.

Sauber F1 Team – Track Presentation Barcelona (YouTube)

The Wolff at F1’s door (ESPN)

“I’m a development driver, which means I’ll be doing a lot of work in the simulator. I’ll be doing a couple of straight-line tests to get used to the car. This year I’m not doing the Young Drivers’ Test, because they’ve already been assigned to other drivers – Valtteri Bottas is the third driver at Williams – but I’ll be doing a track test in an older car.”

Spain?s King Juan Carlos awarded FIA Academy prize (FIA)

“The prestigious award was conferred to King Juan Carlos in recognition of his dedicated and boundless support of motor sport clubs in Spain as well as his enthusiastic involvement with a number of other sporting organisations in his country.”

The President of the FIA, Jean Todt, visits HRT Formula 1 Team?s new facilities (HRT)

“The facilities are impressive, modern and functional. You can see that everything is brand new and it will be even better once they?ve spent a couple of months there working. I wish the best for the future of HRT.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“No F1 this weekend but it’s the Six Hours of Spa on Saturday, live coverage from 1pm on Motors TV in the UK. Last WEC race before Le Mans! Also it’s the first Formula Renault 3.5 race of the year. How will they get on with DRS? Race one live on Eurosport at 1:30pm on Saturday. And WTCC and Auto GP on Eurosport, and delayed coverage of the second Formula Renault race.”

Jenson Button Formula 1 Driver – Original self portrait Canvas – Face Britain Listed for charity (eBay)

A self-portrait of Jenson Button being auctioned for charity.

Meet Sonia Irvine: F1???s Entertainment Doyenne (Sybarite)

“Sonia Irvine, sister of F1 driver Eddie Irvine, has been throwing pop up parties for celebrities, F1 teams and fans of the sport. Our Sybarites managed to interview her about her personal story and business venture Amber Lounge.”

Comment of the day

Some interesting thoughts from DavidS on tyres in F1:

I think that the difference between the tyres is still too narrow. The difference between the prime and option in the race is that the prime lasts a few laps longer and is slightly slower, but doesn?t have a different character compared to the option.

If the harder tyres were designed to wear more gradually (i.e. a steady degradation, rather than “falling off the cliff”), took much longer to switch on, but lasted a long time and could take a lot more punishment without graining. Combined with the softer tyres being incredibly fast, but fragile and prone to “falling off the cliff,” we would see some interesting strategies.

Also, getting rid of the rule that requires them to use both compounds in the race would open up the possibilities further. That way, each driver?s strategy is immediately obvious to everyone ?ǣ drivers on an aggressive strategy would use the softs, whereas drivers playing the long game would be on the hards.

I think that the tyres should be chosen so that the hard tyre should enable someone to complete the race on one stop if they drive with care, and the soft tyre being somewhere between two and three stops. Drivers could do three stints of aggressive driving on softs; two stints on hards; or one very long stint on hards and an attacking stint on softs; or two stints on hards.

The two-tyre rule prevents the first two strategies from being used, leaving only variations on the latter.

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On this day in F1

We got stuck into the overtaking debate yesterday but it was going on 12 months ago as well. In the press conference ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix Vitaly Petrov was among those arguing passing had become too easy:

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo