Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Barcelona, 2012

Caption Competition 13: Bernie and Sir Frank

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Barcelona, 2012

It was a dramatic weekend for Sir Frank Williams in Barcelona.

Pastor Maldonado scored Williams’ first win in eight years – but all at the team were fortunate to escape a fire which broke out in their garage after the race.

Before all that there were belated birthday celebrations for the team’s founder, who turned 70 in April.

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was among those who joined in the party. What did he have to say to Sir Frank? That’s up to you to decide in today’s Caption Competition.

Post your suggest for a funny caption in the comments. A selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

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79 comments on “Caption Competition 13: Bernie and Sir Frank”

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  1. The fire in the Williams garage wasn’t an accident. Someone started the fire to save everybody from Bernie’s singing.

  2. Bernie: Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats…
    Frank: Ha, it’s funny because goblins eat both of those.

  3. Ok Frank…… don’t get fired up with what i am about to say….

  4. Bernie: ‘I’m older than you, confirm that you understood this message…’

  5. Bernie decides that it would be a good idea to wish Frank a happy birthday by performing Elvis Presley’s “Trouble” during a karaoke competition.

  6. “And I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that”

  7. We have sorted Hamilton and I’ve had a word with Stefano about strategy so as long as Pasta can keep it on the island……. Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. ‘Frank don’t know to take a hint! He even let the guy negotiate for them… But he will be sorry for the next 70 years!’

  9. “I know what you’re thinking Frank; did he have 6 firelighters or only 5? So what you’ve got to ask yourself is: do I feel lucky?”

  10. Frank: “I said we wouldn’t let any w*nkers into the team regardless of how much money they had, but we’ve made an exception today.”

    1. I think we have a winner @spirals !

  11. Bernie: “I’m the firestarter, twisted firestarter!”

  12. Shake that!
    Every race they’re shuffling
    Shuffling shuffling

  13. Frank and Bernie preparing for appearing on Britains Got Talent next year as a singer/beatboxer combo

  14. Bernie stands next to Frank Williams to make himself look taller.

  15. kowalsky is back
    19th May 2012, 15:47

    bernie: 70 candles are a lot, so be careful frank, i don’t want to start a fire in the pit area.
    frank: nonesense bernie, remember that you are not always right.
    bernie: I hope you are right.

  16. ” Taller than you Frankie “….

  17. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher)
    19th May 2012, 16:19

    Bernie: ‘I’m even older than you!’

  18. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher)
    19th May 2012, 16:21

    Bernie: ‘Want a race victory as a present? we can make up some excuse about the tyres or something’

  19. Just put the birthday candles next to the kers station…

  20. Bernie: Finally I feel like I am above someone..

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