Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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282 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix”

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  1. 2!
    Very boring race.

      1. The most spectacular moment was when Raikkonen avoided Perez…

        1. Usual Monaco bore fest . They pay no hosting fee. It’s just a technical test the drivers enjoy but as a spectacle for viewers. Also an excuse for the self indulgent F1 circus to party and fraternise with minor royalty. Yawn.

          1. I disagree. Moncao can either be fantastic or a bore fest. Obviously its convinient to criticise it after this race but next year it could be fantastic again like it was (almost) last year, in 2010 and 2008.

        2. +1
          actually I counted 3 ‘moments’:
          1 Kimi avoids Grojean at the start
          2 Kimi avoids Perez
          3 Heated argument a couple were having in one of the balconies overlooking the hairpin

        3. Jayfreese (@)
          28th May 2012, 12:26

          Monaco GP was boring I strongly agree, F1 should only race there on wet track conditions however, like yesterday, it look like a F1 road train.

    1. Totally agree-tedious.

      1. 5 overtakes i counted?

        1. This is what every race used to be like.

        2. I don’t think the problem was that there weren’t any passes but that there was nothing there to enjoy. First not only none was passing but no one seem to even have a look. Even when they where right behind each other you never got the feeling they where actually trying and fighting to pass the car in-frond but more like they just hoped he will make a big mistake.
          Nice example was Shumacher that tried to pass a car two times and failed but it was still fun because you at least could see a fight.
          The others weren’t even fighting but just managing tyres.

          Funny enough what gives exciting races at other tracks worked against Monaco because Monaco has no easy pass so the driver has to fight for it and you can’t do it while trying to babysit your tyres. This shows how fake many of the passes on bigger tracks are since is not the driver making a big attempt but rather than the guy in-frond struggling and a big track with room to go around him.

          Another thing was the one pit stop strategy that they all end up doing ether by chance(waiting rain) or by plan. With such a strategy everyone was on conservative mode to keep the tyres alive.

          Now Monaco has another thing that gives excitement. Crashes and safety cars and all sort of crazy events. Yeah i know we aren’t crash maniacs and certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt but come on lets admit it, everyone enjoyed such crazy Monaco races full of events like the 1996 race for example.
          This time though most of them where flawless and not because the drivers got so good that they can’t make a mistake while pushing but because no one is actually pushing. It basically what Shumi said. They aren’t really driving in their limits they go around very comfortably so the occasion of someone making a mistake is diminished by a lot.

    2. Gave it 4. Apart from Perez hitting others in order to pass… no one else gota good chance throughout the race.
      Alonso did well to push hard before his pit stop and get the third place. Mark Webber helping his team mate. It would nice to see Vettel do the same from time to time. Fairly boring race!

      1. I don’t think Webber was helping Vettel. He has shown on numerous occasions he’s happy to be a team player but won’t compromise his own race for the wunderkind. A bit more team work from Vettel would be nice to see though.

    3. I was feeling generous, having heard the Aussie Anthem, so I gave 4, +1 for the excitement of the on-of-on rain threat +1 because Webber didn’t get mugged at the start. =6 total.

    4. The glamour cannot save that race as a show for the spectators. I understand drivers love the challenge but for viewers it’s very boring. They catch each other and cannot pass. A bit more rain would make it a thriller but it never came and we ended up with that poor show.

      1. poor show indeed..poor hamilton..

        1. Agreed, although I’m sure a piece of him dies in time every time someone comes on the radio to say “look after these tyres”.

          Tyres tyres tyres.

      2. I think there needs to be some consideration given to the tension that comes from Monaco. Ok, some more attempted moves and duelling would have been nice, but the lingering menace of a possible shake up at any moment made it tense to watch.

        1. Yes but the tension should at least give rise to some fulfillment of the expectations, otherwise it just ends up being another disappointing race.

    5. Impressed to see that more people have given a 10 than a 1 …
      Almost every exchange of place has been during the pits or thanks to the Grosjean incident : it’s the main difference between Vettel’s result and Button, quite impressive what it could make to have luck and escape such situation …

      Didn’t even look like someone was trying to overtake at all

      1. Didn’t even look like someone was trying to overtake at all

        Except for Perez and Kovalainen. Lol.

        1. Monaco should not count in the championship – despite its legacy and rich history, it should be an exhibition race for F1 to establish a closer relationship between fans and teams. It should be brought down to about 1-hour and teams should open up the pits/drivers to fans from all over the place to co-celebrate open-wheel racing. The event was an embarrassment from a pure racing perspective – even Hamilton went against his nature and played it totally conservative. I enjoyed the views of that yachts though!

          1. Nothing you said was any reason why any race should ever be demoted from the championship.

      2. Didn’t even look like someone was trying to overtake at all

        Ummmm… because they simply couldn’t?

        What were people expecting, really? Yes it was boring, but to point out “oooh, only 5 overtakes” at a place like this… it’s like going to much. It’s always like that, man.

        1. I think what people were expecting to see was what an F1 car can really do around the tights streets of Monaco. What we actually saw was a load of F1 cars poodling around petrified of tyre degradation and the risk of it getting a bit wet.
          Pretty much proof that modern F1 is all about the tyres, which in my opinion is NOT what “The Pinnacle” of motorsport should be.

          1. Awfully sorry bout that, but if you want cars to stop because of tyre degradation, as it should be. This is the result.

          2. So it’s your fault then Mike??! I wonder if the f1 fraternity knows this. Not the FIA, not Bernie, it’s you. Poor show Mike. But brave of you for owning up!!

        2. Id get rid of Nouvelle Chicane (10-11) to try and create a few moves down into Tabac (12).

        3. Indeed. That being why F1 should not race at Monaco. Well, arguably they already don’t race, just drive around in a pre-set order for 2 hours.

      3. Didn’t even look like someone was trying to overtake at all

        The fact that NO ONE tried to go down the inside as traffic backed up at the hairpin on the first lap told me that everyone was driving passively– no one even stuck a nose in. Afraid of being too aggressive on the tires, most likely. Drivers beaten into submission by their engineers executing tire strategies. Might as well have been radio-controlled cars. After qualifying, the driver is not needed. Not “racing” in the least.

    6. Best season ever but this race? as usual totally boring. Waste of time.

      1. Are you guys serious. The strategy on the pit wall and the strategic driving in this race was second to none and with the first 4 cars separated by 1.4 seconds the tension till the end was incredible. An Aussie win just capped it off perfectly.

        1. I’d say it’s the only time I have ever been so bored while top 6 of an race being so close together. You just knew NOTHING would happen despite everyone was so close. Might as well been 20 seconds apart, I wouldn’t feelt any different.

        2. and with the first 4 cars separated by 1.4 seconds

          Yes because they were alkl running at 80% in tyre save mode, webber new nobody could get past so why bother. Withe the races so far and what the remaining races promise in terms of excitement, this was on the verge of embarrassing as a spectator sport. I love the history, love the romance and respect Monacos place in the history books but lets be honest, it’s boring, dangerous and simply no longer fits the sport it has served so well for so long. Time to look to the future, maybe it could be a non championship scoring round every couple of years but for me its no longer viable.

          1. artificial racer
            29th May 2012, 8:28

            Agreed. The only tension was related to the outcome of the pitstops, especially Vettel vs. Webber, but this was pretty minor and short lived “excitement”. Then the weather situation, but it never played a role except for Vergne. All the drivers say it’s “impossible” to pass and it’s true… unless someone is having serious mechanical issues or is napping at the nouvelle chicane.

            The tires may have made this worse than usual but I’m not so sure. Last year there were more overtaking attempts, but many of those were reckless and inadvisable, and caused car damage. I enjoy the unique atmosphere and history around Monaco, and the scenery and twistiness. But as a racing track it clearly suffers from lack of safety and lack of racing opportunity in terms of track width and passing spots. I think in theory the track could be somewhat improved with clever engineering but it seems impossible on a practical level. Other tracks should be more adventurous in the layouts.

            At least qualifying was exciting.

    7. xeroxpt (@)
      27th May 2012, 19:36

      “The show missed the rain”

    8. Dull, dull, dull.
      Thank goodness the Indy 500 was on later and showed what motor racing should be. More changes for the lead in one race than we get in a whole season of F1 and, shock/horror, they took place ON THE TRACK. Yes tactics played a part but they didn’t dominate the way they do in F1 and they have tyres that allow the drivers to race. F1 has been degenerating ever since it stopped being a single seat formula and became races with a driver in the car and a dozen or so co-drivers in the pits, monitoring systems and feeding driving instruction out to the car. The contrast between Monaco and the Indy 500 showed why F1 will never really succeed in the USA, it’s just not interesting enough.

      1. It’s interesting for different reasons, not based on how many ‘changes of the lead there are’. It’s about engineering and design as much as what the drivers can do, any F1 fan would understand this.

        Unfortunaly this season has been boring because its all about the tyres, and hopefully this race can convince a few others that we don’t need these crumbly tyres that everyone is scared of damaging in order to have good racing as well as the engineering contest.

        1. Yes but the regulations are so restrictive now that the cars are virtual clones of one another. Regulate by allowing each car a certain amount of energy to complete a race, no restrictions on the form that energy takes or how it is utilised. Other than that simply say ‘Here is a box that your car must fit inside, if it does it’s legal’. Let the engineers use their imaginations to truly bring F1 back to the forefront of automotive technology, rather than fiddling around with tiny aero details that you can only see on a close up photo. By the way for a radical approach to racing cars have you seen the Delta Wing Nissan running at Le Mans this year? That’s what F1 should be allowing if it really wants to claim to be the pinnacle of motorsport

          1. @ceevee You’d need a budget cap to compliment the “allowed amount of energy” rule. Otherwise the costs would go trough the roof, and teams with less money wouldn’t be able to compete.

            But basically I agree: “Here’s the amount of fuel/energy you can burn, here’s the amount of cash you can spend and here are the safety regulations. Go.”

    9. “Sprinklers anyone?” Love Bernie :)

    10. I agree. Monaco is always boring. I was tempted to give it a 1, but gave it an extra point because it’s the only race where you can wander off and make a cup of tea knowing you’re not going to miss anything.

      1. I was on the edge of my seat hoping that rain wasn’t going to throw a wrench into NR’s great 2nd place showing. So I actually enjoyed the race very much given that I didn’t want anything to upset NR’s chances of heading MS by more points come the end of the day. Was glad to see that NR was dominating MS until MS’s unreliability bug hit again.

  2. Not the best- very few overtakes. Last 20 laps were a bit on-edge, but otherwise a pretty uneventful race.

  3. pretty boring!

  4. Dull race, even for Monaco… Was generous with a 5

    1. Same here, at another track it would have gotten a lower score, gets probably 2 extra points just for being Monaco.

      1. This was my thinking as well.

  5. 4 – pretty below average.

    1. Yep I went for 4 as well. Poor race really.
      Nobody looked to have the pace to challenge the driver in front, DRS was pointless it seemed to offer even less opportunity than last year.
      Great step up in performance from Massa and Schumacher this weekend which was good to see. Button though…oh dear.

      1. It wasn’t about the pace exactly! The cars need a massive speed differential to overtake at Monaco, which just isn’t possible seeing how close cars are this season. Besides, I don’t think any driver was keen to get friendly with the barriers given how close the title race is. DRS literally made no difference, it was barely mentioned in the commentary, almost non-existent.
        Massa – Good. Schumacher – Miserable. Button- Who?

        1. +1 on all counts… The F1 commentary on US’s SPEED channel mentioned DRS a few times at in the first 10 laps, but dropped the subject as it wasn’t a factor at all. If I’m correct in that there wasn’t a single DRS overtake in the race, perhaps it’s time to think about modifying the circuit heavily. I know there’s zero chance of that, but I only mention it because it’s still greater than the chance of F1 dropping Monaco from the calendar.

          1. modifying the circuit


          2. @F1_Americana Maybe the FIA could consider introducing a DRS zone, or second DRS zone through the tunnel?! But I imagine they wouldn’t allow that on safety terms, I don’t think they want cars side by side through the tunnel at all.
            Either way todays race was poor. The 6 car train was interesting for a while, particularly with the threat of rain, but ultimately noone was ever close enough to make a move, despite being less than a second behind the driver in front.

        2. I wanted to add – Button on SuperSofts was scrapping for position with Kovalianen on Softs for P14 FFS!!!!. Not even a McLaren on the faster tyre could overtake a Caterham. Like I said – need an ENORMOUS speed differential.
          The only option is to indeed have a DRS zone in the tunnel, traditionally that’s where most of the overtaking has taken place at Monaco.

  6. I wish every race at Monaco was like that one!

    Shame about the Toro Rosso decision there…. but at least we now know exactly what it is that isn’t up to F1 champion status.

    1. Just imagine it would have payed off …

      I rated it a 7, because it was completely different from the other races so far this year. And its Monaco.
      But certainly not the best race this year

      1. Just imagine it would have payed off…

        But it didn’t. Now imagine what a 7th place would have meant for Torro Rosso this year with the competition (Sauber, Williams) already getting above-average results.

        It was a plain stupid move and they threw their position away for nothing.

        1. Nick.UK (@)
          27th May 2012, 15:56

          @tony031r Not really. At first look maybe it did, but Vergne is not exactlly a title contender. The team took a gamble that could win him the race, it didn’t pay off, but that’s the way with taking a gamble. At the end of the day, a single 7th would hardly bring them back into the midfield battle with the other teams and so going for broke was the better decision in my eyes.

          Had it worked people would be singing praise to them and calling them a genius. It was just bad luck the rain took a little longer to come down.

          I wish the rain had started an hour later, would have been so much better! Oh well. Good to see Mark win!! :)

          1. Nick.UK (@)
            27th May 2012, 15:57

            *meant race had started an hour later.

          2. @nick-uk

            I completely disagree. Even if everyone in front would have pitted for intermediates, in the event of a serious shower (and the chance of that happening in the last 8-10 laps was insanely small), he still would have climbed no higher than 7th. Too big of a gap between Massa and him.

            I really don’t see how a win would have been in reach unless everyone in the top 6 crashed suddenly…

            A 7th place and a classification in front of the Force Indias who are at this time Torro Rosso’s closest rivals in the standings would have made much more sense if you ask me. Especially since we’re early into a season where every point add up to make a difference at the end of the year.

            Just my humble opinion…

          3. *every point could add up

        2. “Plain stupid move” by Torro Rosso? Sorry, but you’ve actually just revealed your own ignorance.

          Vergne was not going to finish 7th because he could never have finished the race on the tyres he was on. You obviously didn’t notice, but Vergne was on a two stop strategy; his first stop was on lap 17!. In reality TR’s “gamble” for intermediate tyres was his only chance they had of scoring any points at all.

      2. Agreed @BasCB, Usually Monaco is just a dreadful bore-fest… so I’m very happy with this.

        If it had ‘paid off’ it would have been great, but it didn’t, and nobody will remember how close Vergne came to getting a 7th on merit. Instead the statistics will show that in Monaco 2012 one of the Toro Rosso’s finished outside the points and the other one retired.

      3. As I said on the live chat the rain was forecast for 20 – 30 minutes after the end of the race, which it did, it tipped it down. The few spots during the race didn’t warrant the change to inters, good points thrown away. :-(

        1. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

          Vergne had to pit a second time anyway. By lap 70 his soft tyres had hit the cliff: he was losing 4 seconds a lap to di Resta. His gamble for intermediates was his only chance of scoring any points at all.

  7. I gave it an 8, but immediately regretted it. 6 or 7 I reckon- a nice close finish, but there wasn’t any actual dicing for position. Strategy was fairly interested, but the race did become a bit tedious at times.

    1. Nice close finish due to the fact there is no where to go. No passing!!

  8. What a boring race! Maybe a bit of rain would have spiced the racing up. When the teams mentioned rain towards the half way point i didnt get my hopes up and im glad i didn’t. Can never trust the weather.

  9. Most boring race in seasons. Nothing happened, save for Red Bull and Ferrari getting the jump on Mclaren in the pits.
    And what’s ailing Jenson Button this season?

    1. Something has blown, maybe his “happy bubble”… He seemed very confident in Australia and everybody was expecting him to repeat his form of the second part of 2011 but he’s failing to materialize the expectations.

    2. McLaren have clearly made some kind of mistake in the car development which has unbalanced it quite badly – Hamilton’s been slower too since China, though by nowhere near as much since Hamilton’s much better at driving badly balanced cars.

    3. And what’s ailing Jenson Button this season?


      I don’t know why people have such high expectations of him after one strong season (2011). Jenson’s had loads of weekends like this one throughout his career.

  10. 6. The six-car train was pretty epic, but the race never really kicked off, and the result was never in doubt. One senses some proper rain would have set the race off, but nothing really came of it. Monaco is always a precession, but there was too much tyre preservation to make it an exciting one. Roll on Montreal.

    1. Monaco is always either a winner or a dud. This was unfortunately the latter.

    2. To be honest, This race is one of those that had lots of potential, so many times things could have absolutely gone off, but nothing came of it.

      1. Yeah. I think rain could have been a trigger, but it arrived just a little too late.

    3. Pretty epic??? Youre easily pleased!

      1. And you’re not.

        I enjoyed it, the potential for things happening was there, that makes it exciting. Ok, so you didn’t see 20 passes for the lead. Get over it.

  11. Tight race, 7

  12. Great drive from Mark and well deserved victory. 6th victor in 6 races, mad season! I honestly found the race a bit boring as nobody could make a pass, not even JB on the caterham.

    Someone seriously needs to be fired at Mclaren. Allowing Vettel to get pass because they are driving to a target lap time was insane. At minimum they Lewis should have been ahead on the fresh tires and then make Vettel work to pass him.

  13. I gave it a 4. Too much tyre management, not enough opportunities to overtake for some reason.

    It didn’t seem like a 2 stop race was possible given that there seemed to be no opportunity to overtake during the race and with everyone on a one stop strategy it was a bit processional.

    1. one stop strategy it was a bit processional.

      This on it’s own supports what Pirrelli have done.

      1. no thats because its Monaco, a one stop race where they are going at it instead of nursing the tyres would have been better. It total undermine Pirellis approach IMO.

        1. @bbt

          Ok smarty pants. Now explain how to have that happen.

    2. same sentiments but I was more generous by rating it a 5. I am now having second thoughts about that rating :)

    3. Would be interesting to see if they choose Super soft and hard tyres for the race … Probably the best combinaison for me. As the difference between the spec just allow to think about overtaking and that would allow different strategies

  14. Things just didn’t come together for an exciting race this time, however I loved it, 8! :D

    Button -.- ugh…

    Feel very sorry for Schumacher.
    Good win for Webber, and Alonso, once again, a solid finish, and higher up than his car deserves. Who would have thought he’d be leading the championship. I have to admit, that’s impressive.

    1. @mike Totally agree. Even though there were very few overtakes, the last few laps made for some tense viewing! I think it was around lap 65 or so when Rosberg, Alonso and Vettel were, very, very close, taking different lines through Loews, and that had me on the edge of my seat!

      Great race from Mark, Alonso and Vettel. Massa did what he should be doing at every race, let’s hope he can keep this up (although I doubt he can do it). Schumacher really needs a change of luck – three retirements through no fault of his own in six races is something I’d never associate with him!

      And the less said about Raikkonen and Button, the beter. Both had abysmal pace. Seeing Button (on option tyres) stuck behind Kovalainen (on primes) was a bit pathetic, although I have to concede that Kovalainen was a bit of an idiot with his defensive driving.

      1. @guilherme So are you saying that Kovalainen should have given up his place to Button without putting up a fight?

        IMO Kovalainen was the hero of the day.

        1. @huhhii No, I didn’t mean that Kovalainen should have waved Button past, but repeatedly he overshot his breaking point into Nouvelle when Button was alongside, and since he would never be able to make the corner, he took the oportunity to cut the chicane and keep in front of Button.

          Furthermore, the way he forced PĂ©rez out of St. Devote was amateurish to say the least.

          1. Can’t see how Kovalainen broke the rules. I think he defended his place fairly against both Perez and Button. Furthermore Perez cut the chicane when he finally passed Kovalainen, and he didn’t give his place back to Kovalainen. Kovalainen should have finished 12th. No idea why Caterham didn’t protest against Perez…

    2. Alonso, once again, a solid finish, and higher up than his car deserves.

      At the beginning of the season I’d have agreed. But I don’t see any evidence for it now really.

      1. Paul Ogbeiwi (@)
        27th May 2012, 15:36

        very true, the ferrari is clearly a fast car on race days. and its caught up in qualifying. we cant keep saying alonso is outperforming.

        1. I can. :) He continuously gains positions from qualifying, and if qualy is an indicator of true pace in clean air, then why not? Sure the car is getting better, but Alonso outperforms everything he drives the majority of the time.

          1. and if qualy is an indicator of true pace in clean air

            But it isn’t necessarily, not in race conditions.

    3. I tend to think at this point that Ferrari are just as good as everyone else (or at least close). Alonso in 3rd and Massa in 6th is proof that the car is there.

      Ferrari have got plenty of resources, so they should always be top 3 year in and year out. Alonso in 3rd is less impressive than Webber’s win and ‘pole’ IMO.

      1. @matt90

        Well, I look at it this way.

        The Merc was faster,
        So was the Mclaren, They just didn’t make it work.
        The Red Bull was quick too.

        So that’s 7th and 8th for the Ferrari’s.
        And even if one of the three I said, it would still be 5th and 6th.
        Alonso had no right to put his car in 3rd but he did.

        But yeah, the Ferrari is closer. But it’s still not quite there yet.
        However it appears to have good race pace, so that may be a factor.

        1. @mike You’re looking exclusively at qualifying though, and ignoring that Hamilton, Webber, Rosberg and Schumacher may have been out driving their cars too. In race pace the Ferrari is clearly on pace. And there is certainly no way of categorically saying that the car doesn’t belong in 3rd, particularly when the other Ferrari finished 6 seconds behind, by a driver supposedly far inferior!

        2. What makes you think the McLaren was faster than the Ferrari over a race distance? Hamilton was clearly struggling to keep the tyres in one piece and Button couldn’t get the car moving at all?

  15. Could easily have gone out for breakfast between the flags.

    1. Well, you could have…

      But that’s F1. You can’t have every race be amazing.

      1. That’s true, and I don’t need every race to be amazing. I just want THIS race to be amazing! I want amazing surroundings and an amazing race. But, whatever. I gave it a 7 because I’m generous.

    2. Aditya Banerjee (@)
      27th May 2012, 19:31

      I bet you didn’t. That’s a true f1 fan.

    3. Nick.UK (@)
      27th May 2012, 19:43

      @alan93rsa The wise man (myself) makes his fry up before it starts and enjoys it during the preview show ;)

  16. 5 is being generous. There is never any overtaking at Monaco, I can accept that but at least in years gone by you could see the drivers were pushing hard and it was really a challenge to drive, but the new tyres really didn’t work out today. Also a good point was raised in commentary on Sky, Vettel got a big advantage by not running in Q3, a rule change is required here in getting rid of the stupid start on the tyres you qualify on rule.

    1. Absolutely, get rid of that rule, completely agree. It just doesn’t work on these tyres any more. They need to get rid of the rule that means both types of tyre have to be used, because that doesn’t work on these tyres too, and it would shake things up even more.

    2. F1fanNL (@)
      27th May 2012, 15:52

      Vettel did run in Q3. He didn’t set a lap time.

  17. 4. Very “old school” (aka boring), just 1 pit stop, a processional race. All very usual here in Monaco, but compared to the other races, I has to have a very very low mark.

    My man won, though, so I’m extremely happy and it was quite tense in the end. But it was still quite a rubbish race in terms of spectacle. Not like 2011 at all!

  18. 3. Boring and I hate the drivers looking behind them rather than how to get in front. Another how slow can I go and get good points race.

  19. 6/10 – And that maybe generous. Everytime something was about to happen, it didn’t. :(

  20. I gave it 7/10. It’s unfair to judge Monaco the same way as other circuits – you simply cannot expect overtaking on this kind of circuit. Some F1 fans are just spoilt.
    Anyways, good ending to the race, having 6 cars separated by 3.6 seconds is just something else. Great drives from Webber, Rosberg, Alonso, and even Massa!

    1. 6 cars separated by under 4 seconds shows just how bad monaco is for racing

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