Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Montreal, 2011

Pirelli announce unchanged tyre allocations for next three races

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pirelli will allocate the same tyre compounds for the Canadian, European and British races that were supplied last year.

Drivers will have the soft and super-soft tyres in Montreal, soft and medium in Valencia, and soft and hard in Silverstone.

Here are the tyre allocations announced so far this year and how they compare to last year:

Circuit 2012 Option 2012 Prime 2011 Option 2011 Prime
Melbourne Soft Medium Soft Hard
Sepang Medium Hard Soft Hard
Shanghai Soft Medium Soft Hard
Bahrain Soft Medium No race No race
Catalunya Soft Hard Soft Hard
Monte-Carlo Super-soft Soft Super-soft Soft
Montreal Super-soft Soft Super-soft Soft
Valencia Soft Medium Soft Medium
Silverstone Soft Hard Soft Hard

Pirelli’s soft, medium and hard tyres are softer compounds than those used last year.

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