Jenson Button, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

McLaren not well-suited to Monaco, says Button

2012 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012Jenson Button says the MP4-27 isn’t the ideal car for the tight, slow Monte-Carlo track.

“Our car isn?t especially suited to the tighter confines of a track like Monaco,” said Button. However, he added, “I?m optimistic of getting on top of the balance issues that have affected me for the past two races. It?s going to be a fantastic weekend.”

Button won the race for Brawn in 2009 and finished on the podium last year after a late charge was interrupted by the race being red-flagged.

He said: “I remember last year having a fantastic car beneath me and feeling really confident that I could challenge for the win.

“As it happened, circumstances beyond our control worked to pull that opportunity away from us, but I go back to Monte-Carlo with a little bit of unfinished business.”

Team mate Lewis Hamilton is looking to improve on eighth place in the last two races at the track where he won in 2008:

“It?s important not to lose sight of the fact that, despite pushing for the win, consistency and scoring decent points is currently the most sensible way to tackle this world championship.

“I?ve scored points at every race, and I?m only eight points off the lead of the championship. That?s a really encouraging statistic and it?s reassuring to see my approach is paying off.

“Nevertheless, I?m coming off the back of two relatively disappointing results and there would be no better place for the cards to fall in my favour than at Monaco.”

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. I suspect its due to how stiff the front end of this car is, wont be able to ride the bumps as well as say the Ferrari, which looks pretty supple.

  2. @Neel Jani.
    Button only scored more points than Hamilton last year. He didn’t beat him.
    Hamilton’s issues last year had nothing to do with performance, but with accidents.
    Hamilton was probably a bit impatient sometimes, but that was usually because the team had got him running out of place, either by messing up his qualifying or not pitting him at the right time while he was ahead.
    Withmarsh was giving Button the best window to pit irrespective of if he was in 2nd or 12th position. As a result where Hamilton could have challenged for wins, he was falling back as he wasn’t allowed to use the undercut to challenge for wins.
    The same trend continued into this season, Button was being given the best pit stop window, even to the point of allowing Hamilton’s tyres to drop off in Aus.
    The fact they were on 2 different strategies in Spain was what allowed Hamilton to do his own race, possiby also the fact that Withmarsh and Crew had deliberately messed up a fine qualifying, and was guilt ridden.
    Withmarsh has gone from being a team boss to a deranged fan who promotes his idol irrespective of any consequence to the well being of his team.

    1. If Button didn’t beat Hamilton, Hamilton beat himself.

      1. In 2011 that is, in 2012 Hamilton’s got Button under control.

  3. More like Button not well suited to Monaco…

  4. After reading so many comments about JB’s phenominal driving last year I was under the illusion that this 2012 Mclaren under the driver supervision of (JB) would see a significant gap between JB & LH- i feel LH has decided he will drive the car is own way, and keep is own council – MW comment about LH deserves to win Monaco -he should have won Barcelona … i feel there is brinkmanship being play between LH team & all of a sudden I love my other driver LH by MW.

    I hope Mclaren doesn’t implode, I know we have a great team- car – drivers-engineers, ok the occasional wheel nut guy from Kwik Fit. Stick together.
    I am tired and bored of eating Ferria & RB – humble pie.

  5. Windowlicker
    19th May 2012, 15:45

    Jb is always winging , Lewis just drives the wheels off the car weather car is set up well or not and doesn’t really complain . I can see Lewis’s luck change at Monaco with a win and then go on a run cuz Canada is after that and he’s typically very good there ! But it all depends on mclaren who I am losing respect for at the mo , to many mistakes to many excuses !!

  6. William Brierty
    21st May 2012, 10:46

    I’m sorry Jenson, but every single person who really ought to know looked at Lewis’ Spanish lap and confirmed that the next two races are going to be rather dull – utter Hamilton domination is forecast between now and Valencia. Probable good form from Lewis has a habit of triggering a rather pesimistic attitude from Button – remember the later half of 2010? Lewis got everything from what was the third fastest car on track while Button moaned instead of simply getting on with it. I don’t think I am going to have the will to live after another whingy season from Button.

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