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2012 Monaco Grand Prix Wednesday pictures 23rd May 2012, 18:52

Pictures from the Monaco Grand Prix preparations on Wednesday.

“Thou shalt defeat the enemy”: Alonso’s Monaco helmet design

Latin inscriptions and a classic F1 Ferrari feature on Fernando Alonso’s special 2012 Monaco Grand Prix weekend crash helmet.

Ma Qing Hua to get HRT outing in Young Drivers Test

Chinese driver Ma Qing Hua will appear for HRT in the Young Drivers Test at Silverstone in July.

Can rejuvenated Ferrari end 11-year wait for Monaco win?

Given Ferrari’s immense success in the last decade it is remarkable their last victory in F1’s most prestigious race was over ten years ago.

Weekend rain to keep teams guessing in Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is set for a dry start on Thursday. But there’s a chance of rain from Friday evening.

2012 Monaco Grand Prix TV Times

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend begins with F1 practice on Thursday. Here’s all the F1, GP2 and GP3 times – plus the Indianapolis 500.

Teams not concerned by lack of qualifying running – Pirelli

In the round-up: Pirelli say teams are blocking a move to qualifying tyres to increase the amount of running in qualifying.

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