Bruno Senna, Williams, Monaco, 2012

Williams: Senna “must respond” after Maldonado win

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Bruno Senna, Williams, Monaco, 2012In the round-up: Frank Williams says Bruno Senna needs to raise his game following Pastor Maldonado’s win in the Spanish Grand Prix.

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Formula One: driving sideways at 140mph still gets Frank Williams going (The Telegraph)

“Now Bruno [Senna] must respond. Maldo?s win will give him a kick up the backside. Which he needs. We?ll see. Everyone is saying Maldo is magic around Monte Carlo and to some extent he is. But it is by no means a given.”

Q&A with Williams? Pastor Maldonado (F1)

“Sometimes, some comments really got to me. But at the same time I knew better and was sure that by giving my best I would prove all the false comments were wrong. I knew it would just be a matter of time. Good results – and winning – are the best way to stop such nonsense. I never felt that I was paying to race. It?s a natural process. A GP2 champion should advance to Formula One – Nico Rosberg did, Nico Hulkenberg did and I did.”

McLaren to offer Hamilton a new ??20m deal (The Telegraph)

“XIX Entertainment, Hamilton?s management company, is keen for greater freedom to be inserted into any new contract which would allow him to promote his own brands or pursue his own projects.”

FIA Showdown Over F1 Float (Sky)

“The FIA, which is run by the former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt, is also understood to have tabled a list of other demands from CVC and Ecclestone during their discussions.”

Monaco GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Ross Brawn: “I think it would be a mistake to delay the engines again. If you recall, we?ve already delayed them one year and we?ve had to re… in fact we?ve changed them from a four cylinder to a six cylinder and then we delayed them a year. Every change actually costs a lot of money for the people investing in new engines.”

Mercedes in ‘delicate discussions’ over F1 future, says Ross Brawn (The Guardian)

Ross Brawn: “We are very proud of our history and our heritage and we feel its important to the sport. People have different opinions on that. But it’s all part of the delicate discussions that are going on. It is still I’m afraid something we can’t comment on. So I can’t really add anything to what we’ve said previously.”

Lotus the team to beat, says Button (Reuters)

“The cars that looked very fast for me were the Lotuses. Their runs whenever they are out look very competitive, so I’d say the Lotus is the car to beat so far this weekend.”

Grosjean: I’d love to surprise (Sky)

“Let’s see Sunday. It’s would be nice. I would love to be the surprise here but step-by-step. I think free practice went pretty well, let’s see how qualifying goes and then the race.”

Jean-Pierre Beltoise ?ǣ “If Romain Grosjean wins the Monaco Grand Prix, I?ll be absolutely delighted!” (Lotus)

“At one moment the visibility was so bad on the Gazometre straight ?ǣ the Swimming Pool Esses didn?t exist at the time – and it was the quickest part of the circuit that I had to base myself on the proximity of the guardrail on the left and on the right. When I managed to make out something I braked with 10,700 rpm on the rev counter and when I saw nothing I lifted off at 10,200 rpm.”

Webber fears pole out of reach for RBR (Autosport)

“It was not easy for us. We have got some work to do in the next 24 hours. There are clearly some very quick cars and we have to improve our car.”

Monaco The Ultimate Paradox (Speed)

“Only recently have teams been given the luxury of pit garages in which to work. During my time in the pit lane, we worked in the open, and there were no garages but merely small pit boxes in which to store tires and tools, but there was no cover for us or the cars. We worked out in the open, rain or shine, a crude set-up that rendered our technology vulnerable to the eyes of the competition.”

McCombs remains committed to F1 track (My San Antonio)

“McCombs declined to comment when asked if he had bought out Hellmund, an Austin-based promoter and former race car driver who initiated contact with F1 officials five years ago.”

Comment of the day

Damonsmedley reckons Toro Rosso give their drivers more running in wet practice sessions:

One thing I?ve noticed this year is the Toro Rosso guys using practice a lot more than most drivers, particularly when the track is wet.

At the Australian Grand Prix, we walked the track in FP2 and whilst there were several appearances from all the drivers, the only cars that seemed to be continuously on-track (and they stayed there when everyone else was parked in the garage) were the two Toro Rossos.

Why is that? Are the drivers trying to get experience? And if so, why are they the only ones doing it? I noticed it again today when Vergne and Ricciardo were both pumping in laps on the intermediates.

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On this day in F1

Jacques Villeneuve won the Spanish Grand Prix 15 years ago today in a race shaped by tyre wear.

The Goodyear runners experienced higher degradation than those on Bridgestones – the latter included Olivier Panis, who rose from 12th to finish second for Prost. Jean Alesi was third for Benetton.

Here’s the beginning of the race:

Image ?? Williams/LAT