Serious fire in Williams pit after race

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

Williams pit, Barcelona, 2012A serious fire broke out in the Williams pit after the Spanish Grand Prix.

It took hold shortly after 5pm local time as the team celebrated their victory in today’s race.

The fire was brought under control however the extent of injuries to team members remains unclear.

Force India COO Otmar Szafnauer told Sky one of their crew has been taken to the medical centre with smoke inhalation.

Thick clouds of smoke filled the area and the pit lane was evacuated after the fire.

Update at 17:24: Caterham have issued the following statement:

Caterham F1 Team was involved in a fire that started in the Williams F1 Team’s garage after the end of the Spanish Grand Prix.

All the team’s employees have been accounted for and four people have been taken to the circuit medical centre for examination; one with a minor hand injury and three with respiratory issues.

A further statement will be issued when more details about the incident are confirmed.

Update at 19:49: Williams have issued the following statement:

After today?s Spanish Grand Prix a fire occurred in the team?s garage which originated from the fuel area.

Four team personnel were injured in the incident and subsequently taken to the medical centre. Three are now receiving treatment at local hospitals for their injuries, while the fourth has been released. The team will monitor their condition and ensure they receive the best possible care.

The team, the fire services and the police are working together to determine the root cause of the fire and an update statement will be released in due course.

The Williams F1 Team would like to thank all of the teams and the FIA for their support in today?s incident.

Update at 21:08: The FIA confirms 31 people were taken to the medical centre following the incident:

The FIA can confirm that a fire broke out in the Williams garage after the conclusion of the Spanish Grand Prix. The flames were quickly brought under control through the combined intervention of staff from Williams, Caterham and Force India, supported by the circuit fire services.

Thirty-one team members were seen by Circuit Medical Centre staff and all have been released, with the exception of seven who were transferred to a variety of local hospitals where they are receiving treatment.

The FIA is collaborating closely with the Spanish authorities investigating this incident and will be providing a further update as soon as more information becomes available.

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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128 comments on Serious fire in Williams pit after race

  1. beckymorgan1982 (@beckymorgan1982) said on 13th May 2012, 21:09

    Shocked to hear the news about the fire in the Williams garage, had just finished watching the Grand Prix on BBC iplayer when I heard the news, what a horrible end to what has been a fantastic weekend for Williams, was impressed by the response from all the guys in the garage and also the other teams in helping to stop what could have clearly been a much worse fire which dire consequences for the whole of the sport.

  2. Mary Nelan said on 13th May 2012, 21:13

    Thank God no one got killed in the fire. Celebrate with the winner & don’t let the
    fire come in it’s way

    Congratu\ations to the winner.
    Mary Nelan

  3. Postreader said on 13th May 2012, 21:29

    Williams was on fire this weekend I see.

  4. JP (@jonathanproc) said on 13th May 2012, 21:59

    Seven people are in hospital due to this. There’s no need for comments like that.

  5. zicasso (@zicasso) said on 13th May 2012, 22:00

    I think Shumy started the fire with his mind. :) Crazy end of the day for Williams. I am glad no one got seriously injured.

  6. Josie Maunders (@jbmaunders) said on 13th May 2012, 22:07

    A horrible, horrible situation but one that really showed the camaraderie in F1. Found it incredible at how there were people from every team doing their best to help and make sure everyone was okay. Once hearing that there were no serious injuries, it brought a few smiles to my face to see that even though they’re rivals on the track, off track there is a great amount of concern and respect, and, after seeing Alonso and Raikkonen lift Maldonado onto their shoulders on the podium, the same can be said about the drivers.

  7. My best wishes to the old Williams excellent result! … with fireworks included. hehe

  8. Brownerboy (@brownerboy) said on 13th May 2012, 22:40

    How will the team manage with Monaco next with all the equipment that was damaged/destroyed? I don’t think they would have spare garage partitions etc?

  9. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 13th May 2012, 22:41

    I saw this unfold on Sky. Scary stuff. Sky did a great job of helping out and keeping us up to date. Kudos to them.

    An unfortunate incident but it seems that no one was seriously hurt.

    I’ll be curious to read the police report on this one.

  10. Gill Parry (@welshwitch) said on 13th May 2012, 22:46

    I think HRT and Marussia were in there helping too, think they deserve a mention, not to mention the Sky cameraman who helped someone out.

  11. This could have been so much worst, I wish everybody well. I was in this pitlane last year during the Thursday Pit Walk, I can stop imaging the panic this would have caused, even though the spanish have this well organised but some other circuits allow thousands of fans crammed into to pitlane. You can see FIA tightening things up regarding access to the pitlane

  12. Glad everyones ok. Please investigate hamilton. i think this too may have been his fault. Thanks

  13. Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 13th May 2012, 23:45

    DC. Pink shirt, white trousers. Is this the 80’s?

    More seriously. Finally Williams get a break and this happens.

  14. This year the world is too tight, I like that there is equality between teams announcing a fun year, good for williams.

  15. You know, I’ve seen a lot of people stating that no one was seriously hurt in this fire, and I’m just wondering where they got that information. The last I read, there were three Williams team members (plus, judging from the FIA statement, possibly four other people) still hospitalized, and I haven’t been able to find anything further on their condition. Can anyone provide a link to something more recent?

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