2012 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 146
2 McLaren 108
3 Ferrari 86
4 Lotus 86
5 Mercedes 61
6 Williams 44
7 Sauber 41
8 Force India 28
9 Toro Rosso 6
10 Caterham 0
11 Marussia 0
12 HRT 0

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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53 comments on 2012 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

  1. Preekel (@preekel) said on 27th May 2012, 19:51

    Does anyone know if any other team will have some kind of Double DRS ready for Canada? Any reports anywhere? If not then I think Merc will blitz qually, but will be caught and passed in the race!

  2. dodge5847 (@dodge5847) said on 27th May 2012, 21:44

    Alonso and Hamilton are the only two drivers to be in the points in the last six races, surely that is unusual for only two drivers to do this in only the first six races.

  3. themagicofspeed (@) said on 27th May 2012, 22:42

    I hope through his amazing consistency, Alonso manages to stay there. Shame the constructors is out of the question because the second Ferrari is being driven by a dead horse, rather than a prancing horse. I hope that, assuming Kubica will never return because of his injuries, Perez joins for 2013. He is fast, aggressive, fearless. BUT, he has all the hallmarks of 2005-06 era Massa: erratic, inconsistent, emotionally driven. And unfortunately, Ross Brawn, Jean Todt or Schumacher, the three key Ferrari personell who helped Felipe turn from a midfield driver who was fast but erratic when he joined in 2006, to the championship winning (i refuse to recognise Hamilton’s 2008 title as anything other than pure luck) machine he was in 2008. Sadly, the defeat in 2008 destroyed his heart and soul, and his accident in 2009 finished off his body. He is merely the shell of the driver he used to be.

    • themagicofspeed (@) said on 27th May 2012, 22:43

      i meant to say, Totd, Brawn and MSC are not there to help iron out his mistakes, something Massa benefited greatly from.

      • dodge5847 (@dodge5847) said on 28th May 2012, 0:22

        I am not a Ferrari fan but I think Ferrari would benefit from having Kov in their second seat. Sure Perez is good, but if I were him, I would stay at Sauber.

  4. raymondu999 (@raymondu999) said on 28th May 2012, 3:02

    In terms of the racing – I stick to my previous statement, that I prefer a display of dominant excellence where 1 guy and car so comprehensively beats the other, leaving our jaws gaping. But in terms of the championship, in a reverse-logic sort of way, I find this season really interesting. You have anybody and their dog capable of winning races, and oftentimes when the car is the quickest package they will win just about easily (a la Maldonado, a la *almost* Perez). But look at the top of the table. It’s still the usual suspects. But I’m not here to talk about that. (Yes I acknowledge I’m probably in a minority)

    What has, oddly enough, in my view, distinguished the “average F1 driver” from the “good/great F1 drivers” this year has truly been what they make of the days when their car is off kilter. The fightbacks they stage, like Alonso’s dogged fight in Monaco, and Vettel making his long first stint work marvelously, at times up to 1.5s quicker than his teammate on the same, albeit fresher, tyres. Like fighting through the pack the way Lewis did in Barcelona, and the way Vettel recovered from his drivethrough in Barcelona

  5. Kimi4WC said on 28th May 2012, 5:41

    Regarding how close it is this season, I think Gerhard Berger put it best in his interview with SkySport in Monaco.

    Top teams lost lot of time due to diffuser, top teams lots most of time as they had most developed systems. Top teams lost even more time with a new front wing regulation. Again top teams lost most time. This brings us to 2012.

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