Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Barcelona, 2012

Raikkonen wants to do Finland Rally in August break

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Barcelona, 2012In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen says he wants to compete in the Rally of Finland, which is held during F1’s August break.


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Raikkonen hoping to compete in Rally Finland (Racer)

“I’d like to do Rally Finland this season as it fits with the calendar, but you’ll have to ask the team if it fits in my contract.”

FIA have key role for F1 future, says Mercedes boss (Reuters)

Ross Brawn: “I think what’s got to be factored in… is the role the FIA play in the future and how they are involved in the sport. They have been quite quiet so far but they will have an involvement in the sport and I’m reasonably confident that we’ll find sensible solutions in the future. I don’t think things are closed yet…”

IPO alert over Ecclestone?s key F1 role (FT, subscription required)

“‘Our success to date has depended to a significant extent on Mr Ecclestone, our chief executive officer, who ?? has been responsible for the growth and strategic development of Formula 1,’ a draft prospectus seen by the Financial Times explains.”

Lewis Hamilton contented in Monaco after getting rid of his baggage (The Guardian)

“I don’t want to speak too early but something has definitely changed this year. It’s just the work that I’ve been doing. Whatever I’m doing is working. Things are a lot better. Just in life. That’s enabling me to get on with my job without having any baggage. I don’t have any baggage this year.”

Button hopeful of better balance (Sky)

“Looking at the data with my engineers there are a few things that we think maybe we did wrong, but still we have to wait and see, see how the car feels here.”

McLaren frustrated with mistakes (BBC)

“We are confident the issues we have had so far have been dealt with and are in the past.”

Monaco GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

“Personally, I enjoyed the sprint races and the refuelling, probably all of the drivers did, but the racing was not super-exciting. It was more precise, you had to be more precise, you had to be more on the limit and really really feeling the car for the whole two hours, but that?s not how it is now. We have a different set of challenges and that?s what we?ve got to do.”

Vettel confused by shifts in form (Autosport)

“At the moment and it is difficult for us to understand why sometimes we are quick and sometimes we are slow and why the pace changes, [but] it is not only us struggling a bit at the moment.”

Brawn back in action (GrandPrix)

“Brawn said in Monaco that he had been diagnosed with an irregular heart beat and that doctors wanted to determine the cause, which they have now done, and are happy for him to travel again.”

Schumacher gets Brawn backing (The Telegraph)

??I think he has actually been very good this year. We have not achieved the results we wanted to but if you look under the surface, he has been pretty good this year.”

Sergio Perez Q&A: No Ferrari move in 2012 (F1)

“Q: How will you go about that corner?
SP: I definitely will try to brake later – but in the right position! Maybe I will say goodbye to the wall. (laughs)”

Williams alter pit proceedings as Spain fire razes 90 per cent of garage infrastructure (Daily Mail)

“[Chief operations engineer Mark] Gillan has revealed 90 per cent of the garage infrastructure, including everything IT related – radios, intercom equipment and IT storage systems – was destroyed by the fire that began in the fuel-handling area.”

Troubles at Monza (Joe Saward)

“The Italian financial police, known as the Guardia di Finanza says it is investigating seven people involved with the operation of the circuit and suspects tax offences and false invoicing.”

Monaco: glamour and grind (ESPN)

“Stories of getting lost are legion. Or, of knowing your way but unable to gain access. There’s the true tale of Eddie Jordan’s team manager/chief mechanic in EJ’s early F3 days. Having been happily detained in a night club the previous evening, this man eventually found himself in a bed that was, shall we say, not the one his boss was paying for.”

Talks to extend hosting of F1 Singapore Grand Prix under way: Iswaran (Straits Times)

“Talks to extend the Republic’s hosting of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix are under way but taking longer than expected.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Atonal noise-makers Linkin Park partner with Lotus to plug new single “Burn it Down”, presumably about Heidfeld’s car in Hungary last year.”

Comment of the day

Matthewf1 looks ahead to this weekend’s race:

Really looking forward to this race. I wasn?t sure how I felt about this year?s Pirelli Lottery, but after watching the 2007 Mocano bore-fest on Sky this week, I know I definitely prefer things as they have been this season.

Winner could be anyone really. McLaren seem to be going backwards, certainly Button, though I think Hamilton could win. Lotus have been the most consistent team in terms of race pace so far, either one of the drivers would be among the favourites I think. Alonso will be up there, as always, and I think Vettel could be handy as the lack of Red Bull top speed is a non-issue this weekend.

Strategy will be interesting, I think a one-stopper could be tried out by several drivers. Last year Vettel showed that track position is crucial, while McLaren decided they wanted to make three stops seemingly without thinking about how the tyres were or what their competitors were doing. Obviously qualifying was crucial to Vettel’s success as well.

If I had to guess I would say Grosjean could win this week, maybe from second on the grid, behind Hamilton.

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Jenson Button won the Monaco Grand Prix today in 2009. Unfortunately he forgot to park his car at the finish line afterwards and had to go for a sprint around the pits!

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