Drivers expected to get extra protection from debris

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In the round-up: Charlie Whiting says it is “inevitable” F1 car design will be changed to protected drivers from flying debris.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1 head protection ‘inevitable’ (BBC)

“[Charlie Whiting] added that roll-over protection in front of the driver ‘is the most likely option in my opinion’.”

Mike Gascoyne via Twitter

“Dead line for payment for Force India passed and nothing received, not unexpected though, typical of Bob Fearnley, all talk…”

Pirelli: Unpredictability isn’t hurting F1 (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “In time the engineers will master what they are doing and, give it is a few more races, things will settle down. We had some indications in Spain that three or four teams had made some progress. We felt that was borne out with some of the results we saw.”

Williams’ finest hours (ESPN)

“Ten of Williams‘ best and most significant victories.”

Historic Grand Prix of Monaco 2012 (Veronnie85 via YouTube)

You can see some minor revisions at the chicane for this year’s race: the approach is less bumpy and the barrier Sergio Perez hit has been moved back.

Spanish Grand Prix video (F1)

Official race highlights video.

Formula One: It’s still anyone’s Drivers Championship (Unibet)

My latest article for Unibet.

Angry Birds joins Lotus F1 Team (LRGPTV via YouTube)

Lewis & Jenson Santander via Facebook

“Have you ever imagined what a London Grand Prix might look like? Lewis and Jenson have. The big day is 28 June.”

Comment of the day

Ferrari say Massa is going nowhere, but Mani517 isn’t convinced:

Motorsport is a place where statements are political, indirect and often meaningless. I don?t believe that Ferrari aren?t looking for a viable replacement right now for Massa. I bet, if there comes an opportunity that works out as they please, they would replace Massa even now.

I?m sure they don?t want a driver who can push Alonso on the other Ferrari (there are very few in the current grid to do that, and are very unlikely to end up in a Ferrari any time soon), but, I?m also sure they wouldn?t want a driver who is clearly under-performing ?ǣ well below an average F1 driver’s standard. ?ǣ to just hang around for the sake of their relationship, sympathy, influence or whatever that made them retain Massa for 2012 after his dismal 2011 season (compared to Alonso).

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On this day in F1

Juan Manuel Fangio won the Monaco Grand Prix for Maserati on this day 55 years ago, en route to his fifth and final world championship.

He had to pick his way through debris from a crash which started when early leader Stirling Moss went off at the chicane, causing Peter Collins to go off in his Ferrari. Mike Hawthorn then crashed into the back of Tony Brooks’ car and also retired.

Brooks kept his Vanwall going to the end, scoring their first podium finish, taking second ahead of Masten Gregory in another Maserati.

Here’s some footage from the race – keep an eye out for what looks very much like Bernie Ecclestone in shot at around the nine-minute mark: