Fry says F1 needs Mercedes deal before flotation

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Mercedes, 2012In the round-up: Mercedes CEO Nick Fry says F1 owners CVC should agree terms for them to remain in F1 before the planned flotation.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

CVC need Mercedes deal before any float – team exec (Reuters)

Mercedes CEO Nick Fry: “If CVC wish to float F1, I think they need this resolved fairly quickly – possibly more than we need it resolved.”

Canada told to shape-up (Sky)

“Bernie Ecclestone has demanded Canadian Grand Prix organisers carry out major construction work at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve or risk losing the race.”

Barcelona Tough Test (Speed)

Jenson Button: “It?s been more getting the tyres to work rather than looking after the degradation. I think last year we had some races, especially in China, where it was very difficult. This year it’s been the other way round, it?s been about getting it into the working window. Formula One we’ve always run on four tyres ?ǣ well, we haven’t always, but we have in our racing! ?ǣ and there’s always degradation, it’s just a matter of how much.”

Schumacher denies tyres frustrate him (Autosport)

“I stated myself and I felt one part has too much and it should be a bit more equalised for everybody and the majority – rather than a smaller minority.”

Drivers call for clarity on blocking (ESPN)

Nico Rosberg: “Two drivers raised concerns about it so we need to discuss it. If there was a danger, which I didn’t cause on purpose, then we need to implement rules so that it doesn’t arise again. We could look at implementing more rules in that situation because it is not very clear, but it can be looked at.”

Q&A with Force India?s Paul di Resta (F1)

“We know now that we are on the right track and adding more upgrades will hopefully enable us to tie in with Bahrain – and maybe even better – if we do an excellent job.”

After Bahrain, F1 is in a better place amid the sunshine of Barcelona (The Guardian)

“The argument that F1 had a contract to fulfil is a specious one. The obligation to see out a contract, even more than patriotism, is a last refuge. It is more honourable to walk away from a rotten contract than to “honour” it. The sport should never be allowed to forget what it did in Bahrain last month. It should be reminded at regular intervals of the self-inflicted damage it sustained.”

Comment of the day

Adam Tate on Alonso’s call for greater respect between drivers:

For Webber to pull off that move in Eau Rouge, there had to be complete trust and respect between the two drivers. Alonso and Webber are definitely two of the best about that, and I like that Alonso is calling for more of it. After the Hamilton and Massa crash course extravaganza of last season, I am inclined to agree with him.
Adam Tate

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to 130r!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher won a wet Monaco Grand Prix today in 1997.

Behind him Rubens Barrichello scored a memorable second place for new team Stewart and Eddie Irvine in the other Ferrari was third:

Image ?? Mercedes

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102 comments on Fry says F1 needs Mercedes deal before flotation

  1. brum55 said on 11th May 2012, 12:43

    I know I’m adding nothing new here, but Schumacher really was in a league of his own in his first career.

  2. Maciek (@maciek) said on 11th May 2012, 17:07

    F1F has improved over time as far as quality of content goes @keith, but the comments pages are being bludgeoned and have been for a long while now. I imagine that regular posters who are contentious yet stay within the bounds of blog rules help boost site traffic. But there is a glaring gap these days, in my view, between the quality of site content and the quality of the exchanges on the site. You know, on a human level. Reading the comments on F1F used to put a smile on my face. not a satisfied ‘I won my argument’ smile, but a ‘man, what a cool site with cool people’ kinda smile. One reason why that’s much more rarely true these days is that many good natured people who used to come around don’t anymore. Doesn’t mean they haven’t been replaced I guess. But the vibe here has changed and not for the better.

    • AJ (@aj13) said on 11th May 2012, 20:19

      I have to say I strongly agree. I’ve noticed that a number of posts have been removed from this articles comments section today – and approriately so.

      My humble offering is that there are a small number of contributers – some registered and some guests – who seem to dominate certain discussions.

      My observation (which is only my view) is that it appears that a certain registered user feels it necessary to place a large number of comments accross multiple threads and also within a single thread. The style of these at times can appear authorative, abrasive, and negatively critical.

      This has engaged a number of other contributers to react – rightly or wrongly.

      The impossible task for Keith and the team is to monitor the spirit of what’s being said. It may be that if a contributor has a style as I suggested above, they attract attention and people merely wish to engage that person ad infinitum.

      But hey, the debate over internet freedom/censorship has been raging for years. So what do you do?

      • bernieslovechild said on 11th May 2012, 21:03

        I want to apologise. I have been engaging the individual mentioned above – and probably at times inappropriately. I suppose the best way to allow my irritation at certain things said is to allow them to be seen for what they are – rather than engage them to the nth degree.

        This is clearly the best F1 site around in both quantity of editorial produced and the quality therein.

        I want to support keith in his endeavours not create problems for him.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 11th May 2012, 20:24

      @maciek When I last caught up on this comment thread I was unhappy with what I found. As @aj13 pointed out quite a few comments have now been removed. I never like removing comments but some of the contributions on here simply weren’t up to the standard that’s expected. People who want to troll and insult others can go elsewhere.

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