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F1 Fanatic ad-freeI began F1 Fanatic in 2005 as a handful of hand-written HTML files.

Today the site runs to thousands of pages of articles, thousands more forum pages and tens of thousands of images. We have live discussions during races, quizzes, videos and much more.

But hosting, developing, writing and everything else associated with running F1 Fanatic isn’t free. And doing it well – or at least trying to – doesn’t come cheaply.

Adverts are a necessary evil of running a popular website. No-one likes to see them, but on F1 Fanatic they are by far the greatest source of income. No ads means no revenue, which means no F1 Fanatic.

But now, following a request from a number of readers, I’m launching a new way for you to put something into the website and get something back in return.

Become an F1 Fanatic Supporter

By becoming an F1 Fanatic Supporter you can contribute ??1 per month towards the cost of running the site, and in return your F1 Fanatic account will become ad-free.

This will allow you to browse the site with no external ads, giving you more screen space and quicker-loading pages.

If you would like to contribute towards running and improving F1 Fanatic, and get to browse ad-free in return, simply fill in your F1 Fanatic user name below and click Subscribe.

You will be taken to an external page hosted by PayPal to complete the transaction (you do not require a PayPal account).

Sign up here now

We aim to process all new subscriptions within 24 hours of payment.

If you have any problems trying to become an F1 Fanatic Supporter, please send details using the contact form.

You can find out more about becoming an F1 Fanatic Supporter here:

If you have any other questions, please ask below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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109 comments on Become an F1 Fanatic Supporter and go ad-free

  1. gabal (@gabal) said on 22nd May 2012, 20:13

    I used to occasionally click on some random ads on your site but giving 1 pound a month for a site which I visit daily and would hate to see going off line is really a bargain. I would prefer to pay at once for longer period though.

  2. Dusty in California (@dusty-in-california) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:10

    Signed up immediately. An absolute no-brainer.

    One note @keithcollantine – I’ve had my browser adblocker on since day one. It’s not that I’m militant about ads or trying to cheat anyone out of revenue… I just enjoy a cleaner, quieter web. When I’ve turned the plugin off from time to time, I’m amazed how awful everything looks and how much slower browsing becomes. So maybe consider going a little easier on the people blocking ads by default. There will always be a few jerks out there, but I think most of us want to do the right thing.

    In short, thank you for providing a method to pay you for your hard work and investment that doesn’t require putting up with a headache.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:30

      Fair enough Dusty, point taken.

    • Guilherme (@guilherme) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:05

      Indeed, when you use it for a long time you are not even aware that there was supposed to be ads in most of the pages. Last week I had to format my computer, and when I installed Firefox and adblock again, the first thing I see is a link to install the easylist – basically a huge list of ads that will be blocked automatically (even those annoying ads on youtube that will only let you skip to the video after 5 seconds). I really doubt most people would be handpicking which ads they want blocked. Anyway, I hope I can pay back with the subscription for all the months I had your ads blocked @keithcollantine :P I’ve been wanting to contribute somehow for some time, but I could never afford a substantial donation.

      • Max Thon said on 22nd May 2012, 22:56

        > I really doubt most people would be handpicking which ads they want blocked

        True but actually i dont even bother to use the global adHunter rules. I do more then just block ads (which i handpick and write every rule), i also change the look of the page if i dont like it (not the case here). U can change every element on a page if u want. Move logo to other side/place, make text bigger, change font of a specific text, etc

  3. zippyone (@zippyone) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:33

    I’m in, just signed up, the ads do occasionally bother me

  4. zippyone (@zippyone) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:34

    @keithcollantine, how long does it take before the ads go away?

  5. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:35

    Just done processing the first batch, thanks everyone who’s signed up so far!

    • Jake (@jleigh) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:18

      @keithcollantine earlier I said I would subscribe as soon as possible, but I’ve been thinking. The ads don’t really bother me, I have a quick enough internet that they don’t really slow it down. I visit the site a few times a day, so would you receive more from me personally by me not subscribing and therefore having the ads. I really have no idea how these things work in terms of how much you get from ads, but if you think you would gain more by me not subscribing then I would rather do that and make the odd one-off donation when possible.

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:50

        @jleigh Even if you use the site as heavily as I do, I would earn more from you subscribing than just from the ad impressions generated by you visiting the site!

        • Jake (@jleigh) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:54

          @keithcollantine Ok thanks, I will do that when possible then.

        • BasCB (@bascb) said on 23rd May 2012, 9:52

          You know @Keithcollantine, I just subscribed, as I think 1 GBP a month is a supberb bargain for all your content.

          Did you think about maybe giving people to option to tell the system how much they would like to spend on the subscribtion (i.e. leave it open for us to pay 2 GBP or 4 or whatever amount)?

          By the way, I like the monthly payment over a yearly one, as its just so little, in the way a single app/tune does not cost much and does not scare anyone away (I try and keep up a yearly donation as well though).

        • Ral (@ral) said on 23rd May 2012, 12:46

          @keithcollantine Really? You’re not getting a lot per ad served if a daily visitor doesn’t work out to £1/month. I’m not saying that’s not the case, just that it surprises me.

          Like most of the posters here at least, I visit at least once daily. That’s 30 days times let’s say 4 pages (front page, daily roundup, back to front page and one other article, which, going by my own habits is on the low side) times 3 ads per page makes 360 ads served per month. That’s .2777777pence per ad.

          Again, I’m not saying you’re getting paid more than that. Just that £1/month seems a bit on the low side, considering I didn’t count posting comments (another reload) or visiting the forums, or reviewing articles that I have commented on etc. etc.

          • GR (@gr) said on 23rd May 2012, 14:12

            The reality is that he probably gets less than that per person per advert. Tbh I don’t know where the concept that online advertising pays big bucks comes from – the reality is pretty grim. If you look at it from the perspective of the advertiser, they would be better off putting their money into mass-media campaigns rather than bespoke websites (in terms of views per £1). Then if you factor in that there’s a middle-man coordinating all the advertising who will want a cut, then it really doesn’t add up to much…

            No idea what size Keith’s readership is, but you’d have to have a very very large group to start making money (but then it gets interesting, because the more people you have, the more you can charge!)

          • gabal (@gabal) said on 23rd May 2012, 16:58

            I don’t know which model F1 Fanatic has but for some ads you get money only if the visitor actually clicks on it.

  6. I’ve signed up. Not to get rid of the ads. To be honest I don’t mind them at all. F1 Fanatic is my favourite website, so hopefully my €15 ish per year will help some.

  7. Jarred Walmsley (@jarred-walmsley) said on 22nd May 2012, 21:48

    Just subscribed as well, for NZ$2.14 per month, it’s pretty awesome value and it will help you keep the site running so more than happy to help

  8. Maciek (@maciek) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:11

    Good stuff. Can’t say the ads bother me in particular on your site, but it’s certainly a great incentive to contribute.

    I’m not that crazy about PayPal’s functionality, but to those who have qualms about providing card information and so on: if you have a PayPal account, you can link a bank account to it, and then it basically works like a direct payment from your bank account. I haven’t run into any problems with this feature.

  9. mole (@mole) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:24

    Now that F1Fanatic has a sweet User Profile system, have you thought about maybe adding a “I’m a F1Fanatic” badge on to donators profiles, might appeal to the “epeen” nature of the visitors? @keithcollantine

    • Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 22nd May 2012, 23:26

      Now that’s thinking.

    • Estesark (@estesark) said on 22nd May 2012, 23:44

      I was thinking of what other small perks could be afforded to supporters as well – not that it’s in my hands or anything. I would never want to see certain articles only available to people who have paid, but perhaps they could get early access to new features while they are still in development? I know there are already beta testers here, but in case more were needed, it would be a good pool to use.

  10. Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:30

    I’d like an annual paypal subscription as well please Keith. I don’t want to cause you any more admin work than you already do just to satisfy a few of us but if it’s do-able then I’m in. For the moment I’ll put up with the ads and make a donation. Any chance of an iPhone app?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 22nd May 2012, 22:54

      @thecollaroyboys Will try to make an annual option available, but not until next week at the earliest.

      As for an iPhone app, that would mean incurring a development cost to create something not all users of the site would be able to use. It would have to recoup that cost and then some. It wouldn’t have any extra functionality because I wouldn’t want to exclude non-iPhone users (such as myself!). So I’m not convinced it’s a worthwhile proposition at the moment. The entire site should work on most major smartphones, and as inexpensive, fast wireless internet connectivity becomes more widespread I think the major advantage of an app will be diminished.

      • Thecollaroyboys (@thecollaroyboys) said on 22nd May 2012, 23:10

        Let us know when the annual is available – I’m in. And a twleve quid a year is really very inexpensive, quite a bargain really. Fair call on the iphone thing – keep focused on the content which is excellent as always.

  11. Cryptowillem (@cryptowillem) said on 22nd May 2012, 23:37

    Sign me up! I don’t see many adverts as it is, not because I have an ad-blocker or that on, but because I primarily read articles through an RSS reader, and really only click through to the site to read comments. Maybe making an investment in the site will encourage me to be a more active member of this community. Thanks, @keithcollantine!

  12. PaulT (@pault) said on 23rd May 2012, 1:34

    I have signed up. F1F is the best F1 blog I’ve ever come across and AUD1.65 per month is peanuts if it helps Keith to maintain and grow the site. An annual subscription would be preferable but happy to continue on a monthly payment basis if yearly cannot be done.

  13. strunk27 (@strunk27) said on 23rd May 2012, 3:08

    @keithcollantine Just signed up. Been using the site daily for a couple of years now, I think this is a great way to support F1Fanatic and allow it to continue to grow. As a few have said before though, if there was an option to pay for one year all at once I would prefer that. It’s not a huge deal, just personal preference really. If/When there’s a way to pay yearly I’ll most likely switch to that. Until then though I’ll be paying monthly. Thanks again for all the work that’s put into this site.

  14. marcusbreese (@marcusbreese) said on 23rd May 2012, 11:25

    Signed up – used to use Adblocker until Keith bought to my attention how detrimental it was to the site, happy now to have a way to remove ads and still contribute. Astonished how reasonably priced it is as well – that’s like three issues of F1 Racing Magazine, for a whole year’s worth of content.
    Another vote for annual subscription here, though.

  15. antonyob (@) said on 23rd May 2012, 12:06

    tried this 3 x now and it keeps just asking for my bank details even though theyre already in…

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