Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012

Ecclestone “confident” Mercedes will sign Concorde

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Mercedes, Barcelona, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says he expects Mercedes to commit to F1 and sign the new Concorde Agreement.


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Ecclestone reveals Concorde Agreement (CNN)

“You’ll have to wait to see if Mercedes have [signed]. I’m confident that everything with Mercedes will be fine.”

Formula One: uphill race (FT – registration required)

“F1 is fairly simple: three income streams ?ǣ from race promotion, broadcasting, and advertising. Total revenue was $1.5bn last year; its earnings have been growing at a compound annual rate of over 9 per cent since 2003.”

Brabeck installed as F1 chair (Reuters)

“The motor racing series has been cleared to float on the stock market in Singapore but Brabeck, who chairs Swiss food group Nestle, said no final decision had been taken on whether to proceed with a listing that could value the business at some $10 billion.”

Lotus boss Dany Bahar suspended (Autocar)

“The confirmation follows an afternoon of speculation over Bahar?s future. Bahar was due to be at the Monaco Grand Prix today, but missed appointments at the event. Reports suggest he was instead called to Malaysia, where he was given news of his suspension.”

Brawn: No point in tyre complaints (Autosport)

“The difficulty is you have four tyres on the car and you go to a circuit like Barcelona where the left one is getting too hot and the right one is getting too cold, and that is down to track configuration. You need to work out how to get the tyres to work well together, and look at how the tyres work around the track to get the best balance.”

Monaco GP Diary (Sky)

“Best of all came in between the two: Tabac corner, where it’s possible to stand right by the apex of the left-hander as the cars flash past – little more than an arm’s length away it seems to me – at 120mph. These are the sorts of memories that linger.”

The magic of Monaco is not to be missed (BBC)

“Until the late 1970s, this was the place to watch F1 cars in action in Monaco. As the cars exited the right-hander that takes them in front of the Casino, the crest in the road would flick them sideways, the driver fighting the wheel to retain control. Cars at 30 degrees or more, grand Riviera hotel in the background – Monaco in a single frame.”

Bomb disposal expert called to F1 paddock for Monaco Grand Prix (The Guardian)

“It is the second time in successive years that a bomb disposal unit has been summoned to the paddock ahead of the Monaco race.”

Formula One fans rise: Hellmund vs. Circuit of the Americas in session, likely for a while (Autoweek)

“Aside from the Australian V8 Supercars event that supposedly is to run next season at the Circuit of the Americas – a series untested in the United States – the circuit has yet to sign any major motorsports series, such as NASCAR, IndyCar, Grand-Am or the American Le Mans Series. It seems likely that until the legal wrangling is resolved, major series might be wary of casting their lot with Circuit of the Americas.”

Circuit officials release traffic management plan for Austin F1 race (Austin-American Statesman)

“Most attendees of the first Austin Formula One race at the Circuit of the Americas in southeastern Travis County would arrive at the track in buses, a proposal submitted to county officials this week said.”

Revealed: The go-karting guru who helped Button become F1’s smooth operator (Daily Mail)

Jenson Button: “Dave [Spence] came on board and looked after me. He controlled me as well, my aggression, and that of my father, in difficult circumstances. The way he did that was by getting really angry himself!”

F1 Betting: Monaco Qualifying Preview (Unibet)

My latest column for Unibet.

Comment of the day

Lin1876 is going to watch the Indianapolis 500 for the first time on Sunday:

I?ve never actually watched an oval race in full before, but the races I?ve seen from IndyCar so far this season have been thrillers, so it?ll be interesting to see how this pans out on the oval.

Certainaly, this year?s race has the makings of a classic, and with Rubens and Jean Alesi, two of my all time favourite drivers, on the grid it should be good to watch.

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On this day in F1

David Coulthard won the Monaco Grand Prix for McLaren ten years ago today.

He started from second on the grid but beat pole sitter Juan Pablo Montoya into the first corner.

The Williams driver later retired with engine problems, leaving Michael Schumacher to finish second ahead of brother Ralf.

Here’s the start of the race:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei